efi live tunes for 6.7 cummins
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Efi live tunes for 6.7 cummins amerigroup kansas lawsuit

Efi live tunes for 6.7 cummins

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We can set up a single tune to any power level or configuration. Higher Power levels can be written with the proper supporting modifications. Please state the HP level and the supporting modifications. Remote custom tuning has never been easier! So as long as you have an internet connection and access to a computer, you can throw these tunes on from anywhere! This allows for the collection and transmission of logged data back to the tuner for analysis.

Have a DTC code that you're worried about? With this AutoCal, you also have the ability to diagnose and clear codes! The video below shows the location.

Yes, we can have these tunes written to accommodate any modifications that your truck may have. We will have the tunes written according to what is in this box, so the more information, the better! You can always add SOTF tuning down the road, would just have to pay the difference to upgrade the tuning as well as the switch. TCM Tuning increases the line pressure, this puts more pressure on your clutch packs and prevents them from slipping which can cause excessive early wear on 68RFE's clutch disks.

It will also change the shifting points to match the new tuning which helps improve the overall driveability. These numbers are located on the ECM tag on the side of the engine. This is just to make sure we can build your file for the exact calibration your truck came with. There is a video on how to find this tag at the bottom of this product page. Hello I have an older efi live there is like new tunes and a soft switch.

What would that cost? The AutoCal can be used on Cummins trucks as well. You would just have to purchase it via the product page listed below. These numbers are required for tuning and can be found on the Driver's side to the left of the pitman arm on the side of the motor.

Click the links below to view a video of the location. Video 1 Video 2. Can I tune a 5. This tuner package will include tuning for the Cummins. After that, you would just need to purchase the Tune Files for the 5. How do you change tire size with using a v3 autocal?

Does the company that does the tuning have to change it or is it something I can do on the v3? I am looking at the EFI Live with 5 level switch. Do you guys recommend the transmission tuning? My truck has stock 68RFE. Due to emission system problems and the associated cost, I am simply deleting for longevity, for better fuel economy and towing — I pull a 14K fifth wheel. What else do I need for this kit or does this come with everything I need? I have a Ram SLT 6. I already have an EFI tuner for my Cummins but would this work or do I need a separate new tuner?

This will work, you will just need to provide us with the Serial Number of the device and make sure it is unlinked from the tuning company previously used.

Hello, I have a Ram 6. I was wondering if you write tunes specifically for emission equipment in tact or do you have other options? Just follow the link provided below. I have a limited Cummins that I am buying it for. Also is this plug and play? We will load the files onto the device before we send them so the autocal is plug and play.

Personalized Navigation. Select Truck Clear My Selection. Shop Now. View All. Transmission tuning included free no extra charge. CSP5 tuning will include 5 tune files that can be switched at any time while driving. You can use a efi live v2, efi live autocal or CSP5 switch to change between these tune levels. If your using an existing A utocal please note the device serial number in the mods list.

Please confirm you have entered the correct VIN and Transmission before placing the order. You will be charged a tune file update fee if its entered incorrectly. Just give us a email or call if you need to confirm details about your vehicle. Any questions? Send us an email! Close search. Efi Live Custom Tuning for 6. CSP5 tuning Regular tuning.

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6.7 tunes cummins live for efi cigna offices in usa

Let's talk about TUNING! Part: 1 the basics

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