99 cummins injectors
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99 cummins injectors highmark store erie pa

99 cummins injectors

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Dark Contrast. Light Contrast. High Contrast. High Saturation. Adjust Text Colors. Adjust Title Colors. Low Saturation. Adjust Background Colors. Orientation Adjustments. Now, Cummins engines are known for their durability and power the 5. Injectors are one of the most common issues with diesels, and bad injectors can cause a whole host of problems.

Ignoring the problem for too long will only make it worse and could eventually lead to costly repairs or even a complete engine failure not fun.

When the injectors get worn out over time internally the return check valve no longer seals , they will start to return too much fuel. When that happens, your 5. The thing is, once one of the injectors goes bad, the rest are about to fail as well.

Excessive smoke is another common symptom of 5. If you notice that your 5. Black smoke is caused by incomplete combustion and is a result of too much fuel being injected into the cylinders or wrong timing. When the injectors are worn out, they can start to drip fuel or have a slight delay in injection timing. A cylinder balance test would be the best way to quickly narrow down which injector is acting up. Another symptom of 5.

If the 5. That, in turn, will cause a misfire and a rough idle. You can do a cylinder balance test or an injector leak down test to narrow down which injector is causing the problem. A leaky injector is a serious problem and it can cause the pistons to crack or melt from the excess heat. Similar to the long starting time above, a no start usually means that either one or multiple injectors are either stuck open and leaking fuel into the combustion chamber or returning too much fuel.

When an injector is stuck open, it will constantly drip fuel into the cylinder, which can cause a hydrolock. All diesel engines are inherently noisy when compared to their gasoline cousins, but when the injectors start to get worn on common-rail systems, you can usually tell by the increase in diesel-specific engine noise. Usually, the engine will start to sound louder, with more clattering, more ticking noises , especially when you lug the engine.

This is often caused by a worn armature valve or control plunger, as they get a slight delay in their movement which affects the injection timing. A bad injector can throw a code on a 5. The electrical side is constantly monitored by the ECU for opens, shorts, or incorrect voltage, and if the electrical side of the injector goes bad, then you should see a DTC.

As for the mechanical side, which is the most common point of failure 5. The 5. They are well made and should last for , miles, but their longevity largely depends on following proper maintenance practices and only using high-quality diesel fuel. Because of that, you must change your fuel filter often every oil change is recommended and make sure that the fuel filter is high quality.

You do not want any particles passing through the filter and entering the rail, as that will easily lead to injector failure.

Next, using good diesel fuel from larger and more popular gas stations is a must. These injectors need proper lubrication in order to minimize mechanical wear, and the only way they get lubrication is with diesel fuel. Replacing the injectors on a 5. Common-rail diesel injectors in the 5.

They need clean and high-quality diesel fuel with proper lubrication to run well. Bad injectors can cause a 5. This site has been the MOST informative about my diesel acting up than any other site.