mahesh anem cognizant technology solutions
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Mahesh anem cognizant technology solutions

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Shobhana Sinha 8 years ago. Chetankumar Chinchani 8 years ago. Avinash Patra 8 years ago. Pratyush 8 years ago. Nithyashri 6 years ago. Columns can be deleted from the existing data frame by setting the value of the desired column to NULL. Skip to content. Change Language. Related Articles. Write an Article. Create, modify, and delete columns using dplyr package in R. Improve Article. Save Article. Like Article.

Read Discuss Courses Practice Video. Create new columns Columns can be inserted either by appending a new column or using existing columns to evaluate a new column. Modify FirstName, Salary column. Please Login to comment Previous Shift a column of lists in data. Next Mutating column in dplyr using rowSums.

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