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Accenture internship

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This question seeks to offer insights into one's makeup and determine if you are a good fit for this role while revealing any potential red flags. Innovation is partly achieved by taking calculated risks. For some, taking risks comes naturally. Others might take risks compulsively, which could turn costly for an individual, a family, or a company.

Then there are those who are risk-averse, maintaining the status quo. Detail the situation, what inspired you to take the approach you took, and how you achieved a positive outcome. When delivering your example, you want to present yourself as someone who takes calculated risks as opposed to someone who is a habitual risk-taker.

Avoid providing examples where you went outside of the chain of command, or the approach you took resulted in failure. This will only serve as a red flag, presenting you as a liability. The interviewer wants to know how you deal with defeat, and wants to gauge your ability to take responsibility for your own actions. They're looking for someone who analytically examines their setbacks and learns from their failures so as not to repeat them.

Using such lessons to develop and implement systems towards streamlining work and ensuring repeated success are attractive traits in a leader. A red flag would be someone who deflects blame, attributing such failures to others or to circumstances beyond their control, representing no lessons learned.

Such behavior is more likely to repeat mistakes, resulting in repeated costly setbacks. With the example you offer, turn your failures into success. Focus on the positives. If you grew from the experience and had positive takeaways, such as analytically examining what went wrong, and learning what you can do next time to succeed, then the glass is half full of silver linings.

Attitude is everything. Accenture provides services and solutions to more than 40 industries in five industry groups. Accenture focuses on delivering its industry expertise by tailoring innovative solutions to each client. They're looking for candidates who are always eager to learn more, enabling them to deliver a thorough understanding of their industry's evolution, business issues, and applicable technologies to their clients.

Your answer to this question will offer insights as to how well you've prepared for this interview. They're evaluating whether you are a good fit for this opportunity, are curious about how flexible you are, and the level of your commitment. Accenture's program seeks to groom leadership from within. With offices spread across the globe, it's likely you'll have to relocate in order to pursue the opportunities offered here. If you aren't interested in travel and express as much, it will probably show the interviewer a lack of grasping what the opportunity offers.

However you choose to answer this question, it is best to answer it before you go to the interview. Being flexible with travel is likely a prerequisite, as well as your future location within the company post-internship. Before considering investing in a viable candidate for the program, they need to know if you are eligible to travel.

According to their website, interns "are presented with real-world challenges, including assisting in the recruitment process and traveling to help non-governmental organizations. Their offices and operations are in more than cities within 50 countries, serving clients in more than countries, with partners in North America, Europe, and other growth markets.

Fully grasping this holds the promise of an effective leadership style. Not comprehending its implications will reveal potential red flags.

This question is designed to alert them to the depth of your understanding of this concept. As a leader, how you present the direction the company is heading can have a significant impact on how quickly they reach that destination.

Describe the situation behind your lack of knowledge and what held you back. Detail what you did to turn the situation around, and what you learned from the experience.

A leader inspires innovation and strives to better the team. One way to define "stewardship" is to accept responsibility, strive to better communities and the environment at large. This holds the potential of offering each individual member of a team increased pride in their work, and incentivizes going above and beyond with consistency. This is commonly posed as a wrap-up question.

It could reveal any red flags or contradictions to your previous answers. It can also provide you with a final opportunity to sell your merits and make yourself shine. This is an opportunity for you to make yourself more interesting. Offering a glimpse into what makes you relatable is the goal.

If all goes well, it could result in some connective conversation that will leave the interviewer with a memorable experience at the conclusion of the interview. Avoid examples that contradict other answers you've provided. For example, if you previously explained that you keep up with the latest industry news by doing nothing but reading in your spare time, and then answer this question by telling them how you love spending every minute outside of work going to clubs and watching TV, then the interviewer will question the authenticity of your previous answers throughout the interview set.

Integrity is one of Accenture's core values, and this question will help determine your fit into their work culture. In any leadership role, tough decisions come with the territory. How a person navigates such terrain can reveal whether a person's integrity guides them. Answer this question according to your own nature. Evaluate what difficult decisions you've made, and why those decisions were difficult for you. Was disciplinary action required, or did you need to bow out of work for personal reasons, such as a family emergency Whatever example you offer, outline why it was uncomfortable, how it stands outside of the norm, and the ultimate outcome.

Avoid telling the interviewer what you think they want to hear. Avoid reading into it too much, or misjudging its intentions. You should focus on your nature and your worldview. They're interested in getting to know you. They are trying to recruit the "best of the best," so exhibit the best version of you. The Accenture Internship Program is a competitive opportunity. As they scout for viable candidates, they want to get to know you and your individual strengths.

Gaining insights into your personality will help them determine how well you'll fit into their environment. Perform research and learn as much as you can about the program, about Accenture, and the opportunities offered. Next, you'll want to perform appropriate research on yourself, what your core values are, how those align with Accenture's Internship Program, and what you have to offer them.

From there, you should be able to construct an in-depth answer. Accenture is looking for candidates who are versed in their core values and have the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to weave them into their work. It's important to know what Accenture stands for. Find ways to align yourself with those values at each stage of the application process. The application process involves several immersive online assessments comprising a personality assessment test, situational judgment tests, a numerical reasoning test, and either in-person or virtual reality job simulation tests.

Many of these will be multiple choice essays. Most of these assess your personality profile and your basic skills. View This Question and Answers. Part of asking why you're expressing interest in their program is to test how effective their marketing for this opportunity has been in recruiting the "best of the best" talent. They're trying to identify your strengths, what you'd contribute, and how familiar you are with this program.

Your interviewer knows this opportunity offers rewarding opportunities, from its career-building programs to real-life career experiences, to an opportunity to jump-start your career. They're trying to assess if you'd be a good investment and are worthy of this opportunity.

Consider all the opportunities this program has to offer your future and career as most interns end up groomed and growing within their organization. Be sure to incorporate some of their language, keywords, taglines, and marketing for this program into the phraseology of your answer. Answer with sincerity, in a natural manner according to your nature.

Determine what appeals to you about their program. They want to ensure you'll fit in with the rest of the best of the best, "where you can exchange ideas, working with leading-edge technology, augmented and virtual reality. The aim is to provide experiences and perspectives for a future without limits, and a level playing field for applicants from all backgrounds. They're curious whether you're serious about competing for this opportunity.

Accenture aims to recruit "the best" rising talent and innovators, with the aim of grooming them from within their environment. So it isn't good enough that you have an impressive educational background and a remarkable skill set. What really matters here is how motivated you are to work with them and grow from the opportunities, experiences, and professional network they have to offer.

It's expected that an applicant is playing the numbers game while pursuing opportunities, hoping to land a role 'somewhere. How they gauge this is by determining how much work you put in preparing for your interview.

This is another opportunity to align your vision with theirs. Doing so will exhibit not only a passion for what Accenture does, but aligns your vision with theirs, setting you up as a viable candidate. Accenture is interested in enthusiastic and talented candidates to whom they'll offer real-life career experiences through their career-building programs.

Their interns have access to unparalleled learning opportunities, aimed at enhancing their technical and analytical skills. Accenture aims to harness interns' skills, immersing them in their dynamic environment, while utilizing their cutting-edge technology. An intern must embrace their unique work values and high ethical standards. They're trying to assess your level of passion for continued education for your technological field. This will help them determine how well aligned your drive and passions are with theirs.

In-depth, articulate answers to questions such as these will go a long way in exhibiting your continued passion for your field. Convey a love for your work, exhibiting enthusiasm. Try to come across as forward-thinking and being excited about the possibilities. Reveal that the work itself partly motivates your passion for your work.

Outline your answer on what you find fascinating in your field. As they state on their website, they're looking for recruits who are "Always eager to learn more. How you answer this question will offer insights into the level of your ambition, clues to where you want to take your career, and how well your goals align with what Accenture offers.

It'll also reveal how familiar you are with Accenture, how familiar you are with the program, and how your future aligns with the opportunities they'll provide. One's self-development should be as never-ending as one's determination. Perhaps you've heard a person can drive from coast to coast, in the dark, only seeing as far as one's headlamps allow. This analogy suggests one can surmount seemingly unachievable big dream goals into smaller, easily attainable goals.

If you haven't already, put together a couple of five-year career plans. Start with creating one starting from your college experience. Next, determine where you currently stand on your trajectory of that plan and build another five-year plan from there.

Following this exercise, you should be ready to revise your five-year career plan every year, determining where you are and building again from there, so you can adjust accordingly. Doing so will aid in you your interviews.

Accenture advertises its internship program as "a chance to work with the most talented and skilled professionals in the business industry. Before they can size up your fit into their culture, they're curious how you are "plotting your future career," curious what your goals are, and whether you're looking to jumpstart your tech career and level up your skills by "getting a head start" with them.

They're trying to ascertain whether you're fully committed to pursuing a career with the degree you've chosen, or are thinking of taking your life in another direction, not fully committed to what this opportunity may offer. They're trying to determine how well aligned your motivators are aligned with theirs. Display you're committed to your career path, exhibit passion for your field, and your enthusiasm for where it'll lead you.

If you weren't passionate about your studies when you started, that's fine, as long as your passion emerged along the path of your educational journey. The Accenture Internship Program offers "an immersive curriculum designed to develop and empower you as you grow in your career. As an Accenture Intern, you'll gain experience in working at the forefront of technology, solving business challenges, developing innovative solutions, and learning from inspiring leaders.

Thrive as you lead in doing work that matters while bringing out, and developing, the best in you. They're particularly interested in rising talent who have a strong academic background and relevant skills.

Jump-start your career. They want to learn more about the strength of your academic record, outstanding diploma, and your ambition, which would make you an excellent candidate for the program. As they state on their site, they are looking for the best people. Prepare how you'd answer these questions well in advance. Decisively delivering your answer will speak volumes about your focus and determination. Lay the foundation for your professional goals, based on your educational pursuits, and direct your answer as if the decisions you've made have led you to Accenture's doors.

Showcase your accomplishments, and highlight what makes you an appealing candidate for this program, based on the thorough research you've performed on Accenture. The minimum academic requirements to work in the program are a bachelor's degree with an above average GPA. Accenture "aims to attract, develop and retain the very best people for its business.

They are also looking for those who are "always eager to learn more. Here the interviewer aims to determine the scope of your industry knowledge, their competitors, and not just that of Accenture.

By gauging your industry knowledge, they hope to gain insights into how engaged you are in your career. Not only is it important to share the scope of your knowledge, but to accentuate where Accenture rises above their competition. Highlighting how they stand apart is like answering the bonus questions on a test you've already aced. Going above and beyond in your interview is a good indicator that above and beyond is your performance standard.

But this is your opportunity to go deeper and share the scope of your knowledge, from the history of Accenture, and how they stand apart from their competition. This question focuses on what their technology has to offer their clients. It aims to delve deeper into exploring the depth of your knowledge, beyond what Accenture tries to accomplish as a business. The test here is in how you present your answer. Do so as if you were already a representative of Accenture, sharing the information with admiration and pride.

Accenture offers its clients access to the world's largest network of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Operations centers. Paraphrased from their website, "Helping clients perform at the top of their game while developing long-term relationships.

Using global insight to deliver exceptional service to clients worldwide. Operating at the heart of our client's businesses, helping address their most complex, mission-critical issues.

Accenture's clients span the full range of industries around the world and include 89 of the Fortune Global and over three-quarters of the Fortune Global They are curious to what extent to which you've familiarized yourself with Accenture, what they do, and what they stand for. They're curious what value and priority you'd place on what they have to offer. Paraphrased from their website, "Accenture works with C-suite executives and boards of the world's leading organizations, offering Strategy and Consulting, Interactive, Technology and Operations services with leading capabilities in digital, cloud and security, across more than 40 industries.

They employ , people serving clients in more than countries. The amount of research you perform will be revealed in your answer. Someone who proactively learns as much as they can about a company they're interested in working for reveals their commitment to pursuing the role. Your ambition and willingness to overperform, by going above and beyond in preparing for your interview will be a fair indicator of the level of commitment you'd put into your work.

Whereas, someone who doubts they'll get the position will likely put in less effort and time. Telling someone to do something, without explaining why, without defining the endgame, will result in confused messaging, resulting in a lower standard of work, and increasing rework and project costs. Explaining to the entire team the course direction from the onset, detailing every part which each team member is responsible for, and the stakes involved brings every team member into the fold.

This motivates your team by providing them with an investment in the joint success of the team effort. In the end, this provides each member with a feeling of pride in the work they'll deliver. Setting clear goals, deadlines, and expectations for each person's part demonstrates effective leadership. It eliminates speculation and the kind of dissent which stems from a lack of trust.

Therefore, clear and decisive communication is integral to effective leadership. Break down your approach and leadership style for them, organically aligning your core values with theirs. Demonstrate that you lead by example, delivering effective and clear communication at every turn. Detail the methods you use to motivate those on your team. Truly understanding what your core values are can assist you in aligning your philosophy with Accenture's.

In addition to coming up with a five-year career plan, meditate on who you are as a person, establish your own core values, and define the traits to your personality that others respond most positively to. If you feel people often respond to your honesty, or your propensity towards embracing people from all walks of life, then integrity and diversity inclusion are two of your core values.

There are those who strive to contribute to the vision and the greater success of a team. Then there are those who strive to develop themselves, driven by their own ambitions to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

There's nothing wrong with ambitiously trying to climb the latter. But prioritizing the ultimate success of the team displays big-picture thinking. By contributing to the greater success of the company and the team, they are contributing to their individual success and development.

A person who prioritizes their own goals above others, or that of the team, can undermine their own efforts towards success. Investing in the development of your coworkers, and driving positive change towards the greater success of the team is an investment in one's own development. The scope of one's vision, big picture versus a more narrow short-term view, is what the interviewer is truly trying to assess.

Accenture's culture is centered around innovation, collaboration, and creating a level playing field for all their participants. Ideally, your goal is to reveal your motivation to further the team, rather than checking off a list of accomplishments as you try to climb through the ranks. Balance your personal goals with the goals of the team. When they align, both your personal goals and that of the team are accomplished. Accenture wants to recruit those who "communicate effortlessly with co-workers," and is offering to give you "a head start in unlocking the power of your leadership DNA.

Discover your strengths as you take on challenges that will prepare you for leading the way in making a difference. There are many work styles. Accenture seeks out the "Best People: The organization trains and pushes its employees, and they are expected to have a "can-do" mentality. A willingness to step outside of one's comfort zone exhibits adaptability and flexibility. These, are the traits that Accenture is aiming to recruit. The ideal is to frame your comfort zone as always stepping outside of your comfort zone.

This exemplifies the kind of determination to learn, grow, and develop that recruiters are often on the hunt for. Detail how you go the extra mile, and what you learned and applied to your career from such experience. On their website, they repeat the phrases, "jump-start your career" and "fast track your career. Your example and how you present it will assist them in determining your fit into their company culture. This leadership question seeks to reveal your leadership style, your ability to lead, how you go about persuading others, and how you align the goals of the team.

It's one thing to usher others through a resistance towards change, and it's another to micromanage others by commanding them to adapt to something they don't trust.

Rather than framing yourself as more knowledgable or experienced as those you've worked with, the path forward to answering this question is where you assisted others in adapting to positive changes you've innovated. This will exhibit yourself as a desirable asset aligned with thier approach. As they state on their website, "Get a head start in unlocking the power of your leadership DNA.

If you already have leadership experience this is your chance to show it. Those not in leadership roles form opinions and assumptions based solely on the scope of their lens. This question is geared towards ascertaining your leadership potential.

A key aspect of leadership is in keeping the larger scope and long-term goals in focus even when more urgent tasks command your attention.

Whether you decided to put in overtime, work three shifts back to back to support your team in achieving their goals, or took some other route, you want to consistently exude a willingness and flexibility to go above and beyond.

The decision you made could be great or small in its greatness. Supported is the keyword in this question. One's professional development is most commonly geared towards innovations that unlock one's potential. One of Accenture's core values is "Stewardship - A commitment to building a better company for the future and protecting the company brand, as well as helping to improve communities and the global environment. This question is framed to test your leadership skills, or reluctance to lead.

As there are many personality types out there, some are born to lead, and others may learn to lead. With this question, they are trying to assess where you fall on this scale. Before choosing your example, consider how you'd present your leadership skills or talents. Contemplate what leadership looks like to you, framed by leaders you admire.

Consider what "rising to the occasion" looks like. Doing so will present you as striving to be the best version of yourself that you can be while demonstrating sincere potential. Accenture strives to be a technologically leading partner in an ecosystem of many key players, including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and Workday.

This question is layered. Not only is the interviewer trying to get an idea of who you are, but also an idea of your communication skills, as well as your focus on a team mentality. They're keeping a keen eye out for any 'red flags. Display yourself as a team player, openly and equally accepting everyone on your team. You don't want to come across as part of the reason you and this coworker didn't get along.

Avoid assigning blame. Objectify the situation, exhibiting an emotionally mature perspective, and how you navigated this terrain, ultimately leading to a successful resolution. Focus on the positives, and how the overall outcome benefitted the team. They want to know if you embrace Accenture's attitude towards inclusion and diversity through exemplifying individual respect on all levels. They are also trying to determine whether you're a team-oriented person, and from your perception, what constitutes a "challenging co-worker.

Having a team mentality means being a people person. Most people fall somewhere in the middle of the scale between an introvert and an extrovert. So this question is also meant to assist in evaluating where you fall on the scale. Only in the rarest of cases do some fall at one end of this extreme. Choose one of our practice interviews to help you better prepare for your upcoming interview. Interview Questions. Aptitude Tests.

Why the Interviewer Asks This Question This question seeks to reveal how easily you adapt to change and how you handle working under stress. How to Answer Provide an example where you exhibited flexibility, thinking quickly on your feet, and turned a negative into a positive. What You Need to Know Some might experience task paralysis when things don't go according to plan. Table of Contents. Tell me about being confronted with a problem your creativity was required to solve.

How to Answer You want your answer to exhibit determination. What NOT to Say Being unique in your example can exemplify you as an attractive prospective employee.

Provide a recent example of a significant challenge you dealt with and how you overcame it. Why the Interviewer Asks This Question They're looking for insights into your approach when confronting such situations. How to Answer On their website, they state they are looking for a "motivated apprentice" in their interns. What to Avoid You want to avoid returning to the same example you provided to similar questions in the same set.

Describe when you worked with someone that increased your awareness of personal and cultural differences? Why the Interviewer Asks This Question What they'll be looking for is less of what example you'll answer with, and more so how you answer.

How to Answer Familiarize yourself with Accenture's taglines and key phrases surrounding 'inclusiveness' and 'diversity', and try to organically weave those key terms into your answer.

What You Need to Know Accenture states, in order to fit into their work culture, "You must exemplify Accenture's attitude to inclusion and diversity, valuing diversity and encouraging an open, trusting and inclusive environment.

Upgrade Now. Describe a time when you wished you'd been more collaborative with others at work. Why the Interviewer Asks This Question The interviewer wants to ascertain what value you place on team collaboration in the workplace.

How to Answer In your example, detail the stakes and potential gains of the situation presented. What You Need to Know Accenture places a lot of emphasis on the networking opportunities they'll provide, as well as the benefits of such a professional network.

Describe something you did to ensure you earned the trust of those you worked with. Why the Interviewer Asks This Question Integrity is one of their core values which they define as, "To establish trust, you must display high ethical standards, be honest, and take responsibility for your actions. How to Answer It's common for people who are honest to naively assume everyone is honest like them. What You Need to Know A team that feels safe and respected makes for positive and productive work culture.

Tell me about a time you worked closely with someone you didn't get along with. Why the Interviewer Asks This Question Accenture's culture towards inspiring innovation is heavily steeped in a collaborative environment.

How to Answer Most brands will recruit those who fit their mold. Can you tell me about a time when you struggled to meet your own goals or objectives? Why the Interviewer Asks This Question They're looking for "the best of the best," for motivated apprentices and future collaborators towards innovation.

How to Answer Provide an example that centers on the struggle you faced, and how you overcame it, even if you didn't succeed to the degree you hoped. What NOT to Say Don't offer examples where you didn't succeed, didn't learn from the experience, and laid blame on external circumstances or on others. Tell me about a time you offered assistance and support to someone. Why the Interviewer Asks This Question This interview question is commonly designed to find out how well you work with others.

How to Answer When considering your example, ensure it exemplifies effective communication skills. What You Need to Know At Accenture, as with so many businesses, strong communication is integral to their daily operations. Describe an occasion you had too many things to accomplish and you were required to prioritize other goals before your own.

Why the Interviewer Asks This Question This question will help the interviewer determine whether you prioritize your needs above that of the team. How to Answer The strength of your answer should be in your ability to set aside your own goals and ambitions, prioritizing the need for the greater good.

What You Need to Know The Accenture Internship Program advertises "real-world knowledge through hands-on experience" and being mentored by their leaders throughout the internship. Tell me about a time you achieved success as a result of the contacts in your personal network? Why the Interviewer Asks This Question The interviewer is curious how resourceful you are, and what resources you tap into to achieve success.

How to Answer Striving towards a broader scope and big picture lens is the goal here. What You Need to Know Accenture Internship Program advertises that "Interns work with experienced professionals, which gives them opportunities to network.

Tell me about when you were asked to change your work method or your approach? Why the Interviewer Asks This Question They are interested in how flexible you are, and whether you adapt to, or struggle with change. How to Answer In your example, focus on the intentions behind your approach. What You Need to Know Part of growing in a leadership role is in keeping the bigger picture of one's development in focus. Tell me about when you used sound judgment and logic to overcome a challenge.

Why the Interviewer Asks This Question They are looking for insights into your work style, and how it may complement the Accenture environment.

How to Answer When providing your example, take liberties in walking the walk and talking the talk. Stay Away From Avoid answering this question literally. Give me an example of when you proactively sought feedback. Why the Interviewer Asks This Question The interviewer is interested in learning more about your approach to your work.

How to Answer The term "you're in charge of your own development" rings true here. What You Need to Know "Gain real-world knowledge through hands-on experience and be inspired by Accenture leaders as they mentor you throughout your internship. Tell me about when you took advantage of an opportunity to learn a new skill.

Why the Interviewer Asks This Question The interviewer is hoping to learn more about your approach towards your own leadership development. How to Answer Taking on too many tasks, and trying to overachieve without having a firm grasp on time management, can result in poor work quality, thereby not meeting expectations.

Tell me about some self-development you've undertaken in the last six months. Why the Interviewer Asks This Question The interviewer is curious how proactive you are in your own development, how eager you are to learn and grow, and what you'd offer Accenture in this role.

The candidates who are too busy doing the internship at the time of studying can go for summer internships. Accenture has started the Summer Analyst Program which is more than an internship. During this program, the students and freshers can have an opportunity to explore new ideas. This program is about 10 to 12 weeks. In this time the candidates can test their ideas by doing work. We request the students to take this as a challenge and have a bright future ahead.

So the candidates who are free at this period can do this internship program to attain knowledge on various technologies. This is a well-structured internship program that sets their interns for success. To apply for this program the students have to meet the eligibility criteria which we have mentioned in the next section of this page. Doing an internship in Accenture will help the students to fill the gap between student life and a member of an Accenture team.

The application in early winter is typically due. We insist the candidates be ready to apply for the internship program by using the link given on this page. Accenture will offer a stipend for the students as well as freshers who are doing internships in their company. But the stipend will be less when compared to a normal salary.

Those who prove their talent can get high pay than other candidates. Before going to apply for the Accenture Internship the candidates have to meet the eligibility criteria. The undergraduate and MBA students are eligible to do an internship in Accenture. The Accenture Student Empowerment Program is for the first year of undergraduates. For MBA students, the internship will benefit from multiple networking and professional development opportunities.

Accenture will select the candidates for an internship program in their company by conducting on-campus drives. The college Training and Placement Officers of various colleges will collect the resumes of skills candidates students and present them to the company officials.

While recruiting the students the company officials will evaluate a few things such as adaptability, presentation skills, enthusiasm, and learning skills.

Contenders who are having these qualities can easily select for the Accenture Internship On this page, we have given the complete details about the Accenture Internship Openings for the sake of the students. Use the above link and apply for this internship program. Be in touch with our website FreshersNow.