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Accenture digital assessment

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Then try to apply what you've learned to the scenarios you're working on. Unlike ability exams, there are no right or incorrect answers on Accenture's Personality Questionnaire. It will evaluate your own inclinations within Accenture's work environment, such as consulting and working with corporate clients.

Keep in mind that having a specific choice will not earn you more points as a candidate. There's a common misconception that there's no right or wrong answers in personality assessments. That's obviously not true, as these tests are used to shortlist candidates. When responding to the Accenture Online Assessment Personality Questionnaire, try to emphasize the characteristics you consider make you ideal for the role applied for.

The Accenture Numerical Reasoning Test is designed to assess your numerical reasoning abilities. Accenture's numerical reasoning test is challenging not because of the knowledge required but because of how you reason with the facts supplied under time constraints. Because you will only have a minute to answer each question, practising numerical reasoning exam questions is ideal for ensuring that you do your best. This way, you will become more familiar with common problems and feel more comfortable, which will help you gain confidence.

Remember that the stress and time constraints make things difficult, not a lack of expertise! You'll have to learn how to deal with them. By far, the most effective way is to practice tests in a safe atmosphere before your actual test.

Accenture Online Assessment Communication test evaluates candidates' communication abilities. It is divided into six segments, each of which is asked verbally by a pre-recorded speaker.

This round will put your reading skills to the test. A series of eight sentences will appear on the screen, and you will have seconds to read them loudly. This component assesses your ability to listen to and repeat verbal communication. You will be asked to repeat the phrases that the speaker has read aloud to you. Simple questions are posed in this section, to which you should respond in not more than a few words. The questions will be straightforward and not overly complex.

This segment will require you to give a one-minute presentation on two different questions or topics that do not require any prior knowledge or preparation. Concentrate on crafting precise and coherent sentences while keeping in mind the limited time limit. You will be called to a first-round interview after successfully completing Online Assessment and Accenture Pymetrics tests. Previously, this was done over the phone, but nowadays, most candidates are interviewed via the internet using a program called HireVue.

You'll be asked a series of questions and given a set amount of time to record your responses, which will be evaluated and scored afterward. HireVue employs sophisticated self-learning algorithms to match your body language to Accenture's desired competencies. Your body language and tone will be revealed because the interview is video-based.

As a result, you should make sure you appear relaxed and confident, as this will give the interviewer a positive impression and make it simpler for them to follow what you're saying. In the prevalent Covid pandemic times, this part of the process will be virtual depending on your region and the role you apply for.

You can expect to participate in the same types of exercises and tests, with the exception of a shift in the environment from an office to an online video evaluation. Accurate Prep Since Browse Topics. Login Login. Stage 1: Submitting Online Application Once you've determined the position, you'd want to apply for, fill out the online application form, which includes information on your education and academic achievements, relevant work experience, and potentially some short competency questions.

Assert yourself as a candidate who will fit into Accenture's company culture. Identify your personal experiences that align with Accenture's six fundamental values for all candidates: Stewardship: You should accept responsibility, strive to improve and make attempts to better communities and the environment at large.

Online Application Tip Always apply as soon as possible— candidates are often evaluated on a rolling basis, so applying early can greatly improve your prospects. You will be given a variety of evaluations to aid Accenture recruiters to assess your profile against the following capabilities, depending on the specific post and market for which you applied: Motivated apprentice Online collaborator Tech advocate Client partner Accenture Pymetrics Following the application, you might be required to complete a quick psychometric exam.

There is no prior knowledge needed for these, as they are an assessment of your general intelligence and how well you cope with abstract problem-solving. As they are not dependent on language skills or educational background, they are a popular aptitude test for employers who are trying to make their hiring process more inclusive.

However, this does not mean you cannot prepare for them or work to improve your performance beforehand. Like many companies, Accenture uses a digital interview as part of its hiring process. These differ from a traditional interview in that they are not live; instead, the interview process looks like you record your answers through the interview platform Accenture uses HireVue and these will be reviewed later by the hiring team.

The video interview is your first chance to let Accenture see your personality and how you conduct yourself, so it is just as important as a face-to-face one. You should prepare for your digital interview in the same way as a regular one, making sure that you look presentable, have done your research, and are not distracted. Try some practice interview questions and make the most of the trial questions that you are given before the actual interview.

This is your chance to fix any technical issues and get used to being in front of the camera. There are three sections to the Accenture assessment centres , which are held virtually and include different types of exercises. You will be asked to research a relevant business topic to discuss one-on-one with a recruiter. This is not a presentation but is a chance to show off your knowledge and passion for the industry. Accenture takes a unique approach, using virtual reality technology to create an immersive and creative experience.

The VR exercises are used to assess how well you solve problems, absorb information, and prioritise your time. The most common Accenture virtual reality exercises are: putting a set of hieroglyphs in order using as few moves as possible; sorting objects into size order; and answering quickfire common knowledge questions. A tip to note is that some of the tasks are impossible or would take too long to fully complete — your assessors are looking to see how well you manage this.

If something is taking up too much of your time, know when to move on and try to complete other tasks. Accenture uses a strength-based interview style, which is more positive and focuses on identifying your strengths and how they will be an asset on the job.

While this kind of interview tends to be more enjoyable and they want you to be honest, it is important to remember how to show that you embody what Accenture is looking for. Refer back to its code of business and ensure that you have read the job specification carefully; then you can use specific examples to show how you meet these desirable qualities.

Have a look at our tips for strength-based interviews for more advice on how to do your best. Reading recent news articles, company blogs and understanding the services offered can be beneficial when interviewing. The Accenture online assessment is one of the most challenging parts of the hiring process which means preparation is essential. Practicing Accenture test questions to become familiar with the format as well as improving your skills and speed can go a long way in improving your test scores before taking the real test.

During the Accenture interview, you may be asked questions on industry news and topics. Applying for jobs, taking assessments, and being interviewed can be very stressful and overwhelming.

There are many opportunities around the corner. Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Accenture. We provide preparation services for Accenture psychometric tests.

Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Accenture offers an extensive benefits package that includes health insurance, retirement plans, education assistance, and more. Employees also have access to career development programs and can take advantage of generous vacation time for their well-being.

Candidates are typically given around 45 minutes to answer questions, typically 1 minute per question should be given. You can practice Accenture a range of test questions for free here to help improve your test score and prepare for the real test. What our customers say about our Accenture tests.

It was a good test overall. The questions were framed very well and sufficient information was given for every question asked. I am very challenged by almost all the questions. The way I interpret every detail needs to be very careful to obtain the right answer.

I tried the aptitude questions because I wanted to check my strengths, but I think I am not prepared fully. So first, I have to prepare myself and then attempt the questions of this type, and hope that I can clear this exam Overall the test was very nicely prepared but I just felt that a few questions were not as well explained as they should have been.

I have no dislikes fom this test. It helps me get prepared. It was good. Did a time bound test and I am pretty much impressed with the outcome of the test.

It was a good learning experience for me. What I like about this test is that it will enhance your ability to comprehend mathematical problems, and to solve questions correctly within the time allotted for you.

I like the timer, which gives you motivation to complete your test within the time and make you a quick thinker. It was so challenging, especially when it has a timer. But it was so helpful. It is a very good practice test and was not very hard. Showing 1 to 10 of 56 reviews. By using our website you agree with our Cookie Policy. Claim discount.

Accenture Tests 20 tests questions. Buy tests Free test. Accenture Application Process 1 Online Application. I learnt exactly where I needed more practice and could focus on improving those areas. Lora used Practice Aptitude Tests to keep track of her practice and progress.

Start your success story. Accenture Digital Interview Like many companies, Accenture uses a digital interview as part of its hiring process. Typical examples of questions you might face in the interview include: Tell us about yourself.

Tell us about a time when you showed leadership skills.

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Practice your Accenture online aptitude tests with us to improve your score and get ahead of your competitors. Once you have decided on the position you want to apply for, you will need to fill in the online application form; providing details of your education history and academic results, relevant work experience and possibly answer some short competency questions.

Identify your personal experiences that correspond to the 6 core values that Accenture look for in all candidates:. Always aim to apply as early as possible — often candidates will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and so applying early could significantly increase your chances.

Remember to double-check the application form for any mistakes. The application form will provide a basis for any future references. Be ready to spend some extra time to make sure that the information you provide reflects not only you as a person, but also as a candidate that Accenture are looking for.

You may be asked for details during the interview. Accenture Immersive Online Assessment a. Depending on the precise position and territory for which you applied to, you will be presented with a mixture of different assessments which will help Accenture recruiters evaluate your candidate profile against following capabilities:.

It is likely that your Accenture online aptitude tests will take a more immersive form where you will be presented with aptitude test questions as part of the contextual situation: e. The mixture of questions can include analysing pieces of information to show yourself to be exactly what the Accenture recruiters will be looking for. During the Accenture Immersive Assessments you should present yourself as an individual who:.

Accenture online assessments will typically consists of a mix of standard psychometric tests such as:. You are likely to be asked the questions as part of the immersive business case study that will seek to examine:. Accenture Situational Judgement Tests present the candidate with a made-up scenario inspired by some of the most common challenges in everyday work life at companies like Accenture.

These may include you spotting an important mistake in calculations as part of the presentation to client you need to deliver in half an hour, being challenged by the client or partner on your engagement, or having to solve a communication problem with colleague.

Situational Judgement Test SJT is especially difficult because all answers will seem like appropriate options. They will all have some good qualities — so you need to differentiate between which are practical, and which are desired by Accenture. In many cases you will face a trade-off between choosing situations where you show leadership, determination, creativity or maybe integrity. Since you can only follow one course of action, you will need to use your judgement to decide which option fits the particular scenario.

When answering Accenture Situational Judgement Test questions, bear in mind the type of work culture you expect to find at Accenture consulting , and remember about the attitudes and capabilities that are sought after in model Accenture candidates.

Then, try to apply these to the scenarios you work through. Learn more about situational judgement tests. Bear in mind that as a candidate you will not get extra marks for having a particular preference as such. Although there are no correct or wrong answers in personality questionnaires, as these are essentially assessments measuring your own personal way of working, while responding to Accenture Personality Questionnaire try to stress your personality traits that you believe make you perfect for the role you applied for.

Our Personality Questionnaires Tests video will help you understand what information employers are looking for in personality questionnaires to hire you. Although your Accenture Job Simulation will be targeted for the specific industry and role you applied to, you can benefit from practicing general Situational Judgement questions to practice analysing various job scenarios and predicting your reactions. Click here to practice Situational Judgement questions.

Furthermore, by taking a Work Personality Questionnaire you will get a good idea of what your preferred work style is and whether this meets the expectations of Accenture recruiters.

Click here to take the Work Personality Questionnaire and understand your personal preferred work style. The objective of the Accenture Numerical Reasoning Test is to examine your numerical ability. You will only have less than a minute to answer each question , so the best way to ensure that you do your best is by practicing numerical reasoning test questions; this way, you will familiarise yourself with typical questions and become more comfortable which will help to increase your confidence.

You need to learn to manage these. The best way by far is by practicing tests in a safe environment before your actual test. You do not want your actual job or internship test to become a battleground.

Remember, you have already successfully gone through the application process which tens of thousands of applicants have not managed. If you are looking for an Accenture-style numerical reasoning test with answers, worked-solutions, and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance — start with FREE numerical practice tests.

You can also find that in between diagrams, certain shapes and figures will change into other forms. This test will not examine any particular area of your knowledge. You will be typically presented with 5 diagrams with varying shapes and spatial arrangements, and then will be asked to identify the right pattern to determine what comes next in the sequence.

You will need to infer an underlying logical pattern and, using your reasoning, correctly determine what the next diagram in series must look like. The main difficulty the Accenture logical reasoning test, often referred to as a diagrammatic or deductive reasoning test, is that there is no pre-requisite knowledge required and there is no limit to how abstract these patterns and trends can be.

Practice will help in getting through this test. There is a lot of time pressure which often leaves candidates anxious and harms their performance. For more questions similar to those in the Accenture logical reasoning tests, sign-up with Graduates First and:. You will get familiar with the format and level of difficulty of the questions.

A lot of patterns are repetitive and follow similar logic, so by practicing you will grow in confidence and be better-suited to take your real test. Some people find it easier to cross out all the answers that do not follow the pattern you have identified in order to find the right answer.

It might also be helpful to try to follow the pattern with your fingers on the desktop to save time drawing the diagrams on paper. Learn more about logical reasoning tests. Head to our YouTube videos for logical reasoning tests step-by-step work solution below. We guide you through 5 real employer questions:. By now you should understand the base of Accenture aptitude test. After the successful completion of online aptitude tests, you will be invited to a first-round interview.

This used to take the form of a telephone interview, but now most candidates are interviewed over the internet using a platform called HireVue. You will be asked a series of questions and have a limited time to record your answers, which will be later reviewed and assessed. HireVue uses complex self-learning algorithms that match your body language to competencies sought by Accenture.

Since the interview is video-based, your body language and tone will be exposed. Therefore, you need to make sure you seem comfortable and confident, as this will set a good impression and make it easier for the interviewer to follow what you are saying. Best way to prepare for the HireVue video interview is to practice.

You can practice your answers in front of the mirror and analyse what your posture, gestures and facial expressions might say about you. Try out different approaches and see what makes you come across as confident and persuasive. You can also record your answers on your phone and then watch them later; or send it to your friends who can give you a second opinion. Ask them to evaluate what they would think about you and what you say based on this short video.

Remember — recruiters will only have a few minutes to form their opinion of you. Your video interview will be competency based CBI. Be prepared to talk about specific times when you proved to possess certain skills such as: determination, teamwork, leadership skills, etc.

Think about your previous projects and experiences — from your professional, academic or private life. Logical reasoning is a highly sought-after skill in many companies, and Accenture is no different. In this test, you'll be presented with a series of challenges that involve you analysing seemingly random data, shapes and patterns in order to work out the rules that govern and connect them.

You don't need any prior knowledge, but it certainly helps to practice logical reasoning tests beforehand to get your brain working in the right way. The reason that this test is important is that it gives your employer a good idea of your overall problem-solving and logic skills, as well as your ability to keep calm under pressure.

For the numerical reasoning test you'll need to brush up on your data analysis and ability to read graphs and tables for this Accenture test. Working through the questions with the right balance of speed and accuracy is crucial if you want to complete all of the multiple-choice questions you're asked. Accenture employers value employees with strong numerical skills as they're useful in a huge range of different roles and business scenarios. If you successfully complete the assessments portion of the process, you'll be invited to take part in a digital interview on HireVue.

You'll need to record yourself answering some pre-set questions which will later be reviewed and assessed. The HireVue platform does more than just record your answers, it also analyses your body language and tone — which means confidence is just as important as it would be if you were doing a face-to-face interview.

The assessment centre is the final stage of the process, and will either take place in person or online. Making sure you speak up without overpowering others, show your interest, ask questions and come prepared are all great ways to help boost your chance of success at this final stage. Change exists at the heart of Accenture, which means there are always new challenges and opportunities to embrace. Accenture is proud to foster a workplace with no boundaries, which, coupled with their focus on retention and investing in their people, means it's a great place to learn, progress and see your career goals come into focus.

It's essential to practice the various aptitude tests to improve your speed, skills and confidence. We always recommend practicing tests in exam conditions and going over your results at the end so you can see which areas you need to work harder on. Answering well is also essential if you want to make it to the assessment day. Prepare some thoughts and answers to commonly asked interview questions to help you plan.

Knowing lots about Accenture; including where they came from, where they're going and some of the latest plans and projects they're working on shows your commitment and passion. It's also good to look at what the competition is doing and come up with your own ideas about how you could help to bring about positive change at Accenture. Not only should your CV be formatted well, it should also be written perfectly and contain impeccable spelling and grammar. It's essentially Accenture's first impression of you, so don't give them a reason not to invite you to the next stage of the process.

Get instant access to Accenture tests written by accredited psychologists working in technology today.

Full array of numerical, verbal, diagrammatic, logical, situational and personality tests. We provide detailed step-by-step solutions to every single question so you can improve your performance as quickly as possible.

Compare your scores with others and track your progress using your personal analytics dashboard. I wanted to quickly test my aptitude skills prior to an important job interview. Techtest allowed me to do just that. Nadia found Techtest useful for assessing her technological aptitude abilities. Choose the package that works for you. This depends on the hiring manager and the nature of the role, but Accenture aims to be transparent and get back to you as quickly as possible.

All the interviews you'll have with Accenture are challenging as they want to make sure only the best talent gets through each stage of the process.

This depends on the role and the level of seniority. If you're unsure and would like to know more, ask your recruiter or contact Accenture. You can't, but after the six months is up you'll be able to apply for another position at Accenture.

Just like any other Fortune firm, the Accenture recruitment process is challenging. But if you put in the preparation and practice beforehand, there's no reason you can't become an Accenture employee. Accenture Assessments.

Buy tests Free test. Getting A Job At Accenture Accenture is a global consulting and professional services firm with expertise in industries as diverse as sustainability and security. Accenture Values There are six core values that Accenture staff are hired and assessed on: Stewardship — this is about taking responsibility and working to improve things for the greater good.

Best people — you'll need to demonstrate a 'can-do' attitude. Client value creation — always give your clients the highest possible standard of care.