walk in clinic kaiser permanente
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Walk in clinic kaiser permanente dentist that accept caresource near me

Walk in clinic kaiser permanente

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You can also schedule appointments and more. At select offices, you can quickly be seen by a certified nurse practitioner for issues like pains and sprains, coughs, colds and allergies, headaches, fever, and more.

Walk in or make an appointment online or by phone. At the three Kaiser Permanente Advanced Care Centers, you can get urgent care 24 hours a day, even for more serious but not life-threatening issues like deeper cuts, broken bones, stomach pain, or dehydration. At these locations, you can walk in to get care for minor issues like fever, severe sore throat, sprains, cuts, and earaches. For locations, visit kp. For medical emergencies, you have access to any hospital emergency room, including Emory Healthcare hospitals, even if the facility is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.

There, Kaiser Permanente providers with access to your electronic medical record will be on site to provide coordinated care. In most of the 26 medical offices, you can conveniently pick up your prescription or consult a Kaiser Permanente pharmacist on your way out the door. No more traffic. No more stops. Get Prescription Drug Information. Visit kp. When you visit kp. You can also use the Kaiser Permanente mobile app to manage routine appointments, refill most prescriptions for mail-order delivery, see most test results, and more.

About the Kaiser Permanente Plan Kaiser Permanente was founded over 70 years ago with a mission to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of the communities they serve.

If you were to search for "hate kaiser" without quotes you would get even more Compared to the you would get for "hate healthnet" without quotes. I have heard many horror stories from many people, and most of them turned out to be through Kaiser. So it isn't a matter of not getting uppity. It isn't a matter of being patient. Kaiser is not just as good as any other HMO. It is a terrible system and no amount of "thriviness" ad campaigning will make it better. Shouldn't the contributors be people on Kaiser who can speak with authority rather than people who simply post rumors?

I have been in Davis and on Kaiser for 11 years. For the last few years the highest satisfaction ratings for medical insurance providers available through UC Davis have been for Kaiser. All Kaiser patients have a primary care physician—whoever wrote the information at the top of this page about "lack of personal physician is clearly NOT on the Kaiser insurance.

If you want to go to whichever physician you want to a the drop of a hat and pay a huge amount of money for that privledge, Kaiser is not for you. If you want to be a part of the most functional health system currently available in the US, then Kaiser may be for you. Yes, they are a bit rigid at times but I have never been denied any service I have requested. Plus their docs will email with you. There are NO Kaiser dentists. I've been very happy with Kaiser. Like any other field of medicine, it's not perfect.

When I'm sick, like today , I can call in and they will see me today, with my personal physician. If not available, I can see another one or even a nurse. That's probably what they mean by urgent care. So you can't walk-in, just call. Press 1, wait for the psychiatric emergency msg, then press 0. Talk to a person.

If you sound serious enough, that's how they base their appointments. Try having cancer or another serious ailment that isn't easy to diagnose or treat and then tell everyone how fabulous they are when they ignore the fact that your health declines day by day and tell you that you are fine and there is nothing wrong with you to save money on much needed tests. I think that before you question the validity of peoples claims about Kaiser treatment, or blame the patient for not being diagnosed properly you should consider the fact that people aren't complaining about getting diagnosed with a cold when they have the flu, people outraged because a company is choosing money over lives!!

A couple points, a heath maintance organization is basically for healthy people. With minor heath complaints Serious,chronic or rare disorders fall through the cracks and Kaiser loses money treating them, so, whay they do most often, is never diagnose them.

Always assume the lesser of probable diagnoses. Also, it's interesting that ALL Kaiser physicans go to other hospitals when they have a major health problem. But, I guess it's better than nothoing. In my opinion, push for a Dr. You will be percieved as a pest if you rck the boat. But for cost comparison, Sutter has worked out well too. I used to have Kaiser as a child, and through different employers, and would switch back if I could afford it for the family.

Jay Thomas is the best and the nurses are awesome too. I also had a doctor ask me to remove my shirt and walk around his office bare chested when I was 12 and had gone in for what turned out to be mono.

Several years later I read in the paper that he lost his medical license for molesting female patients - no surprise there. So bad health care is not limited to HMOs by any means. I've belonged to Kaiser for 23 years and never had a major complaint with them. Several years ago I had a mysterious illness with symptoms of MS. They were never able to diagnose it, but not for lack of trying.

I was given two brain scans, a neck scan, a CT scan, a spinal tap, and many assorted blood tests. The illness eventually disappeared on its own and was probably some sort of uncommon virus. But I never felt they were not taking my complaints seriously or avoiding giving me necessary tests. Blue Cross, Anthem, and many other insurance companies have little-to-no responsibility over the doctors you are seeing: they're just forking over the money. So when a doctor that you're seeing is negligent or otherwise problematic, it remains "that doctor" I've not seen statistics on Kaiser docs being any better or worse at their jobs than others in general, but when it's possible to apply another label to them it makes it easy to find complaints in a general sense.

Full disclosure: I've had Kaiser since I was a child, and while I agree that their docs can be impersonal and brusque, I love the "one-stop-shopping" aspect of the Kaiser system. I spent a few years without it while doing the dot-com thing, and I couldn't stand having to find doctors accepting patients, nor having to deal with grocery store pharmacies. There is hardly ever a wait, as opposed to Roseville or Sac where there is at least a 30 minute wait.

I was a little confused when I took my girls in because there were no front desk clerks at the pediatric office, so you had to check in somewhere else..

My symptoms were weird pain on the right side rather than the left but they were very cautious, got me the tests I needed, and had me in for surgery at Mercy so fast it made my head spin. Great job. Also they have been very good at monitoring my health since. As someone else pointed out in the comments, when you Google Kaiser you get all the complaints for a big health system and an insurance company both, so you see a lot of anecdotal bad evidence.

They DO have week night clinic hours in Davis sometimes, and weekend non-emergency care appts in Vacaville and in Sac.

My very-ill grandpa got awesome care with them too. It took them 6 months more to find the lung cancer by which time it was incurable. Kaiser is pretty good about making sure the tests get done I think most of the people who hate Kaiser either remember Kaiser from the old days 80's or so , or have had a bad experience that they blame Kaiser insurance for that could have happened with any medical facility, but they blame their insurance provider instead of their medical provider as you would with other insurance organizations.

My hometown Kaiser Medical Center opens on weekends, which is the only time I am not occupied with school or work!

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Get help for a range of health needs — from common conditions like high blood pressure to minor injuries like cuts and sprains. Save your spot in line by scheduling an appointment or walk in when space is available. Take a virtual, degree tour of this spacious Target Clinic — then add quality care to your to-do list. Stop by for personalized care from Kaiser Permanente for over 85 health needs, including allergies, eczema, and the shingles vaccine.

Hours at all Target Clinic locations: Monday through Friday, 9 a. Everyday health in Encinitas Your go-to place for everyday essentials also offers care provided by Kaiser Permanente.

Take a tour. I returned next day and they accommodated we promptly even though I confused my appt date. Coming to Kaiser for years, and this was the best result. Nurse Practitioners at a Target clinic! Jasmine and Lenore were so helpful. Thank you! I was able to see the nurse practitioner much more quickly then when I went to urgent care.

The care was excellent and friendly. The atmosphere was calm and relaxed which helped to to feel less anxious. I would highly recommend this to other people! I like how easy this place is to access. Please contact your health plan provider if you have questions.

Care you trust at a place you love Stay on top of your health at Target Clinic, with care provided by Kaiser Permanente. See services. Find a Target Clinic near you With 31 Southern California locations, getting care close to home or work is even easier. Find a location. Not a Kaiser Permanente member? Not a problem. Top-notch care teams are ready to help you feel better. Everyday health in Encinitas Your go-to place for everyday essentials also offers care provided by Kaiser Permanente.

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Walk-In Clinic | Kaiser Permanente Puyallup Medical Center is a Urgent Care located in Puyallup, WA at 39th Ave SE, Puyallup, WA , United States providing non . Serving as a primary care provider in the Kennesaw area, Kaiser Permanente TownPark Comprehensive Medical Center sees mostly an appointment-driven patient population, . AdGet urgent medical care now. We provide a full list of U.S. hospitals in your county. Find now! Nearest free or low-cost hospital & medical service. Cheaper & Healthier.