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Change healthcare operations

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In this role, she and her team were responsible for developing, influencing and enabling the people strategy of the organization in support of achieving business objectives and creating a strong pipeline of talent to enable growth. Prior to that, she held several leadership roles with Emdeon and WebMD. Beaverson recently relocated from Nashville to South Florida for the new position. About ModMed ModMed is transforming healthcare by placing doctors and patients at the center of care through an intelligent, specialty-specific cloud platform.

With our electronic health records EHR and practice management PM systems, and our revenue cycle management RCM services, our all-in-one solution empowers specialty medical practices by providing clinical, financial and operational software solutions. Our staff physicians help to develop products and services for allergy, dermatology, gastroenterology, OBGYN, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, pain management, plastic surgery, podiatry and urology practices, as well as ambulatory surgery centers.

For more information, visit modmed. Change Healthcare's headquarters is located at Lebanon Pike, Nashville. Cotiviti focuses on improving the financial and quality performance of clients. In healthcare, this means taking in billions of clinical and financial data points, analyzing them, and then helping clients discover ways they can improve efficiency and quality. Innovaccer is a healthcare technology company developing a data activation platform that develops a patient-centered, connected care delivery continuum.

Its smart platform creates a unified patient record for the healthcare providers and payer-use to enable collaborative care delivery. The platform includes a proprietary integration and analysis engine to clean and aggregate healthcare data from sources, including electronic health records EHRs , claims, pharmacies, hospitals, and labs. The company was founded in and is based in San Francisco, California. Medisolv offers comprehensive quality reporting and management software that assists hospitals and professionals in addressing their electronic and abstracted measure needs.

Clarify Health collects records of rendered healthcare in the United States for the purpose of providing more granular and precise analytics to healthcare organizations, spanning from providers to payers and life sciences.

Clarify's software solutions are fueled by a patient-level data set and incorporate clinical, claim, prescription, lab and socio-behavioral determinants of health data. Its analytics platform is powered by a technology stack inspired by those used in banking and logistics and provides doctors and insurers greater visibility into cost, quality, referrals, utilization, and member risk.

The company is also helping life sciences organizations analyze and integrate rich data to determine the optimal sites and designs for clinical trials as well as accelerate clinical development timelines. Cedar Gate Technologies is a value-based care performance management analytic and operating company. Cedar Gate provides high-performance analytic and operating systems that enable users to meet and exceed the performance thresholds of risk-based contracts and programs.

VirtualHealth provides a cloud-based, population health management platform that delivers a degree patient view and enables collaboration across the full care continuum.

The platform supports real-time analytics-driven care, disease and utilization management, and includes data integration and a modular architecture. The CB Insights tech market intelligence platform analyzes millions of data points on vendors, products, partnerships, and patents to help your team find their next technology solution. CBI websites generally use certain cookies to enable better interactions with our sites and services.

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View All Research. Expert Collections containing Change Healthcare Expert Collections are analyst-curated lists that highlight the companies you need to know in the most important technology spaces.

Conference Exhibitors 5, items HLTH is a healthcare event bringing together startups and large companies from pharma, health insurance, business intelligence, and more to discuss the shifting landscape of healthcare. Pharma Supply Chain 1, items. Health IT 2, items This collection includes public and private companies, as well as startups, that market software solutions to healthcare provider organizations. Our goal was to become the destination healthcare provider in our market while achieving national standards for best practices, care quality and satisfaction, and becoming recognized as a health leader in the communities we serve.

They were worried about working conditions, managerial support, staffing levels, and so forth, and they believed that leadership was just talking out of its hat because we had failed to address their long-term concerns. Listening and taking notes, I knew I could solve almost everything and still not fix the bigger problem of connection and engagement. There was a lack of trust in us and alignment with our agenda. Years of experiences with administrators saying one thing and doing another had made people cynical.

Hearts and minds would need to be changed in a fundamental way. So I did what CEOs often do when they confront a maze they might get lost in — I called for help and asked an executive advisor and organizational change expert for guidance.

He proposed that we try something new. For example, my chief strategist and one of our hospital CEOs were both passionate leaders who cared deeply about improving our system but they were always on opposite sides of key organizational and strategic issues. By getting them to dig deep and talk about their own personal motivations, it became obvious that they actually shared the same overall vision. This helped them to identify what they each wanted to do to contribute to our larger agenda and helped us define their distinct roles and responsibilities more clearly.

That sort of work had a remarkable effect on bringing leadership together, helping us to communicate with each other more openly and candidly, and making it faster and easier for us to innovate and execute.

But how do you make something like that happen at scale? Purpose is not a canned or artificial HR program. Discovering it is deeply personal and almost therapeutic. When close peers face high stakes, real problems and interpersonal challenges, the work of discovering and sharing purpose seems to galvanize their sense of team almost magically.

We decided to implement a similar process among other teams, and then cascade that throughout the organization. Then we selected 50 of these people and divided them into four model teams. Next, we set these teams to work on defined areas of organizational need — Quality, Clinical Operations, Administrative Operations, and Associate Engagement. Each of these teams went through the same team development program as my senior leadership team.

For example, one front-line nurse was incredibly dedicated to patient satisfaction. Joining the Quality team gave her a way to bring her personal perspective on best approaches to patient care to that group and helped her to see how directly her individual efforts could contribute to our larger goal. Next, we gave these teams the freedom to identify organizational problems in their area of concern.

This efficiency is a key driver of operational costs but also a leading indicator of patient satisfaction and quality since prompt discharge means clinical best practices are being applied and quality outcomes achieved. Our Clinical Operations team was composed of nine people who represented every area of the hospital that touched throughput, from the ER to the wards to pharmacy and administration. Whereas before they might have seen their roles as siloed from one another, now they worked collaboratively to solve bottleneck issues across the system.

Sometimes this work surfaced tensions so it was important to facilitate and coach people through their conflicting points of view. Team members who were initially at odds were always able to reach a collaborative solution because they had spent time getting to know each other and they understood that everyone shared the same priorities around improving patient care.

The vulnerability and openness the team-building process established made it easier to get aligned. This new group became the implementation team charged with executing on the strategy. The original team members who remained were responsible for bringing new team members through the team-building process.

The team members who were recused were assigned to new teams where they also helped lead and develop team cohesion in those new groups. Team members had grown close and wanted to stick together. But by dispersing them to other teams, we created a process of leaders teaching leaders that cascaded throughout the organization, with increasing numbers of people aligned around a shared purpose and focused on solving meaningful challenges. Our focus on meaningful problems was critical.

Our approach engaged people on developing tangible solutions that would contribute to our vision. It reinforced alignment, helped build our capabilities and led to actual improvements in organizational performance. Not everyone was touched by the work right away, but the network effect was powerful. I was amazed by the level of commitment and passion that grew throughout the organization. We moved faster and made more significant progress because we combined the power of purpose with project work that was designed to improve organizational performance.

We made sure to track and measure progress and status frequently. We also measured operational metrics like quality, safety, satisfaction and financial scores to gauge our progress compared to national standards of excellence. And we continued to take the temperature of the organization by conducting surveys on employee engagement and culture. Measuring in three areas helped us to avoid letting personal experiences or perspectives cloud our judgement of how well we were doing as an organization.

We also kept rounding and conducting listening forums and town halls to make sure we surfaced and were aware of every concern. The rich understanding that we developed enabled us to employ very crisp and targeted responses to problems and concerns that were tied to our strategic priorities.

For example, we changed our leadership when it did not reinforce or align with our vision and new approach. We also altered our staffing approach and increased compensation in select areas to improve performance.

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Separate your desired behavior into smaller, self-contained units. He wanted to be on time for work, so he wrote down what that would entail: waking up, showering, dressing, preparing breakfast, eating, driving, parking and buying coffee—all before 9 a. We resist change, but fear of the unknown can result in clinging to status quo behaviors—no matter how bad they are. Compare all possible consequences of both your status quo and desired behaviors.

If there are more positive results associated with the new behavior, your fears of the unknown are unwarranted. If he didn't become more punctual, the next thing he'd be late for is the unemployment office.

There was definitely a greater benefit to changing than to not changing. Becoming timely overnight would make co-workers suspicious. He started arriving by 9 a. Unrealistic goals increase fear. Fear increases the probability of failure. Mornings found him sluggish, so he began preparing the night before and doubled his morning time. Skinner 's early research demonstrates, reinforcement-not punishment -is necessary for permanent change. Reinforcement can be intrinsic, extrinsic or extraneous.

According to Carol Sansone, Ph. An act doesn't have to be enjoyable when the end result is extrinsically reinforcing. For instance, I hate cleaning my kitchen, but I do it because I like the sight of a clean kitchen. After dressing, he looked in the mirror and enjoyed the payoff from his evening preparation: He looked impeccable. Extraneous reinforcement isn't directly connected to the act or its completion. A worker may despise his manufacturing job but will continue working for a good paycheck.

In my karate class of 20 students, the instructor yelled, "No pain, no gain," amid grueling instructions. After four weeks, only three students remained. Uncomfortable change becomes punishing, and rational people don't continue activities that are more painful than they are rewarding.

In one San Francisco State University study, researchers found that participants were more successful when their goals were gradually approximated. Write down the behavior you want to change. Then to the right, write your goal. Draw four lines between the two and write a progressive step on each that takes you closer to your goal. The first week, he would arrive by a. Methods of changing are often unnecessarily complicated and frenetic. Through simplicity, clarity arises.

Perfect worlds don't exist, and neither do perfect learning situations. Pamela Dunston, Ph. His alarm clock failed to rouse him, so for the first month he'd use a telephone wake-up service. Everything has its own natural speed; when altered, unpleasant things happen. Change is most effective when it occurs slowly, allowing behaviors to become automatic. Life is like a stirred-up lake: Allow it to calm and the mud will settle, clearing the water.

The same is true for change. Author Ursula LeGuin once said, "It's good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end. He enjoyed almost everything involved in being punctual. The coffee could be better, but it was a small price to pay. Surprise spells disaster for people seeking change. Knowing more about the process allows more control over it. Some therapists insist on awareness of both current and desired behaviors, but research suggests it's sufficient to be aware of just the new one.

A study in the British Journal of Psychology found that reflecting on personal experiences with others is key to successful change. But because complimenting new behavior implies that the observer disliked the old one, it can make observers feel uncomfortable. If, for example, you were once demeaning to people, few would now say, "It's nice talking with you since you stopped being a jerk.

Success is satisfying, and if you know why you succeeded or failed, similar strategies can be applied when changing other behaviors. Many people view structure as restrictive, something that inhibits spontaneity. While spontaneity is wonderful for some activities, it's a surefire method for sabotaging change. Classify all activities and materials you're using as either helpful, neutral or unhelpful in achieving your goal.

Eliminate unhelpful ones, make neutrals into positives and keep or increase the positives. After evaluating his morning routine, he replaced time-consuming breakfasts with quick protein drinks.

Review every day how and why you're changing and the consequences of success and failure. Research by Daniel Willingham, Ph. According to behavior expert Richard Foxx, Ph. Practice is another key approach to change, suggests one study on changing conscious experience published recently in the British Journal of Psychology. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! Also 'change. Verb Phrases.

See synonyms for change on Thesaurus. See antonyms for change on Thesaurus. Smoothly step over to these common grammar mistakes that trip many people up. Good luck! Idioms about change. Words nearby change Changan , Changchiakow , Changchow , Changchun , Changde , change , changeable , change down , changeful , change hands , change horses in midstream, don't. What is another way to say change? Words related to change adjustment , advance , development , difference , diversity , innovation , modification , reversal , revision , revolution , shift , switch , transformation , transition , variation , turnaround , adjust , alter , diminish , evolve.

Is it time for your business to hire a chief public health officer? Erika Fry July 8, Fortune. Good health is good business. Andrew Nusca July 8, Fortune. The Wave Algernon Blackwood. See also change down , changeover , change round , change up.

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To alter is to make some partial change, as in appearance, while still preserving the identity: to alter a dress, as by raising the hem to change a dress would mean to put on a different one.

What is another way to say change? How to use change in a sentence. The government had estimated that the rule change s would cause about 70, women, and at most , women, to lose contraception coverage in one year.

The picture and the pace at which it was changing were dizzying. The focus was on low-cost ergonomic change s that reduced physical stress. Also 'change. Verb Phrases.

See synonyms for change on Thesaurus. See antonyms for change on Thesaurus. Smoothly step over to these common grammar mistakes that trip many people up. Good luck! Idioms about change. Words nearby change Changan , Changchiakow , Changchow , Changchun , Changde , change , changeable , change down , changeful , change hands , change horses in midstream, don't. What is another way to say change? Words related to change adjustment , advance , development , difference , diversity , innovation , modification , reversal , revision , revolution , shift , switch , transformation , transition , variation , turnaround , adjust , alter , diminish , evolve.

Is it time for your business to hire a chief public health officer? Erika Fry July 8, Fortune. Good health is good business. Andrew Nusca July 8, Fortune. The Wave Algernon Blackwood. See also change down , changeover , change round , change up.

Derived forms of change changeless , adjective changelessly , adverb changelessness , noun changer , noun. In addition to the idioms beginning with change change hands change horses in midstream, don't change off change of heart change of life change of pace change one's mind change one's stripes change one's tune change the subject.

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WebSpeed Your Transition to Value. Modernize business operations with contemporary, integrated technology. Our offering is built upon a next-generation benefits . Webchange verb (BECOME DIFFERENT) A1 [ T ] to exchange one thing for another thing, especially of a similar type: She's just changed jobs. Let's change the subject (= talk . WebSynonyms of change See Definition change 1 of 2 noun 1 as in alteration the act, process, or result of making different the positive change in our students' attitude toward people who are somehow different was a long and gradual process Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance alteration difference modification shift variation revise revision adjustment.