src juniper networks
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Src juniper networks nuance customer service

Src juniper networks

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Call a Specialist Today! In order to offer differentiated broadband subscriber plans and ensure high-quality delivery of IPTV, video on demand VOD , gaming, and multimedia services, service providers must allocate and control network resources in real time. Juniper Networks Session and Resource Control SRC software elegantly addresses these requirements with high performance and reliability at carrier scale.

Key policy and control functions include policy management; subscriber management and authentication, authorization, and accounting AAA ; bandwidth management; and network resource control.

SRC Series software modules integrate easily with external repositories and related systems that support billing, customer care, order entry, provisioning, billing, and security. SRC Series gateway modules use standards-based interfaces to integrate with a broad set of service layer applications, enabling application-driven control of network resources.

The SRC Series software modules offer a carrier-grade policy and control solution that, together with Juniper routing and security products and third-party applications, support the delivery of high-value, differentiated services across multivendor network infrastructures. This enables a smooth migration to next-generation network architectures such as Fixed Mobile Convergence FMC based on 3GPP Gx, giving Juniper customers a broad set of open, agile, and customizable policy and control options to address their diverse and unique business and technical requirements.

The SRC Series Session and Resource Control Software supports a suite of applications that enable the creation of myriad services limited only by the creativity of service providers, system integrators, and the enterprise. Several examples are described here. The SRC Policy Engine monitors the network C to determine whether adequate resources are available to support the request. The SRC Policy Engine also dynamically rate-limits other services that the subscriber may concurrently consume to assure high video QoE.

In this example, the service provider has implemented a multiplay network that supports both IMS and non-IMS services over a converged infrastructure. The sessions are gracefully rejected if sufficient resources are unavailable. It is not included in ansible-core. To check whether it is installed, run ansible-galaxy collection list. To install it, use: ansible-galaxy collection install junipernetworks.

You need further requirements to be able to use this module, see Requirements for details. To use it in a playbook, specify: junipernetworks. It provides a set of arguments for loading configuration, performing rollback operations and zeroing the active configuration on the device.

This module has a corresponding action plugin. This argument will cause the module to create a full backup of the current running-config from the remote device before any changes are made. If the directory does not exist, it is created. This is a dict object containing configurable options related to backup file path.

The value of this option is read only when backup is set to yes , if backup is set to no this option will be silently ignored. This argument specifies the format of the configuration the backup file will be stored as.

This option provides the path ending with directory name in which the backup configuration file will be stored. If the directory does not exist it will be first created and the filename is either the value of filename or default filename as described in filename options description.

If the path value is not given in that case a backup directory will be created in the current working directory and backup configuration will be copied in filename within backup directory. The filename to be used to store the backup configuration. Note that this argument can be used to confirm verified configuration done via commit confirmed operation. The comment argument specifies a text string to be used when committing the configuration.

If the confirm argument is set to False, this argument is silently ignored. The confirm argument will configure a time out value in minutes for the commit to be confirmed before it is automatically rolled back. If the value for this argument is set to 0, the commit is confirmed immediately. Default: 0. This argument will execute commit operation on remote device. It can be used to confirm a previous commit. This argument takes a list of set or delete configuration lines to push into the remote device.

Each line must start with either set or delete. This argument is mutually exclusive with the src argument. The replace argument will instruct the remote device to replace the current configuration hierarchy with the one specified in the corresponding hierarchy of the source configuration loaded from this module.

Note this argument should be considered deprecated. To achieve the equivalent, set the update argument to replace. This argument will be removed in a future release.

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Jun 22, †∑ The Service Activation Engine (SAE) is the core manager of an SRC network. It interacts with other systems, such as Juniper Networks routers, CMTS devices, directories, . SRC Hardware Dates & Milestones - Juniper Networks SRC Hardware Dates & Milestones The following SRC products have all been announced as End of Life (EOL). The End of Support . Juniper Support Portal Community The table below details important information relevant to each SRC-PE software release. The dates and milestones provided are in accordance with the .