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Kaiser permanente sacramento south

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It's every Friday from 10am to 2pm. Ruben Roldan May 31, It hurts Arisha Miles December 27, They are very helpful and friendly at the Wyndham Pharmacy. Leslee May 15, Use Kaiser's guest wifi for better connection. Bring your own snacks to the Emergency Room, because it takes forever. Ian Evans January 1, David Tilley December 12, Spoon Carvalho April 9, This pharmacy sucks!!!

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Cookingham was compassionate and warm. She genuinely cares for her patients and our feelings. I always felt like she had my best interest at heart, and she went out of her way to be supportive throughout the process and treatment I saw no weaknesses in this very special doctor.

When I saw Dr. Cookingham, I felt like I was chatting with one of my girlfriends. She always was personable and never displayed the doctor ego. She always took her time and protected my best interest. She went out of her way to check on me when I lost my mother while going through fertility treatment, and she called me when I had a miscarriage to offer condolences.

I couldn't have asked for a better doctor! The fertility clinic was excellent at being responsive and ensuring I knew the next steps.

They also guided me to find discounts for my medications since my treatment was completely out of pocket. When I had to bring my daughter to the appts, everyone. I actually missed everyone when I was no longer seeing them. What's one piece of advice would you give a prospective patient of Lisa Cookingham at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento?

During treatment, were you treated like a number or a human with Lisa Cookingham at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento? I always felt like she had my best interest at heart, and she went out of her way to be supportive throughout the process and treatment. Describe the protocols Lisa Cookingham used in your cycles at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento and their degree of success.

I was on menopur and another injectable to stimulate my ovaries, and progesterone for 10 weeks once pregnant, but I feel like I'm forgetting something. She was very adamant about the recommendation to just transfer one.

She was. Everyone in the fertility department was. Vu is very personable, is patient with questions and spent as much time as I needed to explain the information I needed He seemed A little overwhelmed every time I see him but went out of the way to try to put me at ease with my concerns and questions.

I would recommend him, most of my interactions have been with his medical assistants and nurses though. He seems lake a very knowledgeable man with many years of experience. I was supposed to start my birth control and that I would receive my IVF calendar [from Kaiser Permanente] on the following week. I did get my calendar within a day however the calendar was for the following month and I was not informed but I needed to stop taking my birth control for three days I wish the staff had a smaller work load of patients so they could give more focused individual care.

I will note that every time I call they ended up talking to a different nurse. And when I got my prescription calendar it was not clear to me as to when to take my medications. Pay very close attention to your medication calendar. I just figured someone would have told me. Vu is a great doctor. Vu is very personable, is patient with questions and spent as much time as I needed to explain the information I needed. I was supposed to start my birth control and that I would receive my IVF calendar on the following week.

I did get my calendar within a day however the calendar was for the following month and I was not informed but I needed to stop taking my birth control for three days in the car at Matt. I I was never told that I needed to do that.

Apparently it was in very small print on the top of the calendar in acronyms. Vicky Moy Kaiser Permanente Sacramento. Vicky [Dr. Moy] took the time to discuss out initial test results, what they meant and our treatment options. Together, we were able to come up with a plan for our infertility treatments and I left the appointment feeling comfortable that we were in such good hands, despite how emotionally difficult this time can be. Infertility is a sensitive subject, and she was very open, direct and caring towards us The nursing staff [at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento] were very pleasant and patient.

Everyone seemed to work well together and the office ran smoothly with appointment times and getting patients in the back.

The office was calm, soothing and everyone was extremely sensitive to the difficulties of infertility The office was easy to find, kept calm and quiet, clean We have gone in for our initial consultation, and I start my first IUI cycle in a few weeks.

Vicky Moy was very personable and patient when explaining our infertility issues. Even though both my husband and I are in the medical field, we are limited understanding when it comes to infertility and the possible infertility treatments possible.

Vicky took the time to discuss out initial test results, what they meant and our treatment options. Infertility is a sensitive subject, and she was very open, direct and caring towards us.

What's one piece of advice would you give a prospective patient of Vicky Moy at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento? Have all of your infertility testing for you and your partner done prior to your initial appointment.

In addition, it's really important you and your partner are present in order to discuss your results and treatment options together.

Many times, women go alone to the initial appointment but I thought having my husband there hear the information firsthand from Vicky was helpful.

During treatment, were you treated like a number or a human with Vicky Moy at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento? Vicky sat down with both my husband and I for over an hour in her office to go over our initial fertility testing that Kaiser had order prior to our appointment. Though both my husband and I are both in the medical field, we have limited understanding of infertility and Vicky took the time to explain everything to us.

She was patient with us the entire appointment, and never made us feel rushed like she had another patient waiting. She laid all the options out on the table, and gave us her medical advice, but in the end let us decide what the best options are for our family and our fertility goals. She approached the appointment like we were more than another number in her clinic, and that was very important to us when finding a doctor. In addition, after the appointment, she sent me an email detailing everything we had discussed and the steps moving forward because it can be difficult to remember everything after an information filled and emotionally filled appointment.

Describe the protocols Vicky Moy used in your cycles at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento and their degree of success. The nursing staff were very pleasant and patient. The office was calm, soothing and everyone was extremely sensitive to the difficulties of infertility. Overall, I would recommend this clinic to a friend because of the staff and Dr. The office was easy to find, kept calm and quiet, clean.

The nursing staff were friendly and ran everything efficiently. I have not had a treatment at the office yet, but the timelines seemed very realistic. The doctor was personable, and never rushed the appointment, making you feel like you were the most important person in the room.

It felt very personable, and not like you were just another number they had to get to that day. She also allows you to email her and will get back to your within 24 hours, even on the weekends to answer questions or if you have any concerns during treatment.

I think the accessibility to my doctor will become more and more important as I progress through my infertility treatments. Genetic testing is extra, and additional medications are not covered. My doctor has recommended an eSET for a singleton pregnancy because that is what is safest for the mother and baby. She prefers to do it that way, but in the end lets the couples decide what is best for their family planning. Age 25 - I always felt my opinion matered.

I had forgotten to take a medication and had to have her pages at 9pm one night and she was more than happy to help me. She always connected with me asked me how I was doing. I felt like I had a voice in my treatment and my protocol was made just for me. Love the clinic [Kaiser Permanente] the staff is very nice. I hate the case managers phone line. I feel it is extremely difficult to get ahold of them. The office itself always answers there phone and helps as best as they can. The phone line is extremely hard to get a nurse the first time you call.

They have you leave a voice mail and they will return your call. She explained everything perfectly every visit. Her clinic was an hour away from me so instead of making me drive an hour for a follow up she contacted be by phone and would follow up with any lab results.

I always felt like a human. I felt she had my best interest. Unfortunately my son passed away after he was born and the first person to call me and offer their condolences was Dr. She was there for me when I was struggling the most and trying to make decisions on how to move forward with my goal to bring home a baby.

We primed with birth control. I stimed for 12 days. Took Gonal F ui AM for 3 days then ui for the remaining 9. Centrotide AM days Menopure 3 powder vials PM day After egg retrieval we started PM pio infections until Assigned nurse: Laurel. Love the clinic the staff is very nice. Age 30 - As a patient I feel like Dr. I think he is very knowledgeable and kind. I appreciate his honesty and do think that he is an expert in his field, just suffering from physician burn out.

I do not feel like he takes the time to review my results with me or goes into detail about the game plan. The nursing staff is awesome but the clinic cannot function with one doc, which is why I am switching clinics for IVF. I think the strengths is that they are super nice, responsive, and are very compassionate.

It is VERY hard to get an appointment I think they also need to do a better job with their financial coordinators and how the info is delivered to the patient. I just had someone call me and told me I needed to pay thousands of dollars asap with out much detail, which was frustrating. Vu is the only doc right now that Kaiser has in the Sacramento area.

Vu is very nice and very honest, I just feel like he is so overwhelmed that he doesn't have the time he needs for these appointments.

I decided not to pursue IVF with Dr. Vu and to go to a different clinic. Vu just did my IUI's and they were pretty simple. The nursing staff at Kaiser is awesome, they have always been super nice and compassionate towards me. Just trying to get time with the doc was difficult. The weaknesses are that they have one one doctor. It is VERY hard to get an appointment, especially an appointment that fits well in the patient's schedule.

They also have a five month waiting period for anyone that has not had an IVF consultation yet with the doctor, so I can only imagine how frustrating that is for new patients. I was quoted about 17k for IVF and k for meds. My IUI's and infertility treatment was covered. The clinic told me that I needed to fill out consent paperwork twice, but I had already had 3 IUI's at that point, so I had definitely already filled out the consent paperwork. Operations 2 of 5.

Cookingham is an excellent and knowledgeable physician. She supported her answers to my questions by referencing studies and research which gave me confidence. Several times throughout the process she would let us know what she thought our chance of success was.

I felt that her care was customized to me and she would adjust plans throughout the process based on how I was responding. At the time of my egg retrieval, she decide it was best cancel the fresh embryo transfer and convert it to a freeze all cycle in order to improve our success rate. I never had a long wait time for appointments or labs [at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento]. At the Vacaville center, IVF patients get priority at the lab and don't have to wait in line. In the Sacramento clinic, they draw your labs in the office so there was never a long wait.

Everything was very smooth I always had to leave a voicemail but they [nurses] typically get back to you within an hour or two. Go see her! She is the best.

She is knowledgeable, talented, caring, and honest, in all the right amounts. Cookingham is the most genuinely kind and warm hearted provider I have ever encountered. She took her time explaining everything she was doing, what she was looking for, what she was seeing, and what was going to happen next.

She explained her thought process every step of the way so I always felt informed and confident in the care she was providing. It was the first time in this process I felt like I could relax because I knew she was watching out for me and had my best interest at heart.

I whole heartedly trust her and her opinion. I felt confident in seeking IVF care through Kaiser because their physicians see a lot of patients for IVF and therefore become very skilled in the procedure. I never had a long wait time for appointments or labs. Everything was very smooth. Age 39 - Vu preferred to transfer one embryo at a time but said because of my age 38 at the time , he was OK with transferring two for a fresh transfer. He educated us on the risks The part I found challenging was when I asked questions to get a better understanding of what went wrong and to come up with a new plan of action.

After our first loss I asked him to run tests on me to rule out issues with my uterus, blood work to test my hormone levels, coagulopathy labs to rule out any issues before the next transfer.

The [Kaiser Permanente Sacramento] clinic is extremely organized. If I sent an email or left a message on their line, I would receive a response by the next day. This made planning my appointments and procedures around work a breeze. Their shortcomings were compassion and remembering that we are humans with emotions not just a patient on their list to see or call back.

There is no question that Dr. Vu is an extremely knowledgeable and competent doctor. I had zero doubt in his ability to preform surgery, retrievals or transfers. He said everything was fine and that losses happen at my age. I went through two more transfers that resulted in losses before he finally agreed to run the labs.

In a perfect world, all these test would have been run prior to beginning IVF. If you're looking for a doctor that has compassion for your journey, who will walk alongside you through the process, Dr.

Vu isn't for you. If the human component in your doctor doesn't matter to you and your case is somewhat straight forward, Dr. Vu is for you. Vu saw several patients a day, he ran late every time I had an appointment to see him. He would dash in the room to do an ultrasound and then quickly leave to see the next patient. When I would ask him a technical question about medications, he told me to talk with a nurse.

If I would ask him a question about what he thought my chances were or to address any of my fears, his responses were never comforting. He would reference my age and say that it's possible for me to get pregnant but that he couldn't guarantee anything.

I wasn't looking for a guarantee, I just wanted him to acknowledge where I was in that moment. I felt questions weren't well received because of his time constraint. The protocol I was on was called "The Poor Responder" protocol. For FET, he prescribed birth control, Lupron 15u for 10 days, 10u for 16 days , estrace 2mg 3xday , and progesterone 1ml day, 5 days before FET. Some nurses were better than others. One nurse in particular was extremely kind and compassionate.

Her name is Laurel. She delivered bad news kindly and even called me to check to see if I was doing OK a couple days and week later. I worked with a two other nurses and my experience wasn't great. After my first IVF transfer, I experienced a loss. The nurse called to tell me my beta was "x" and then remained quiet on the line.

I asked her what that number meant. She said "You're having a miscarriage! I asked what I should do since I'd never experienced a miscarriage before. She said nothing different, just wait for my period to come. Well, a miscarriage is not like a normal period. I had to call a friend to ask them if what I was feeling was normal. I wasn't prepared for what a beta was and I wasn't prepared for how to deal with a miscarriage.

I felt no compassion about what I was going through and felt like a number. The clinic is extremely organized. He educated us on the risks. Age 33 - Sae Sohn Kaiser Permanente Sacramento. Sohn eased me into what IVF was. He took his time and was through, he made me feel he truely cared. He also used humor to help quell your nerves, always making me feel like he was trustworthy and giving it me straight.

I never felt it was just about money to him. He was supportive, informative, and definitely gave me all my options. When I had to switch Doctors he sent me to Dr. Lovely another Dr. He trusted well. I always felt he had my interests at heart and was truely sad to see us not conceive with oral meds. All strength and no weakness.

This clinic [Kaiser Permanente Sacramento] is on the ball through and through. They are attentive, caring, return your calls promptly, scheduling services are flexible, and you are never short on information or risks. They put you 1st! I felt very supportive under the care of his nursing team and nurse practitioner.

It was a truely warm experience during such a dark time in my life. I did 5 rounds of clomid and 1 of femara. What's one piece of advice would you give a prospective patient of Sae Sohn at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento?

He makes you feel so at ease, which definitely helps you swallow this bitter pill of infertility treatments. During treatment, were you treated like a number or a human with Sae Sohn at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento?

Describe the protocols Sae Sohn used in your cycles at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento and their degree of success. I had low dose clomid my first 2 months then he increased it to mg. For the remaining 3 until we used femara as a last ditch effort before IVF. Assigned nurse: Sharma. This clinic is on the ball through and through.

My monitoring, testing, and meds came out 4, I did not accrue any further fees as Dr. Sohn referred me to another clinic. He had an incentive program to use just one at a time. If you chose this, you had a forgiveness clause that allowed you 2 additional transfers. If you chose multiple 2 you did not get the incentive program.

Cookingham has a lot of strengths. She is also does IVF for cancer patients and has a lot of knowledge in oncology.

She has been practicing for some time and has a lot of knowledge about Endometriosis and PCOS and the best treatment plans. I was very scared and apprehensive about the whole thing but she truly was an angel. My costs were laid out on the consultation [Kaiser Permanente Sacramento].

She [doctor] also suggested a program which gives a discount on IVF medications. She also was up front with the extra costs of ICSI from the very beginning. The nursing staff is amazing.

They all communicate well and are very accommodating. My husband is a police officer and the nursing staff wanted to make sure our egg retrieval time coincided with his work schedule. We did not know my husband had low sperm count until she tested him. She went over all the blood results for both of us in the following appointment after our blood draws.

She was very kind. One of the kindest doctors I have ever had. She made the IVF experience wonderful. She also informed me that my diagnosis of PCOS was irrelevant. She saw absolutely no signs of PCOS. I was so relieved and happy to hear that.

Cookingham was an amazing doctor. She throughly explained each procedure and step. She also made accomodated our egg retrieval time with an unexpected work issue my husband had. She was also very up front with the treatment options since we had issues on both sides. I appreciated her honesty yet she delivered with such kindness. My protocol was very basic and straight forward. It did not change throughout the weeks leading up to egg retrieval other than decreasing the Lupron. I did 10 iu of Lupron then decreased it when I went off birth control to 5.

I did ui of Gonal F daily and menopur 1 mg shots daily. I then did the trigger after about 10 days. Very basic and staifht forward since my body was responding like it should have been. They were very nice and I actually missed them when we were done with IVF. To receive Dr. The only downside is she is at two different clinics throughout the week.

So some weeks I had to go to Vallejo and towards the end, I had to go to Sacramento. Other than that, it was a great clinic. My costs were laid out on the consultation. She also suggested a program which gives a discount on IVF medications. This was a Godsend. I am not sure what her thoughts are since we have not done a transfer yet or talked about it with her yet.

Cookingham knew my name from the second I walked into her treatment room. She also remembered me when we went to her IVF consultation and seminar, when I had not seen her for months. She is very warm and caring Cookingham upped my dose from 2mg of Femera to 7.

While under her care I produced two follicles instead of one. I have not gotten pregnant yet, but we are on the wait list to start IVF treatment with her. Kaiser is very easy to work with and I have had an overall very great experience working with them.

Scheduling can be somewhat tricky because they don't answer their phones, but if you leave a message they return your call within one business day I see Nurse Anjali Sharma most often for routine visits.

I love her. She cares about her patients. I have never met a medical professional I like more actually. Cookingham is wonderful. I first went to Dr. Vu and we just did not "click" how i wanted.

I then saw Dr. She has a long wait list for IVF, so sign up sooner rather than later, and you can always cancel your appointment if something happens or you change your mind. She is very warm and caring. Assigned nurse: RN Anjali Sharma. Like I stated in my previous review of Dr. Scheduling can be somewhat tricky because they don't answer their phones, but if you leave a message they return your call within one business day. Cookingham prefers single embryo transfer and Kaiser does not want to do multiple embryo transfers unless you are in your mid thirties or older.

They offer a program where if you meet the criteria under 40, and has more than three quality eggs then if you chose to implant one egg on your first fresh transfer, then if it fails they will give you two free frozen egg IVF cycles. Vu is very direct and blunt. I would say he was a little cold.

I love Kaiser in Sacramento and I am continuing my treatment with them, but with a different Dr. They are fantastic.

They are organized and really care about their patients. I think the only piece of advice I can give is that you have to be your own health advocate. They do not call you. If you want straight forward answers and no sugar coating from a Dr. I think Dr. Vu was very upfront and honest. He was very blunt with me. I appreciate blunt facts, however I do like some sort of warmth. I can tell he is very knowledgeable and really knows his stuff, but his bedside manner turned me off from him.

I did two cycles with Dr. The first cycle I did 2mg of Femara and five days of Menopur with a trigger shot of Ovidrel. He did not agree because I am so young he said he wanted to take a conservative approach and that one egg was all I needed. I did one more cycle with the same protocol and same results minus the cyst. I ovulated both times confirmed by ultrasound but neither time resulted in pregnancy. I absolutely love the nurses and staff at Kaiser in Sacramento.

Vu, but the nurses are amazing. Everything was out of pocket. Our insurance does not cover infertility so all costs are out of pocket unfortunately. Vu sees a lot of patients always bouncing from one to the next.

All I care about is if he can get us our end result, a child We had a private consultation with Dr. The nurse case managers [Kaiser Sacramento] were wonderful! They answer phone calls and emails within a few hours or by the next morning. They really take the time to explain everything and have tissues ready when needed for those emotional appointments The scheduling process has a long wait list sometimes for transfer or egg retrieval.

So the waiting was frustrating at times. Other than that, no complaints or comments. I appreciated his honest opinion and after my husband and I doing our homework we agreed. Honestly this analogy resonated with us and it all kind of clicked for us. My husband and I are both sports people so it was perfect for us. The only thing that I would say was frustrating was during my ultrasound appointments leading up to egg retrieval, he would come into the room and wiz through my appointment and then scoot out to the next patient.

He is extremely busy and I know this, but a tiny bit more time would be calming and appreciated. At my egg retrieval he was obviously more present and explained everything to my husband and I. Have not had a transfer yet, but will schedule for later this year.

Ask all your questions!! We all have a ton going through this process, speak up he is friendly and will let you know the answer. It might be straightforward but he has the answers to most. All I care about is if he can get us our end result, a child.

The Nurse case managers are wonderful though and really take the time to be personal and answer all of my questions. They also are able to directly get a response from Dr. Vu if I need one. We were a make factor infertility case and I was already showing a high follicle count prior to beginning meds. He wanted to make sure that I progressed appropriately but also took into consideration that I was high risk for OHSS.

He kept my meds at the minimum needed and adjusted accordingly. He ended up having us do a freeze all to try and avoid OHSS and give us the best chance for success. He wanted my body to have a natural menstrual cycle and get rid of all the medications prior to transfer the embryo. Assigned nurse: There was a team of Nurse Case Managers.

Kathy and Laurel were the two I worked with the most. The nurse case managers were wonderful! They really take the time to explain everything and have tissues ready when needed for those emotional appointments.

At my egg retrieval I was slightly anxious and ended up having an allergic reaction to a form of penicillin and my RN was so amazing and compassionate when I had to leave my husband and go to the procedure room. She held my hand until I was out under. I can not speak more highly of the nurses!! I have been told that if our first frozen cycle does not result in a live birth, Kaiser will cover a second frozen transfer for us.

Vu made it clear he likes, one healthy baby and one healthy mama. I originally went in with the idea that I wanted to transfer 2, he stressed his recommendation that because I am younger and very healthy he would only transfer one at a time to avoid complications during pregnancy. I am also pre-diabetic so he especially urged one embryo transfer.

Dr Cookingham is very personable She has great bedside manor. Puts you at ease. She knows about the process and can answer any questions. Make you feel like she cares and knows you and your particular issues well The day of the procedure I was nervous but the main person to put me at ease was Dr.

She is great and the main reason for me choosing her clinic to go with for this procedure. They [Kaiser] were understanding of my work schedule and was able to work out the schedule of appointments perfectly Clean and friendly staff were there for me. Just one or two nurses were less caring than the others which may be to be expected out of the whole staff. They were the ones that went over the paperwork and how to do the injections I would have liked a little more attention on that day to feel very confident in doing the injections.

Make you feel like she cares and knows you and your particular issues well. Dr Cookingham is very personable. Some staff members hurry you at appointments because of the amount of people seen at the clinic.

Hormone injections. Blood tests. Appointments every few days for a few weeks. Need a few days after procedure to recover. Most nursing staff were very friendly and caring. Especially front desk blood retrieval waiting staff and office nurses. The school is currently recruiting its next class of students for its two-year Master of Science in Counseling program, with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy. KPSAHS students take classes in a hybrid environment, which enables them to continue working while pursuing their degree.

On-campus classes are held in Richmond, California, one day a week with the remaining classes held online. Students also receive supervised clinical training through Kaiser Permanente prior to graduation. Kaiser Permanente is committed to expanding the mental health workforce and increasing its diversity and representation.

Students who apply for the upcoming cohort will join a diverse group of 36 current students who bring a broad range of backgrounds and experiences to the program. More than four of 10 students speak a language other than English, and more than seven of 10 identify as people of color.

He is currently in his second year of the program. When I was 18, I worked in a foster home for children with autism. Rose Baty has been with Kaiser Permanente for about 20 years and currently works as an administrative assistant in the surgery department in Oakland. Baty is a mother of three college students and says this was the right time to pursue a counseling career.