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Read full article. Tesla dropped a bomb on the auto market with huge price cuts last week, and now Wall Street is catching up with post-game mmis conduent, if you will. The Company may collect of Personal Information listed in Cal. In preparation for the transition to a new Fiscal Agent system, including a new provider portal known as MESA, Provider Portal workshop webinars are available throughout October to help providers become familiar with navigating the cinduent system. We deliver real results we are proud of while condkent respectfultransparentand flexible.

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Popular Guides. If you need technical support to access your patient portals, contact or complete this form. The 21 st Century Cures Act is a recent federal mandate that expands access to medical information.

Pursuant to the Cures Act, Nuvance Health will release most test results excluding genetics and provider notes through the patient portal as soon as they are available. Securely connect your Nuvance Health electronic medical records to your health management apps e. Once we receive your request, we will be in touch typically within two business days with next steps.

Use this form to request connection. Why is Nuvance Health making these enhancements? As a federal statute, all health systems must comply with the Cures Act by April 5, Building on an existing commitment to transparency, its goals are to:.

Which patients will receive immediate access to test records? All patients will have immediate access to test results and provider notes through their patient portal, whether they are in a hospital, urgent care center or provider practice.

Genetic testing results are not subject to these requirements. How will a patient receive test results and provider notes? Health systems will release test results excluding genetics and provider notes through their portal as soon as they are available. What if a person does not use the patient portal? The patient portal is available to all Nuvance Health patients.

Patients can sign up if they do not currently have access by going to the Nuvance Health website. Nuvance Health clinical teams will provide more information about abnormal test results promptly. If a patient is in the hospital, how long will it be before their provider discusses results? Providers will update results and answer questions during their regular daily visit. If patients have questions about information in the portal, they can ask a member of the care team.

If a patient receives results after the provider has already done daily rounds, they will be discussed on the next visit. Except for genetic testing, patients will receive test results as soon as they are available.

It is possible patients will see results before their provider has had an opportunity to review them. Nuvance Health will contact patients about abnormal test results as quickly as possible.

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