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Alcon honduras tegucigalpa cigna seguro dental

Alcon honduras tegucigalpa

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Like most of the interior highlands of Honduras, the majority of Tegucigalpa's current area was occupied by open woodland. The area surrounding the city continues to be open woodland supporting pine forest interspersed with some oak , scrub , and grassy clearings as well as needle leaf evergreen and broadleaf deciduous forest.

The city consists of gentle hills, and the ring of mountains surrounding the city tends to trap pollution. Tucked into a valley and bisected by a river, Tegucigalpa is prone to flooding during the rainy season, as experienced to the fullest during Hurricane Mitch and to a lesser degree every year during the rainy season. Despite being several thousand feet above sea level, the city lacks an efficient flood control system, including canals and sewerage powerful enough to channel rainwater back into the river to flow down to the ocean.

The river itself is a threat since it isn't deep enough below the streets, nor are there levees high enough to prevent it from breaking out. There is a reservoir, known as Embalse Los Laureles , west of the city providing 30 percent of the city's water supply as well as a water treatment plant south of the city about 7. The average sunshine hours per month during the year is The average sunshine hours during the dry season is per month while The wettest months of the rainy season are May—June and September—October, averaging Tegucigalpa, as with the rest of Honduras, experienced significant damage by Hurricane Mitch in late-October and early-November , something of a magnitude Hondurans had not witnessed since Hurricane Fifi.

The storm remained over Honduran territory for five days, dumping heavy rainfall late in the rainy season. The ground was already saturated and could not absorb the heavy precipitation, while deforestation and debris left by the hurricane led to catastrophic flooding throughout widespread regions of the country, especially in Tegucigalpa.

The heavy rain caused flash floods of Choluteca's tributaries, and the swollen river overflowed its banks, tearing down entire neighborhoods and bridges across the ravaged city.

The rainfall also triggered massive landslides around El Berrinche Hill, close to the downtown area. These landslides destroyed most of the Soto neighborhood, and debris flowed into the river, forming a dam. Situated in a valley and surrounded by mountain ranges, Tegucigalpa is hilly with several elevations and few flat areas. The city is also highly disorganized, particularly around its oldest districts. Several of the main boulevards have been equipped with interchanges , overpasses and underpasses, allowing for sections of controlled-access highways, but considering that even the city's beltway does not entirely circle the city, the roads are generally limited-access.

Intense webs of electrical and telephone lines above the streets are a common sight in the capital, and in virtually all Honduran cities, since the implementation of underground utility lines has only been adopted in recent years. Colonias represent relatively recent 20th-century middle class residential suburbs , some known as residenciales for their upper income development, and these are continuously spreading while the barrios are old inner-city neighborhoods. While the city administration divides the capital into barrios and colonias, the fact that there are hundreds of them makes it difficult to define the city's different regions, especially for those not familiar with the Central District.

These two entities remain separated by the Choluteca River Basin that runs between them. This section of the city is perhaps the best developed and properly urbanized. Other upscale neighborhoods are Lomas del Guijarro, Loma Linda, and Lomas del Mayab, which house most of the apartment complexes in the city.

Boulevard Suyapa and Boulevard Juan Pablo II are located south of the aforementioned boulevards, and they also form a busy commercial and financial district stretching through several neighborhoods such as Colonia Los Profesionales where the Presidential House is located; Colonia Florencia Norte where Multiplaza Mall is located; Colonia Miramontes, among others—housing several financial institutions, government offices, hotels, etc.

In recent years, this western side of the capital has seen some growth and improvement such as the opening of Metromall near the airport. The Honduran census recorded a population of 1,, in the Central District, [3] continuing a trend of population growth in the city since the census, which recorded , residents. In , there were , households with an average of 4. During the same year, Life expectancy in the District as of [update] is By , 4. In , the average monthly income was L.

The ethnic and racial makeup of Tegucigalpa is strongly tied to the rest of Honduras. They are joined by Chinese [94] and Arab immigrants, [95] the latter mostly from Palestine. In , there were 67 public health care establishments in the Central District—five national hospitals , 22 health centers in the metropolitan area, 37 health centers throughout the rural areas, and three peripheral clinics.

There are several private hospitals in the city as well as hospitals run by the Honduran Social Security Institute IHSS , the country's government-sponsored social insurance program. In , only Overall, only The Central District reports the third highest or In , the maternal mortality rate in the city was of every , births of which In , the infant mortality rate was 29 per live births Both maternal and infant mortality rates are based on local and out-of-district residents who arrive to receive medical attention.

In , it was estimated that of every 10, residents suffered from a physical or mental disability. Honduras in general has not had any stable medical care, the reasons being there is a lack of political stability and As with the rest of Honduras, Roman Catholicism is the dominating religion in the Central District and while at some point they made up as much as 90 percent of the population, contemporary estimates as recent as put them at 47 percent while Protestants make up as much as 36 percent.

Their history in Tegucigalpa began around with the Spanish setting up Mercedarian missionaries as part of their conversion efforts of the native communities. Other religious groups made their way at the beginning of the 20th century including the Quakers , who in began work in the nation's capital. The Assembly of God missionaries entered Honduras in the late s and today maintain a mega-church in Tegucigalpa with more than 10, members. The Church of God of Cleveland, Tennessee was established in Tegucigalpa in , the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel followed in , and by the late s, the Evangelical Alliance of Honduras was established.

During the s, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement began to grow among the upper classes in Tegucigalpa. The Presbyterian Church in Honduras member churches are mainly concentrated within km 93 mi of Tegucigalpa. The first Presbyterian congregation was planted 50 years ago, by the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala. Today, there are many religious groups in Tegucigalpa including a Jewish community ; Jehovah's Witnesses and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , who opened a temple in the city in Honduras, including the capital city Tegucigalpa, has the world's highest murder rate.

In , the Central District reached a homicide rate of In , there were motor vehicle-related deaths, of which 52 percent were pedestrians, including bicyclists; 39 percent were caused by private vehicles and 12 percent by public transportation vehicles.

In the same year, there were 69 deaths reported as suicides , which were most common in the age bracket of 20 to 29 and 30 to 35, while Having around eight million people in the country, Honduras has about 7, gang members in to street gangs, most of them based in Tegucigalpa. These gangs commit all types of crimes against the local population as well as foreigners, including phone call threats. The gangs also appear to have a lot of control in the cities with controlling public goods such as public taxis and they are very involved.

The Honduran government does not have much control against the gangs because the government system is not itself very stable. Most of the crime cases are not very well prosecuted and sometimes just discarded, but police enforcement is better in the upper-class neighborhoods and in the tourists parts of the city. The Central District has an economy equal to In , the city's revenue and expenditures budget was L.

The District's active labor force is , people of which 56, are employed in the public sector. In , the unemployment rate in Tegucigalpa was 8. The size of these businesses is broken down as follows: micro-enterprises The city's major economic sources are commerce , construction , services , textiles , sugar , and tobacco.

The industrial production taking place in the region includes textiles, clothing , sugar, cigarettes, lumber , plywood , paper , ceramics , cement , glass , metalwork , plastics , chemicals , tires , electrical appliances , and farm machinery. Maquiladora duty-free assembly plants have been established in an industrial park in the Amarateca valley, on the northern highway.

Manufacturing assembly plants maquiladoras were introduced in Honduras in By , at least 6 maquiladoras operated in the Central District. By the end of the s and early s decade , Tegucigalpa continued to be a focus city for the development of industrial parks. The main obstacle to establishing factories in Tegucigalpa has been facilitating infrastructure to provide efficient access between the capital and country's economic hubs: San Pedro Sula and Puerto Cortez.

While foreign investment manufacturers and exporters have focused on northern Honduras, the presence of multinational corporations is evident in Tegucigalpa. Popular retail , restaurant , and hospitality American-branded franchises prevail throughout the Honduran capital; such as Walmart , McDonald's , and Marriott , among others.

Tegucigalpa's economic challenges are tied to those of the rest of the country, such as overcoming crime , anomalies in the judicial system , educational backwardness, and deficient infrastructure in order to continue to encourage foreign investors and permit growth of local entrepreneurs.

As capital of Honduras, as department head and as a municipality, the Central District seats three separate governments: national, departmental and municipal. While autonomous, the Central District is still influenced by the national government given the territory remains seat of government of the republic.

Major changes in public policy and funding of major city projects usually reach the Office of the President prior to approval by the District's local government. The government in Honduras is very unstable, the government has a very hard time providing the proper resources for citizens and forming their citizens in investing in medical equipment and education for medical professions in Honduras, they also have difficulties with controlling the criminals in cities and gangs that resulted in such high crime rates in the country.

However, nearly all governmental institutions are on the Tegucigalpa side, so for all practical purposes Tegucigalpa is the capital. There are an additional of 41 villages and hamlets through the Central District Municipality. Tegucigalpa is the political and administrative center of Honduras. Most public agencies and state-owned companies are headquartered in the capital as well.

City government takes the form of a mayor-council system and is regulated under the Law of Municipalities that came into effect on January 1, As established by city governing law, AMDC is structured as a municipal corporation , which is the deliberative-legislative body, voter-elected, and highest authority within the municipality.

The Municipal Corporation is formed by a mayor serving as chief executive, general administrator and legal representative of the municipality [] and a vice mayor to serve as acting mayor when required and to oversee functions within AMDC as instructed by the mayor.

Ten aldermen regidores are also members of the Municipal Corporation who along with the mayor execute the duties as described in the Law of Municipalities, including management , budgeting , and local law and ordinance legislation.

A general manager , appointed by the mayor, serves as chief comptroller to manage city funds and their allocation. A municipal secretary, also appointed by the mayor, serves as the city clerk in charge of keeping record of all official proceedings. The Municipal Corporation also consults with a Municipal Development Council Consejo de Desarrollo Municipal , which serves as an advising cabinet on all the areas of issues of the city such as human development , public safety , utilities , etc.

Of the 10 aldermen serving, six are men and four are women. Both the city mayor and aldermen are elected to 4-year terms by voters of the Central District. Law enforcement in the city is the responsibility of the National Police of Honduras , the nationwide police force. The Metropolitan Police Headquarters No. It operates seven police districts throughout the metropolitan area.

For , the Secretary of Security designated L. It is also headquartered in the Central District and maintains regional prosecution offices throughout the country. Tegucigalpa serves as the national education center, hosting most of the universities and higher education institutions in the country. For , the national government allocated L.

The public and private education system in Tegucigalpa is divided into 16 school districts distritales. There are 1, public schools in the Central District broken down as preschools , elementary schools , and middle and high schools. In , there were a total of , students enrolled throughout the municipality—28, in preschool, , in elementary school, and 98, in middle or high school.

There are about bilingual schools in Tegucigalpa. Most of their students study abroad. There are two modalities in regards to the school calendar: American Period August to July , mostly used by private and bilingual schools; and Latin Period February to November , used by public schools. There are 12 universities in Tegucigalpa, including three state-funded higher education institutions.

All barrios and colonias in Tegucigalpa can be accessed by automobile, although some neighborhoods in the city suffer from unpaved, narrow, or hilly streets making them difficult to maneuver. However, the most transited roads suffer from heavy traffic congestion due to the region's geography and disorganized urbanization.

An estimate of , vehicles take on the city streets and roads every day. The oldest districts were not built with the advent of the automobile in mind and therefore lack efficient roadways to accommodate the overwhelming number of vehicles. Newer developments, such as the malls, have been built with the car in mind allowing for large parking lots to accommodate their visitors. In the last decades, several of the boulevards and avenues have been retrofitted with grade separations to ease up the flow of traffic.

These are assigned numbers; however, they are more often identified using their physical destinations e. International routes are given a "CA-" designation followed by a highway number i.

CA-1 that can be of one or two digits enclosed in a highway shield. National highways are assigned a two or three-digit number and provincial routes are assigned a three-digit number. These connect with the city's other major boulevards: Central America Blvd, Suyapa Blvd, European Community Blvd, and Kuwait Blvd—which are essentially limited-access roadways as they have been equipped with interchanges but may lack underpasses or overpasses to bypass crossing surface road traffic.

Despite a network of major highways, none reach directly into the historic downtown, forcing drivers to rely heavily on surface streets. Like in most Central American cities, orientation and driving may be difficult to first-time visitors due to the nature of how streets are named, insufficient road signage and the natives' driving behavior.

List of major thoroughfares in the Central District, including urban core arteries and outskirt roads:. Taxis are the quickest way to move around the city after personal auto transportation. Taxis are relatively cheap for the international tourist. There are over 12, taxis in the Central District. The public transportation system in Tegucigalpa is, however, highly disorganized. Public transportation regulation is very flawed.

Bus drivers must compete for passengers in order to bring the highest earnings possible while becoming a hazard for other drivers and pedestrians and contributing to traffic jams. There is a project under construction to give the public transportation system an upgrade with the addition of a bus rapid transit fleet.

Tegucigalpa is connected with the rest of the country through its city to city bus services. There are several bus lines connecting the capital with the rest of Honduras. Tegucigalpa is connected with the rest of Central America and Mexico through its international bus lines.

The airport was frequently criticized as being dangerous due to its location next to a sierra , short runway, and difficult approach. Large commercial jets are required to execute a tight hairpin left turn at very low altitude to land on the short runway.

It is managed by InterAirports , the company hired by the government of Honduras to manage the four airports in the country. Tegucigalpa is twinned with:. Once a city of its own, it was incorporated as part of Tegucigalpa on September 28, The Central District is not a federal district since it is not an entity outside the departments of Honduras e.

Washington, D. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Capital and largest city of Honduras. Skyline with the north of the city; Tegucigalpa at night; Honduras flag in the Suyapa Plaza; North of the city. Coat of arms. See also: Timeline of Tegucigalpa. See also: Choluteca river basin and Water management in greater Tegucigalpa. Main article: Hurricane Mitch.

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