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Jeff severino caresource

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McBee Mr. Harry B. McDonald Thomas M. Monahan Timothy A. Robert B. Murch Mr. James R. Neville Dr. Patton Joel R. Phillips Mr. Ronald F. Reynolds, Jr. Burton I. Saltzman Clinton A. Sampson Sara M. Schoppenhorst Jon W. Sowell Emily Speer Thomas W. Steinemann Timothy L. Taylor II J. Witt James B. Wolf, Jr. Frank J. Acme-Arsena Co. Bonnie Speed Delivery, Inc. Burges and Burges Strategists, Inc. Bard, Inc. Durham Holdings, Ltd. Friends of the Cuyahoga Home, Inc. Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.

Harrington Electric Co. Hospice of the Western Reserve, Inc. McGladrey M. Mobility System s, Inc. Foundation, Inc. Metro Cardiovascular Research Foundation, Inc. Howard P. Pharmacia and Upjohn Co. Pipe Fitters Local Union No. Ress Family Foundation, Inc. Stout, Inc.

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Urban M. Picard, DDS, Inc. Seink Co. Dominic School Standard Textile Co. We thank the following donors who have established or supported named endowments in Bahler, MD Mark E. Dunlap, MD Naim Z. Farhat Robert S. Finkelhor, MD Dr. Katzman Thutam T. Le William R. Lewis, MD Zbigniew J. Litwinczuk, MD Robert M.

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Mark H. Avery, MD Paul D. Koethe Helen G. Baisden Cynthia Elliot Craig G. Bilek Michael J. Bowman Dr. Forrest P. Brown Ann T. Brown Richard Brown Mr.

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Andrew C. Dobyns M. Dockstader Mr. The Bs played its first gig at an Athens house party in , later releasing several best-selling records. Throughout the s, it attracted highly qualified and talented students who were seeking a receptive environment for visual arts.

These students would become nationally recognized artists, musicians and scholars. In , four students formed R. Toward the end of the decade, hip-hop was born. Reminisce on the s with this UGA Alumni playlist, a brief sampling of the bands and performers who ruled the golden era of music! Tune Into the s. While many students opted for jeans and T-shirts, Bulldogs in the s boasted an eccentric style. Snelling Dining Hall held fashion shows, featuring trends like buckskin bags, wide leather belts, suede vests and bell bottoms.

Seventies fashion saw bold colors and patterns take center stage. Students expressed themselves through experimental, cutting-edge and unconventional clothing.

Flared pants, pantsuits, platform shoes and ascots were worn by both men and women, paving the way for gender-neutral fashion. In addition to trailblazing fashion and music, students established their own slang, too. Learn to speak like a Bulldog from the s—or if you were a student during this decade, does anything sound familiar?

Whether you graduated in the s or just started wearing red and black, UGA remains more than a memory and more than a degree. Students will be back soon and looking to connect with experienced Bulldogs like you. I really feel more confident about my abilities because of them. It may surprise you how much you get out of giving back in this way! Georgia Bulldogs football and all its surrounding pageantry returns in full force this fall, and we can hardly wait.

Go ahead and bookmark that page now and check back often to get the latest info on Bulldog football events, fun facts about the history of UGA rivalries, downloads to help you celebrate the season, the latest episode of The Jerry Tanner Show and more! Saturday, Sep. Why not start the season with one of the most anticipated match-ups of the season? The all-time record in this dormant rivalry favors the Bulldogs significantly, but UGA has only played Clemson twice in the Dabo Swinney era going in those games , and Kirby and Dabo have never squared off as head coaches.

This one figures to be a barnburner between two excellent squads, a contest befitting the return of full-fledged college football. Even the grass on Vince Dooley Field will be vibrating with the energy of the first full-capacity game in Sanford Stadium since Remember the last time we played the Gamecocks at home? Yeah, us too. Saturday, Oct. Sanford Stadium welcomes back Sam Pittman, who coached the Bulldog offensive line from Meanwhile, first-year Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin—along with offensive coordinator Mike Bobo weird, right?

Mark Stoops is entering his ninth year as head coach at Kentucky, making him the second longest tenured coach in the SEC, behind only Nick Saban. So, Kentucky is no pushover, and even though Stoops has never beaten Georgia, years of solid recruiting, some key new arrivals UK has new offensive and defensive coordinators and some solid new players in by way of transfers , and a respectable defense will keep the Wildcats competitive.

In fact, the hated Gators return just 9 starters across offense, defense AND special teams. Just the way we like it. Saturday, Nov. After the Florida game, this one could be sneakily difficult. The preview for this one is simple: some decent pieces still remain in Knoxville, but this Tennessee team is about to undergo not just a rebuild but a total culture shift.

In other words, Dawgs win. Apparently, these are the Buccaneers. Morehead Honors College. The story of this year was largely one of improvising and persevering, but UGA donors and friends were responsible for several significant strides made by the university over the past year.

UGA donors in FY21 also reaffirmed their commitment to providing support for students with financial need. One such commitment was a substantial pledge in June from Mary Virginia Terry, which will support 24 students beginning in the upcoming fall semester. Together, contributions like these were able to improve the university in numerous and varied ways. Each year, the University of Georgia Alumni Association unveils the Bulldog , a list of the fastest-growing businesses owned or operated by UGA alumni.

The Bulldog celebrated organizations from over two dozen industries, including agriculture, construction, health care, nonprofits and software.

There is one unforgettable member of the Bulldog community: John Shurley. Without his early commitment to the program and dedicated leadership ever since, Bulldog would not be possible.

John has supported the program with his facts, figures and insights for over a decade. As a student, he was an active member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. John Shurley third from right with his fraternity brothers in The UGA Office of Alumni Relations first approached John with the idea of starting a program to celebrate successful alumni entrepreneurs in John was an early backer of this startup idea.

His love for UGA — and his support for hard-working business leaders — were invaluable in getting the Bulldog off the ground. John and his Atlanta office of Warren Averett have been Bulldog partners since the program began in Warren Averett verifies financial information submitted by each company to determine the fastest-growing, alumni-owned businesses.

Bulldog would not be possible without the generous sponsorship of John and his team. From the beginning, John and the associates of Warren Averett provided pro bono accounting work, verified applications and finalized a ranked list with sound calculations. His leadership perfected the Bulldog verification process and fostered development within the Office of Alumni Relations.

John values the Bulldog mission to lead and serve. He appreciates the diverse backgrounds of alumni who make the list, from pharmacy to forestry resources, and always highlighted them at the annual Bulldog ceremony. John announced his retirement from Warren Averett last year. Though this year was our last with John helping lead Bulldog , his voice and guidance will be evident in the legacy of the Bulldog for years to come.

As an alumnus, champion of students and mentor to staff, John remains an integral member of the UGA family. John retired with his wife in St. Simons Island, Georgia. But no matter where John calls home, he will never bark alone.

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Find out the professional email of JEFF SEVERINO, supervisor, application consultanting, caresource management group. get anyone's email address in seconds Name: Jeff Severino Company: Caresource management group Job title: supervisor, application consultanting Website of the company: / Size of the company. Find Jeff Severino's accurate email address and contact/phone number in Currently working as Director of Application Development at CareSource in Ohio, United States. . Jeff Severino • • CareSource is interested how/if the state meeting the CMS Interoperability requirements for the fee for service population. Is there public information available on a web .