cvs health glucose meter
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Cvs health glucose meter baxter perkinson

Cvs health glucose meter

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We are happy to help you resolve your issue or replace your meter if needed. Cart Sign up Shipping Payment Your cart is empty. One Drop. Glucose meter error messages. ERROR 1: Test strip insertion error This could happen for the following reasons: If this message appears at the moment the test strip is inserted, the test strip may be wet or damaged.

If the message appears during a test, the test strip may have been removed too early. Retest using a new test strip. If this message appears after the countdown instead of a result, it may indicate you applied more blood after testing began. ERROR 2: Blood sample error This could happen for the following reasons: The blood sample was put on the test strip before inserting the test strip. The correct steps are to first, insert the test strip into the meter, wait for the fill screen to appear, and then bring the bottom of the strip to the drop on the finger.

The blood was "dropped" on the strip rather than touching the end of the strip to the edge of the blood drop to siphon it up in the strip. The lancet needle is dull and not puncturing deep enough.

The lancing device needs to be set to a higher setting for a deeper puncture which will produce more blood. The higher the number setting, the deeper the puncture. The strip was pulled away from the blood sample before the test window was filled. Our test strips go through a rigorous point quality assurance analysis throughout the manufacturing process.

The goal? Create the perfect test strip, every time. Studies have shown that the WaveSense dynamic electrochemistry employed in AgaMatrix meters is effective in delivering accurate results within a wide range of hematocrit and testing conditions. Browse our available white papers to learn more. View White Papers. Uncompromising Accuracy. Accuracy standards are getting higher, but so is the cost of testing your blood glucose.

Why does accuracy matter? Proven performance.

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