Forbidden Plateau Road Association

Goals for 2016

  • Corodinate the building up on trails on the River & Midline Trails due to erosion
  • Replace Toilet roof on facility located at the Falls
  • Re-paint old wooden signs on trails
  • Complete laying on gravel on walking trails
  • Organize Fire & Earthquake Evacuation meeting for residents

Goals completed for 2015

  • Installation of new 'Dogs off Leash' awareness signs - 3 throughout the Park area
  • Assisted CVRD with new sign posts throughout the Park

Goals completed so far for 2014

  • Put up a sign to prevent dumping of household garbage in the Park area
  • Hosted meetings with guest speakers on rural garbage collection and the issuance of coal mine exploration licences.

(still to implement - erection of a speed monitor)

Goals completed for 2013

  • Expand the parking lot at the Falls area       The PRRA voted NOT to do this after all
  • New park picnic table
  • Expand the park to prevent development
  • Spend approx. $2,000 for the betterment of the neighbourhood

Goals completed from 2012

  • Clean up
  • BBQ
  • Security patrols at the park
  • Membership drive
  • Newsletter
  • Emergency kits purchased and distributed
  • Maintenance of the park

  Goals completed from 2011

  • Clean up
  • BBQ
  • Security patrols at the park
  • Inducted new board members – Pauline, Julie, Mike
  • Finished the toilet above the falls
  • Had development meetings with Couverdon
  • Completed the Nymph Falls brochure
  • Finished the Emergency Package


Goals completed from 2010

  • Website up & running
  • New Signage for Nymph Falls
  • General maintance was done on the trails
  • Toilet started for Nymph Falls
  • A new Alternative Trail on the river walk to bypass the river overflow in high water
  • Introduction of summer security patrols
  • Emergency plan for Road residents
  • Fall Walk at Nymph with the community
  • BBQ
  • Clean Up
  • Volunteer safety patrols for the Summer months


We would welcome any suggestions from our members and residents of the road on goals or agenda items that they would like to see discussed.  If you have a suggestion please email us at: