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BC Hydro - Monopole Update July 2016

BC Hydro has confirmed that their testings: radio frequency tests & geotechnical tests,  have been completed on the proposed 'new' site which is located further down the hill than originally mentioned/planned.  This is the site which the group from the top of Forbidden Plateau Rd had suggested as one of the viable alternatives.

They have also confirmed that the location of Boston Ridge was reviewed but concluded to be non-viable due to:
  • Road accessibility concerns
  • Year round road maintenance
  • Zero power lines  (tree clearing & cost = too high)
  • BC Hydro would have to purchase land for the monopole
Therefore the two designs (below) are the current layouts being presented as viable options. (BC Hydro Monopole 1 & 2)

BC Hydro has assured that after listening to residents' concerns they will:
  • Fence the monopole & service shed to deter vandalisim and ensure safety
  • The ladder on the monopole will be 15ft off the ground with a locking mechanism in place
  • Paint the pole to blend in with the environment

If you have any other concerns that have not been addressed, please feel free to email
Road Speed Sign
Residents & visitors to the road will now be greeted by a new speed sign just as they enter the road.  This was purchased with funds annually available to the PRRA from CVRD as the residents in that particular area noticed how crazy & how fast some vehicles were driving into the road.  Sometimes we just don't realise how fast we are actually going & this signage is a positive way of making you slow down just a little.  Data is recorded on the machine and when we have enough data to show just how many vehicles are driving above the speed limit of 60 kmh, the RCMP will be asked to enforce the limit on occasions.
Hopwood Enterprises is the thriving forestry business half way up Forbidden Plateau Road and Allen Hopwood plays an active  part of the Community and being likes to be transparent in what he does.  Please find attached the latest newsletter from August 2014.
Wildfire Management (Spring 2014 - ongoing)

The fire crews have started some of the fuel management treatments again in Nymph Falls Park.
They are concentrating on trails and fire hazard areas throughout the park which will be for the overall safety of everyone using the park.
The crew will be working until fire season calls upon their skills elsewhere but we appreciate their efforts in the meantime.
If anyone is at all concerned please feel free to ask the fire crews your questions or email one of the members of the PRRA.
Four St John Ambulance Emergency Kits were purchased in 2012 and distributed to qualified residents on the road.  
Either an Earthquake Emergency bag or First Aid kit can be located at the following residences:
  • #4407 F/Plateau Rd    T/R Ramsden
  • #4341 F/Plateau Rd    K/L Harder
  • #4010 F/Plateau Rd    J/S Hancock
  • #5271 Mystic Rise       Peter Gee
Visitors to Nymph Falls Park:  whether walking, running or cycling,  will now notice some new signs in 3 locations making everyone aware that the park does allow unleashed dogs.  Dogs are still asked to keep their owners under control please & pick up after them on all occasions.   CVRD bylaw 2027.
Residents who wrote, asking that Mining Licences were not issued/considered for the land beneath our homes have finally received a response back from the Chief Gold Commissioner in Victoria (pdf below).  Unfortunately, they ask us to go via CVRD with any future comments but as we already are aware, CVRD has absolutely no say in the issuance of licences or the procedures thereafter.

We are now a member of the Comox Valley Conservation Strategy Group.  If you would like more information please visit:

If you would like to post your business under the business tab please email:  or

Community Preparedness

In the event of an emergency or earthquake, do you have a skill or equipment that could be helpful to our community?
If so, we would really like to hear from you - please email one of us.   Thanks.

Emergency plan information for our area can be found under new resident's info. Cathe has also been kind enough to compile a grab and go check sheet that is posted in this section.

3 May 2013 - Article in Comox Valley Echo about the new picnic bench installed in the Nymph Falls Park - commissioned by the Forbidden Plateau Rd Residents Association:

Nymph Falls trails map can be found under Nymph Falls tab to the left.
CVRD announces extension to Nymph Falls Park
The park extension is 5.5 hectares in size and includes an existing 435 metre trail that runs along the Puntledge River and is used by pedestrians and mountain bikers.
The newly acquired parkland connects to trails within Nymph Falls and also to trails on Crown land to the west.   The CVRD is seeking a permit from the Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resources Operation to operate and maintain the trails on the Crown land.
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