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Alcon australia cafepharma

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It's like we're living in an English feudal system; leave your brain at the door, and submit to daily abuse and intimidation. Trouble is she has already driven off the cream of our leadership; the rest are being poached. Alcon Australia R. I thought Australia was run by Peter Slover. Who is this "she"? Use to be a good place to work but now it is really difficult going to work every day.

She makes life a misery almost every day. We all yearn for the days she is away, or her odd week on leave, but even then the bullying emails, generating work that makes absolutely no business sense, just never stop. She exhibits no trust in her team if that's what you could loosely call us , and the intimidation and isolation is non-stop.

Please bring it on Novartis We just need somebody to bring happiness and fun back to this place; where are you Matt? Throw another bottle of Naphcon-A on the "barbi". Have you seen the latest opportunities posted on our jobs page? So how much longer has Slover the invisible man got on his tour of duty? Agreed he is lucky to be here at a time when the region is falling apart so that is what is covering up his lack of talent But bribery is nothing new to this organization Eric is a master of it since Korea.

Taking a poll, who was the best GM of Alcon Australia? Have you seen the latest opportunities posted on our jobs page? Peter Slover. Peter slower is the worst of the lot, he is not only lazy but does not provide any directions. Will go missing in action at most of the meeting.

What is he doing in the hotel room? Without china Australia is no where!! Has Luxin learn compliance in Australia? He used to claim his own family dinner as business meeting expense and put the CFO's name in the claim Is he having the same practice in Australia?

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