alcon puremoist vs replenish
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Alcon puremoist vs replenish juniper network host checker

Alcon puremoist vs replenish

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While these two lens solutions are very similar, small differences set them apart. These differences include comfort, value for money and bottle size.

Both solutions are the exact same price; however, Opti-Free Express offers better value for money as it features a larger bottle than Opti-Free RepleniSH.

This technology reconditions the surface of your contact lenses overnight so that they are kept nice and moist for up to 24 hours. Nevertheless, if you wear contact lenses for long periods of time and feel that your contact lens solution is essential to maintaining the comfort of your lenses, we recommend Opti-Free RepleniSH as a better solution for you.

Privacy Policy. Do not show me. Eye Care Hub. Contact Lens Care. Which contact lens solution do I need? How to clean a contact lens case? How can I tell if my contact lens is inside out? How do toric contact lenses work?

What does the water content of a contact lens mean? What are the best contact lenses for dry eyes? How dehydration impacts your eyes? Computer eye strain: Symptoms and solutions. Why does my child get styes? At what age can my child wear contacts? How can I tell if my child has vision problems? Which sunglasses will suit my face shape? What are polarised sunglasses?

Guide to different types on sunglasses? A guide to Astigmastism A guide to eye discharge A guide to Presbyopia. Shop Now. Monica - 05 Jun Trusted by Opticians. February 12, Indeed, they are both multi-purpose: Both rinse, rewet and clean your contacts Both remove build-up of irritating debris, deposits and proteins Both improve the comfort of your contacts Both are suitable for all types of contact lenses On the face of it, both of these do everything you need a contact lens solution to do.

So, how can you decide which is best to use? On closer inspection, there are small differences which set them apart comfort, value for money and bottle size. Prices will change depending where you look but generally, they are around the same. So, in terms of pack size, you could say Express is the better value for money. Express Or RepleniSH?

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