alcon accurus legacy footswitch manual
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Alcon accurus legacy footswitch manual highmark customer service trainee salary calculator

Alcon accurus legacy footswitch manual

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Get Financing. Forward Listing. Item Description Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Pre-owned item 1. Sale is for Imaged Item only 2.

Signs of usage , review images , has scratches , rust and chipped paint loss 3. Made by alcon surgical 4. Manual: NO 6. Sterilized: NO 7.

Cleaned : yes 8. Extra Parts: No 9. Overall Condition:- As seen in images — Fair 2. Physical Condition: Please review images before bidding — Fair 3. Working Condition: untested Biomed check is strongly recommended before clinical use! Completeness: with everything seen in the pictures. Please look at all pictures and go through detail description before bidding.

Please make sure you are ready to buy if you decide to place a bid. Available Documentation manual etc. More images are available on demand 5. Warranty: 15 days money back, with in USA only. All international sales are final! International Customers: shipping charges would be billed separately Shipping Carriers: various; client can use their own shipping! Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies.

If so, do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, I will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item. Medical science is an ever changing field and Information provided, may be, outdated, partial or incomplete and may be inaccurate or useless or contain mistakes. It is stated that nothing on this page should be taken to constitute professional advice or a formal recommendation and seller exclude all representations and warranties relatinga to the contents.

Return Policy Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated. Handpiece and Tip Descriptions. Ultrasonic Handpieces. Coagulation Handpieces. Consumable Pak Configurations. Error Processing. System Setup. System Overview. Power Supply. Common Interface Signals. Subsystem Kernel Design.

Host System. Multifunction PCB. Footswitch Interface. Video PCB. Display PCB. Remote Control PCB. Fluidics Subsystem. Fluidics Controller PCB. Transducer PCB. Cassette Type PCB. Fluidics Backplane PCB. Anterior Pneumatic Module. Anterior Compressor. Phaco Subsystem software V3.

Phaco Controller PCB. Cautery PCB. General Information. Required Tools. Skins Removal. Recommended Supplies Table Recommended Tools Table Recommended Spares Table System Configurations Table Legacy System Fault Messages Table Legacy System Warning Messages Table Legacy System Advisory Messages Table Troubleshooting Table Maintenance Procedures.

Figure Coagulation Power vs. Load Impedance. Figure Front Control Panel. Figure Cassette Housing and Connector Panel. Figure Remote Control. Figure Remote Control Switches. Figure Modes and Submodes. Figure AdvanTec Visco Mode. Figure Footswitch Functions - AdvanTec. Figure Footswitch Functions - Vitrectomy. Figure Footswitch Functions - Coag. Figure Priming is in Progress. Figure Custom: Program V3. Figure Custom: Sound V3. Figure Custom: Footswitch V3.

Figure Custom Mode V3. Figure Metrics Screen V3. Figure Special Functions: Aspiration V3. Figure Special Functions: Occlusion V3. VideOverlay Parameters System. Figure Custom: Footswitch:Procedure V3. Figure Irrigation Handpiece and Tips. Figure 4 Inch Nadler Coaptation, 0. Figure Disposable Bipolar Brush. Figure Coagulation Cord. Figure Handpiece Tip Styles. Figure Subsystem Locations.

Figure System Block Diagram. Figure Subsystem Kernal Block Diagram. Figure Host Subsystem. Figure Fluidics Flow Diagram. Figure Stepper Motor Control Waveform. Figure Vit Air Flow Diagram. Figure Connector Panel. Figure 24 mm Custom Wrench Specifications. Figure Disk Insertion. Figure Rear Panel - Videoverlay. Figure VideOverlay Block Diagram.

Table Audible Tones. Table Various Memory Settings. Table Footpedal Travel in Enhanced Modes. Table Skins Removal Instructions. Table Recommended Supplies. Table Recommended Tools. Table Recommended Spares.

Table System Configurations. Table LegacySystem Fault Messages. Table LegacySystem Warning Messages. Table LegacySystem Advisory Messages.

Table Troubleshooting. Table VideOverlay Display Information. Retain the shipping container and. Humidity Operating If the systemfails the self-test, an error message is displayed. It is located to the. The irrigation pole is positioned at. Actual Display Bar and Actual Value - Linear valuesin selected modes, controlled with the footpedal, are.

Two factors contribute tofast and easy installation of the cassette: the cassette. Theconnector is active and can be used as a trouble-. Programmability and custom usersetup features are functions which are not accessible. On systems with software V3. To change channels, accessthe switch located in the battery compartment see Figure.

When a mode button is pressed, the symbol becomesanimated and the selected sub mode is highlighted. IV bottle, through the cassette irrigation valve tohandpiece. The irrigation valve is normally closed when. Irrigation: Free Flow - entered by pressing Free Flowicon or irrigation button. The mode display window. It is described as a floating mode as it. If the system is in Irrigation: Continuous,irrigation will be carried over to the next mode. No aspiration is provided in the.

To increase or decrease power, the arrow buttons are. This submode is designed to simplify creation of workspace in the anterior chamber filled with a viscoelastic.

Match case Limit results 1 per page. Return to the Browser Screen. Author: koner03 Post on Oct views. Category: Documents download. Accordingly, Alcon Surgical makes no warranties, expressed or implied, that the information contained in this service manual is complete or accurate.

It is understood that if this manual is used to perform service on the equipment by other than trained personnel, the user assumes all risks in the use of this manual. Warnings are written to protect individuals from bodily injury. Cautions are written to protect the instrument from damage.

No part of this manual may be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in a retrieval system, in any form or by any means; photocopying, electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise; without prior written permission from Alcon Surgical. Patent and Trademark Office. Mackool, M. Section Three- added notes for upgraded systems.

Section Four - removed this section Service Test Procedure and renumbered subsequent sections. Sections Six and Seven- renumbered to Sections Five and Six, updated all drawings parts lists, added drawings for new configurations.

Section Eight- renumbered to Section Seven. This state-of-the-art instrument has been developed to be user friendly; it combines hardware thatis easy to install and maintain along with computer software that increases the effectivity of the user. This manual covers all configurations of the Legacy and is divided into eight sections as follows: Section One-General InformationThis section gives a general description of the STTL features and components. Also included is an unpacki and installation procedure.

Detail block diagrams are provided at the end of this section Section Three-Parts Location and Disassembly This section contains parts location diagrams along wfield level disassembly procedures. Section Five-Schematics This section contains the system interconnect diagram PCB assembly drawings, and schematic diagrams. Section Six-Parts Lists and DrawingsThis section contains parts lists, engineering documentation for each major assembly, and cable drawings.

Section Seven-Additional Information This section contains information on accessories or optional equipment that may require service. If the shipping container appears damaged, ask that the carriers agent be present when the system is unpacked. The system should be inspected for external damage i. If damage is discovered or if the system fails any of the functional tests notify the carrier and an Alcon Surgicalrepresentative.

Retain the shipping container and packing material for the carriers inspection. As necessary, file a claim with the carrier or, if insured separately, with the insurance company. Inspect for signs of damage. Remove the instrument tray and remote control from the accessory box. Open the remote control back cover and install the batteries.

Place the remote control in the recessed area of the instrument tray. The Operator's Manual supplements information provided in this manual and should be available on-sitewith the system. Type B equipment, providing a particular degree of protection, i.

Type BF equipment, providing both the attributes of basic insulation and "floated" isolation. Equipotential ground connection. Alternating current. Stand-by state for a part of equipment. The STTL uses the word Coagulation in place of Cautery, based on the following definitions: Cautery - cutting and burning method associated with two hot wires passing a current between them; cuttingaway skin; halting bleeding.

Diathermy - introducing an electric field into a body part to produce heat. Coagulation - an isolated bipolar current supplied to conductors e. Current passes between these electrodes, halting bleeding. Abbreviated Coag in some of the text of this operators manual. The system communicates via the Front Panel. An automatic self-test is initiated each time the system is turned on. Voice confirmation verifies all mode selections. The buttons are located both on the sides and on the bottom of the screen.

There are two basic push-type buttons on the front panel: 1 Those that control up and down arrows: press and hold until the adjustment is complete and 2 Those that are momentary buttons: a single push-and-release activates the function. It is located to the right of the speaker on the front of the machine. Primary Mode Selection Buttons - These seven push-buttons allow selection of operating modes. They are single-condition press to turn on and also allow the operator to scroll through the sub modes.

Access to modes is also available by pressing the associated symbol on the touch screen, or on the remote control, or by activating the heel switch on the footswitch if programmed. IRR- Used to select one of three Irrigationsubmodes footswitch, free flow, and continuous irrigation. Irrigation: Footswitch is the default submode. AdvanTec V3. There are four submodes within the mode: Visco, Phaco, Pulse,and Burst.

Phaco is the default submode. US: Phaco is the default submode. Parameter Adjustment Arrows - Used to adjust primary and secondary parameters. Speaker - Emits audible tones from below the movable display screen.

Time is given in minutes, to one decimal place, to a maximum of 30 minutes. Bottle Height Display and Adjustment Arrows - Display the height of the irrigation bottle in the display window; bottle height is measured from the drip chamber to the level of the patient's eye. Below the display are up and down arrows which raise and lower the irrigation bottle, allowing irrigation pressure to be adjusted.

Adjustments can also be made from the left and right dual pivot switches on the footswitch, as well as from theremote control. The irrigation pole is positioned at 65 cm1 at power up. NOTE: Bottle height is measured from the center of drip chamber to the patient's eye level. The patient's eye level is normally set to be even with the center of the cassette mechanism. In those cases where the patient's eye level is required to be different from that of the cassette mechanism, a patient eye level adjustment must be registered in the Custom mode.

Remote Control Sensor - Receives remote control inputs. It is located at the top left of the unit above the bottle height display; no operator interface is required. Graphics Display and Touch Screen - This display screen serves as the operator's control center.

The system operating status is displayed here, and its touch screen is used to input operator commands see Figure Primary Parameters - Displays up to two primary parameters for a selected mode along with the graphical representation of the data , including maximum limits. Secondary Parameters - Displays up to four additional parameters for a selected mode, along with the maximum limit value. Actual Display Bar and Actual Value - Linear valuesin selected modes, controlled with the footpedal, are represented here with a sliding bar display and numeric readout.

General Messages - Text may be displayed to signify that a normal operation, or step in a sequence, is being carried out. Faults - Displayed on a red background to signify the most critical of conditions. The system shuts down and remains inoperable until the fault is corrected.

Errors - These are displayed on a yellow background to signify a condition which must be given attention, such as Vacuum Reading Error or other hardware failures. Errors must be acknowledged by the user by pressing a Continue key. Advisories - These are displayed on a green background to signify a specific condition which requires operator intervention, such as Please insert cassette.

Each word illuminates in the text window in a specific color: Vent - Appears in fuchsia when the venting system opens and the footpedal goes from position 2 to position 1.

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Alcon Accurus VS, Accurus VS, Accurus DS, Accurus CS, Accurus Cart User manual Download for 1 Data Sheet for Accurus® VS, VS, DS, CS & Cart . Alcon Accurus Legacy Footswitch foot pedal Alcon Accurus Legacy Footswitch P/N: Rev B Includes: Alcon Accurus Legacy . View and Download Alcon instruction manual online. PDF User Guide. Accurus VS ; Accurus VS ; Accurus DS ; Accurus CS ; Accurus Cart ; AOSept Plus ; I.