the change healthcare system
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The change healthcare system

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President’s Speaker Series: Changing Healthcare Systems by Design – Full Presentation

WebJun 1,  · The U.S. health care system is a model of inefficiency. It is by far the most expensive system in the world, consuming 18% of our gross domestic product. The results in terms of almost all quality measures, from life expectancy to childhood mortality, are in the lower half of the industrialized nations of the world. WebMar 3,  · Health care today is often characterized by mediocre quality, poor safety, and high costs. 1 Though change usually comes slowly, the Covid pandemic has demonstrated that it is possible to rapidly retool our systems if there is a strong enough stimulus. 2 In this article, we examine the future of health care — how it should change . WebWe deliver innovative solutions that help improve the healthcare journey. Our mission Through the power of the Change Healthcare Platform Our extensive network, .