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Alcon ankara

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And what I particularly like for myself and my practice and my staff is that these are short videos. You know they have the pearls captured in 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes. Something that is very difficult for us to find in a concise manner everything in one platform.

Also, the fact that you have everything cataract, retina, you have biometry, you have the basic optics, you have refractive surgery: this is a huge, this is like a goldmine of resource.

Education can be engaging - the AEA is a good example of how learning can be active and targeted to meet needs. There is a range of content with something of interest for all levels, from eye care workers, to trainees and consultants.

The Alcon Experience Academy is a very comprehensive resource, full of up-to-date pearls for clinicians and their teams working in ophthalmology.

The wide-ranging educational modules are delivered by experienced ophthalmologists from all around the world, and I recommend you take time to review the wealth of information available there.

Well I think it's a wealth of information through the world class lecturers on a range of topics. You can use it and your staff can use it. For a wealth of resources at your fingertips go to AEA. The well known commitment of Alcon in teaching has entered a new era with the Alcon Experience Academy program.

This is really an ambitious task that will, for sure, be very useful for those health professionals interested in continuous education in the field of eye care. The web site is so well designed and user-friendly that, I am sure, will have a great success worldwide. Alcon has built an extraordinary resource for learning detailed information about surgical techniques, for novice and the most advanced surgeons.

The content is comprehensive, addressing the needs of retina, cataract, refractive and glaucoma surgeons for both surgeon as well as team members. The site is very easy to navigate, and the registration is straightforward.

The Alcon Experience Academy is an innovative platform providing access to educational material throughout the subspecialties of Ophthalmology. The friendly UI and the content of the course library makes AEA a useful tool for eye specialists of every level. Courses varying from basic knowledge to detailed presentation of surgical techniques aim to help in the improvement of everyday clinical practice. The new website provides a one-stop station for clinician, nurses, technicians and hospital staff to access and refer for comprehensive and precise information on various aspects of ophthalmic surgery.

It is a valuable source of all the necessary knowledge required for various healthcare roles including doctors and nurses.

I recommend this website to all healthcare professionals. The Alcon Experience Academy provides an excellent opportunity for e-learning on various medical and surgical topics, in different branches of ophthalmology. The lectures are master readings that show the latest news. At the same time, there is opportunity to see the interaction between teacher and students, enriching the lessons of comparisons, questions and comments.

The easy access makes the site a virtual teaching database, open to anyone who wants an update on different topics of ophthalmology. The Alcon Experience Academy is a sort of audiovisual encyclopedia for both ophthalmologists and nurses.

It offers simple and straightforward access to selected topics and it promotes the continuous education of the eye care enthusiasts. Alcon Experience Academy is a new educational platform for surgery in ophthalmology. The website contains different topics in the form of lectures which are easily accessible. This new resource, together, with the assistance of skilled instructors providing wet lab training and hands-on experience at the Alcon Experience Center, will help improve your clinical expertise, whether you are an ophthalmic surgeon, nurse or technician.

Alcon Experience Academy offers opportunities that nobody should miss. AEA provides the theoretical basis for any professional to be trained in any aspect of ophthalmic surgery. From wherever and whenever you want.

Those who start surgery have a unique opportunity to know equipment and the fundamental steps of any surgical process before facing their first surgery in a human. Experts can acquire skills for more complex surgeries.

And great experts have the opportunity to be generous and offer teaching to other professionals. We will all have our needs met and the great beneficiary will always be the patient. It is not limited to providing Alcon technology education for users, but relevant information of main subspecialties explained by recognized doctors.

Navigating through the website is easy and the video format with lecture segmentation gives quick access to the desired topics. This fantastic platform is friendly to use and gives eye care professionals the opportunity to be exposed to the latest advancements in many fields of ophthalmology, while contributing to the spreading of knowledge through quality assistance.

As medical professionals we embrace life-long learning. The content is engaging, fun, and easily accessible - any time, any place. The Alcon Experience Academy program is an innovative opportunity for a detailed e-learning in different fields of ophthalmology.

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