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Missoula humane society amerigroup louisiana medicaid formulary

Missoula humane society

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He wears well his shaggy brindle coat of brown with well-defined streaks of black, and walks proudly on some pretty good-sized feet. At just over one year old, he is mostly full-grown, but Allison said he may still fill out a bit more. Before being brought to the shelter, Bear spent a lot of time outdoors and is still more used to being out than in, and still has a fair amount of that puppy energy.

Here is what Bear had to tell us about himself:. But I am very trainable, I just need a little of your time and patience. I'm a very outdoorsy kind of guy. With all this energy, I might not be great in a small space with limited outdoor opportunities or with little kids. But my sweet disposition makes me adaptable. Just get me out on some hikes or runs now and then and I'll be a happy and good boy. I had a best friend at the shelter, "Toto," who was just recently adopted.

We were buddies for a pretty long time. I sure hope I'm next. Non Profit Organizations. Pet Services. Claim this business. Website Take me there. See a problem? Let us know. Rick O. We haven't adopted our dog yet very soon though but I wanted to take a moment to share our pre-adoption experience as I think it could help other folks out.

Firstly, this is a top notch Robert M. These guys are truly dedicated and do a great job. I got a beautiful husky mix a few weeks ago and things are going well. If you want a dog or cat, please consider these guys. They are truly Rated 0. Matilda S. I haven't got a pet from here. They didn't have any small dog's.

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