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Nuance pdf converter api

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NET Attributes Ex. I've read the document from top to bottom a couple of times and I have managed to invoke one menu item but that is as far as I can get using that interface. If you take a closer look at the documentation you will see that there are several interfaces available. I particularly want to get at the file level interface where it appears all methods for automation would be available. Basically, I want to start the app, open a pdf passing a path variable, convert it to Excel, and finally close the app.

All of this should occur seemlessly and without any user intervention since this will be automated on an unattended timer. Thanks for your efforts. I am trying to automate Nuance through macro and I am not sure what reference dll should be Selected. I know i am posting on a Dead Thread. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks guys. Is there an equivalent to adobes AcroExch.

What is the equivalent AcroExch. CloseAllDocs AcroApp. NET VB. Advertiser Disclosure: Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which TechnologyAdvice receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear.

TechnologyAdvice does not include all companies or all types of products available in the marketplace. Remember Me? Advertiser Disclosure. PDF files may be password-protected. Passwords have two types: open or user and permissions or owner, or master. Open passwords can block file opening. Your application must include an interface to accept a password.

As for permissions passwords CSDK 20 only checks the permissions that block printing or content-copy from the file. When a PDF requires a permissions password for content-copy, its text content cannot be copied without this. CSDK 20 however gives you the possibility to process a content-copy protected file without giving a permissions password.

In this case the encrypted PDF is treated as an image-only one and no textual information can be extracted. A PDF may also require a permissions password for printing. CSDK 20 will only load a PDF if its printing is not blocked — that is, the user either has this permissions password, or the file is not protected against printing. When a PDF file is protected by both an open and a permissions password, only the permissions password needs to be given for full access.

The background, foreground and selector layers are compressed using different compression algorithms. This process includes an algorithm for detecting text. In order to keep it the setting Kernel. It contains the whole image of the original page and the text behind the image on a separate layer. These PDF files especially suit the purpose of page archiving, because they contain both the original image and recognized text. It is recommended to set Kernel. PDF with image on text Searchable PDF in OmniPage terminology — A PDF converter where the original input image is retained in the foreground with the recognized text hidden in the background and in the correct position.

This format allows the content of an image PDF to become searchable without disrupting the original due to the hidden text layer. Text in a Searchable PDF is positioned directly behind the corresponding image text and is selectable and searchable in popular PDF viewers. This format especially suits archiving and indexing purposes.

It supports many PDF features, but relies heavily on the position of the recognized characters. PDF with image substitutes - A special PDF converter, where the suspect words are covered by their image cut out from the original image. PDF edited — This PDF converter does not rely on the position of the recognized characters, so it could be used even after inserting large new portions of text in the editor. All PDF Output converters have the following features in common:.

CSDK gives the possibility to save encrypted PDF files using either an open or user or a permissions or owner, or master password see also the above description about encrypted PDF files.

This option is fully setting-controlled. The setting Kernel. Type determines the used encryption method. The passwords can be stored also in settings Kernel. OwnerPassword and UserPassword. In addition there can be set permission flags for the created PDF file enabling:. The created PDF file can be opened for the enabled operations by using the open password. If one has the permissions password, all the operations are enabled.

Existing encrypted PDF files can be modified and saved as well. In this case the password of the existing file is needed for processing it. The file and the given password determines the operations can be performed, so the setting Kernel. Type has no effect. The password either open or permission one can be specified in the setting Kernel.

There is no MRC compression for black-and-white images. Below description uses the notions of image-only case, however the proper notions can be found for image-on-text case in a natural way. In this case the same compression methods and compression quality are used and the resolution of the layers also will be the same as described previously. The Pictures setting may modify the resolution of the layers. Generating editable output from PDF files has been speeded up — more advanced technology is applied to make zoning faster, achieve higher OCR accuracy, improve output quality and make the resulting files more usable when being further edited in target applications.

One is a composite image with all PDF information, the second contains only a background image without any text. This is especially useful for pages where text wraps around pictures irregularly, as shown. Further speed-up is achieved by assessing image quality and layout complexity. A faster OCR algorithm is now applied to high-quality pages with simple layouts.

This technology cannot be applied to active PDF forms, and works only in accurate mode. In cases where this technology cannot be applied, there is an automatic and seamless fall-back to the old algorithm. Another innovation is support for creating linearized PDF files.

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Open "mydoc. Open "pdfpages. Close PDFApp. Close ddDocTarget. Save DDSaveFull, " mydoc. Improve this answer. Shodan Shodan 2 2 gold badges 10 10 silver badges 34 34 bronze badges. What version of PDFPlus works with this code? Run-time error '': ActiveX component can't create object. You can convert to PDF by three ways: default way, image way, text way. Also the program support merge each sheet of one Excel file to convert, Quick PDF Converter 4.

Ppt to Pdf Converter 7. These files may faithfully represent the original layout of the slides, or contain an unformatted version of the text. The program also has the capability to merge all converted documents into one PDF file.

It is also able to perform conversion between. XML files, and between graphic files in. WMF or. TIF formats. Doc-Docx to Pdf Converter 7. It does not change the format styles as it retains graphics, layout, Ppt-Pptx to Pdf Converter 7. It can simultaneously convert massive different format files to PDF Amyuni PDF Converter Built using our own proprietary technologies, PDF Convertor can be easily integrated into your It supports to batch convert up to documents to PDF files at Html to Pdf Converter 7.

This program has a friendly user interface and it is easy to use.

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WebOct 15,  · Nuance pdf converter enterprise api Power PDF Advanced, the latest version of Nuance’s flagship enterprise-­?ready desktop PDF solution, is the smart . WebJan 18,  · My goal is to convert PDFs to Excel spreadsheets, capture the data and store in Access. I actually have all the individual parts working but I need to automate the . WebOct 6,  · PDF Converter the world’s most accurate and best-selling software tool for turning PDF files into fully-formatted documents, forms, and spreadsheets — complete .