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Genset cummins

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Learn more Request information. Reliable power for your work, home, and life. Find your use case among everywhere reliable power is needed, from hospitals and data centers to drilling and mining operations.

Our power system products include diesel and gas-powered generator sets ranging from 15 — kVA, alternators, diesel engines ranging from 49 — 5, hp, generator-drive engines, battery storage systems and integrated power systems that combine generator sets, paralleling controls and switchgear technologies, all connected to our industry-leading digital solutions for complete power system control.

All aspects of generator set design, manufacturing and service have been brought together in one company. All the major components — the engine, alternator, control systems and containers — are manufactured and built by Cummins. This integrated approach means each element of a generator set is matched to work in harmony from the start.

Regardless of the power system architecture required to meet your market or application needs Cummins provides a superior combination of solution design expertise, integrated equipment and communication software as well as ongoing operation and generator maintenance services to help you maintain a resilient operation at your site.

The knowledge of Cummins experts is not only evident through superior product design but also through their collaboration from start to finish of implementation as well as the ongoing service and support provided to customers. Power generators are basically small power plants. They allow their owners to generate electricity on site, as a substitute or complement to electricity from the electric grid. Power generators and large thermal power plants operate on the same principle: both burn fuel to create motion, or mechanical energy, and convert it into electrical energy.

Generators have two main components: an internal combustion engine and an alternator. Diesel, natural gas, propane, gasoline and biofuels are common options. The combustion of the fuel is used to create a rotational movement in a crankshaft in the following way: Air is taken into a cylinder through an intake valve as the piston lowers.

The piston then travels upward, causing the air to compress in the cylinder. When the air is compressed and reaches a certain temperature due to that compression, fuel is injected into the cylinder and ignites. The combustion, a small explosion, pushes the piston back down. The piston then returns to the top of the cylinder, pushing the gases from the combustion out the exhaust valve. The pistons are attached to a crankshaft, so as the pistons move up and down, it makes the crankshaft turn.

In a vehicle, this motion and energy would be used to propel the vehicle. In a generator, it is used for electricity generation. The rotational motion produced by the engine extends into the second main component, the alternator. The alternator converts one form of energy , rotational kinetic energy, into electricity by using the properties of electromagnetic induction, the physical phenomenon by which variable magnetic fields create electrical currents.

The alternator has two parts—a stator and a rotor. The stator is a housing made up of many copper windings, and as the rotor spins inside the stator, its magnetic field rotates as well. The rotating magnetic field causes the electrons to flow in the stator, and thus a current of electricity is produced. As well as the generator and alternator, a power generator contains other components to ensure its correct operation. Available Regions India. Overview: For more on diesel and other generators from Cummins India, visit our Generators section.

To access our complete brochure library, click here. Redirecting to cummins. Thank you. Download the Brochure. Single-Phase Brochure. Three-Phase Brochure. Single-Phase PDF. Three-Phase PDF.

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Hengyun Power Cummins gensets are ranging from 25kva up to kva powered by engines series of 4B3. Cummins diesel generators are vastly used in transportation sector, buildings, telecom, schools, hospitals, ships, petrolube oil fields and industrial power supplying area etc.

With Cummins generators reliability, durability, flexibility, energy-saving, environment protection and wonderful World wide after-service networks, Cummins diesel generators act as a fundamental role in global generators industry. Click to enlarge. Next product. Perkins Diesel Generator. Cummins is one of world top famous engines and widely acceptable all over the world. Fast Delivery Ship products as quickly as possible. Best Quality Strict production process to create high-quality products.

Contact Us. Get in Touch With Us. Experienced service team and strong production support team provide client worry-free order service. Whatsapp Zoe. Therefore, Cummins generators must be equipped with special starting devices. The hand cranked Cummins generator is provided with a starting claw; Cummins generator is equipped with starting motor; Compressed air starting device is installed for those started with compressed air. Starlight Power was founded in and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China.

If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales dieselgeneratortech. All Rights Reserved Sitemap. Home Products News Contact Us.

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Jan 9,  · The hand cranked Cummins generator is provided with a starting claw; Cummins generator is equipped with starting motor; Compressed air starting device is installed for . Description: BRAND NEW Cummins kW Diesel Generator Model #: DQCC Year , Zero Hours, / Volt, 3 Phase, Sound Attenuated Enclosure. Price: Call Us at . Cummins Engine Diesel Generator Sets Cummins Generator Drive (G-Drive) diesel engines are clean, efficient, reliable, durable, and designed for high load factors and high usage. .