Forbidden Plateau Road Association


If you would like to become a member of the Plateau Road Residents Association please download the form labelled membership form.  Please complete the form and email it to:

New Membership Guidelines:

1) Membership is now based on residence - one membership includes all family members of that residence

2) Membership is now only one year

3) Membership is $1.00 per year

4) A membership year is from one AGM to the next AGM (usually 1 year)

5) Membership entitles the participant to vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Board of Directors and General Meetings that are called in addition to attending the annual BBQ and functions.


For those interested in becoming a voting member on the Board of the Forbidden Plateau Road Residents Association (PRRA) please read through the bylaws of the PRRA & the Roberts Rules (pdf's below) which are the format for our meetings.