Forbidden Plateau Road Association

Businesses on Forbidden Plateau Road

Boondock Developments Ltd.         Phone: 250 334 3848

Cat-Shack                    Phone: 250 338 6522  or  250 334 2600                                        

A cat paradise offering cozy individual quarters with fresh water, litter access, sleeping quarters and a play area.  Guests will get the added benefit of being around a person who absolutely loves, understand and adores cats.

4674 Forbidden Plateau Rd.       Melissa Flynn or Bev Dickson    

CeaCom Consulting                 Phone: 250 334 1086

Provides project management, communication, educational workshops, event and conference
services for the private and public sector.

5001 Forbidden Plateau Rd.            Cathy Egan

Cloudburst Studio                   Phone:  250 338 8326

Cloudburst Studio is nestled amongst the trees, with plenty of natural light - perfect inspiration for an artist.  Appointments are necessary to view Ron's work, but please check out his website and give him a call.

4420 Forbidden Plateau Rd             Ron Bridge


Coastal Power Striders             Phone: 250 897 0654

Now the fastest growing fitness trend, Nordic pole walking works every major muscle group.

5001 Forbidden Plateau Rd.            Cathy Egan

Coastal Trek Resort           Phone: 1 800 577 0157

Offering a simple and effective program that will inspire you to improve your health inside & out.

Andrea Stuchbery

Comox Valley Powerwashing & Paint     Phone:  250 338 7279

Residential and Commercial Painting Rental Properties owned & operated by Dave Brown.

Doggydo Boarding Kennel        Phone: 250 334 2600

'A Different Breed of Kennel'   

Offering: Boarding, Daycare, Training, Grooming and Walking Services. An absolutely fantastic place enjoyed by all breeds of dogs who go home tired & happy.

4704 Forbidden Plateau Rd.           Bev Dickson


Dreamshapers Hair Studio         Phone: 250 334 0205

Full service salon with unique undivided attention, facial waxing, ear & nose piercing, full retail selection including, Jewels Forbidden Soaps - homemade assorted soaps & shampoo bars, favourites are coconut milk soaps & beer / tea tree shampoo bars, rock soap dishes.

4010 Forbidden Plateau Rd.               Julie Hancock

Forbidden Alpacas                          Phone:  250 334 2602

Alpaca wool socks and manure available.

4394 Forbidden Plateau Rd.            John & Judy Carswell

Huock Forests Ltd.                        Phone: 250 897 8375

Huock Forest is 1,000 acres of sustainable forest: trees, wildlife & trails, located just off Johnson Rd.

4666 Forbidden Plateau Rd.                     Mike LaRock

Mountain Spirit Garden Estates     Phone: 250 334 1086  or  1 866 619 9549

A rural sustainable development on protected woodland with a private network of trails surrounded by park with two, five acre sites now available.

5001 Forbidden Plateau Rd.            Cathy Egan

Sidl Masonary Heating                 Phone: 250 898 3430

Specializing in the design, calculation and construction of European masonry heaters and wood fired pizza/bake ovens. European masonry heaters are highly efficient wood burning systems which use an optimal burning process to extract and store the energy into the systems mass. This energy is then slowly radiated out into the home over a longer period of time. This type of radiant heat is very similar to the sun's radiant waves. Each masonry heater is custom built to match heat requirements and esthetical desires.

4450 Forbidden Plateau Rd.               Carl Sidl           

Sole Comfort Reflexology            Phone: 250 338 1603

Totally relaxing & addicting experience, including a healing touch in a soothing setting.  Great for circulation and balancing mind and body. Gift Certificates available.

4010 Forbidden Plateau Rd.              Jo-Ann Lewis

Steve Williamson Photography      Phone: 250 703 2930

The home of great wildlife photography throughout British Columbia. 

Forbidden Plateau Rd.                 Steve Williamson


Stevenson Power Digging              Phone:  250 338 5430

Site prep, land clearing and or general excavating with a Hitachi EX-200-5 Excavator

5200 Forbidden Plateau Rd.                     Kelly Stevenson

Water, Pure & SImple                        Phone:  250 334 1666

Providing premium bottled water that has been purified and bottled locally to ensure it’s purely and simply the best!                                  Richard

West Coast Chainsaw Art                 Phone:   250 898 7748   or   250 338 1603
Wood chainsaw carvings on display for viewing and for sale throughout their fabulous outdoor gallery. 
4010 Forbidden Plateau Rd.                    Kevin Lewis & Angela Kroeker

West Coast Lumberjacks
Action packed, fun filled non-stop entertainment that has been described as "Quintessentially British Columbian" on Canada's Got Talent.

West Coast Tree Service               Phone: 250 334 2905
Tree removal and arborist services.
4331 Forbidden Plateau Rd.
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