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Cvs health dual clean toothbrush medium bristle carefirst bluechoice kentucky

Cvs health dual clean toothbrush medium bristle

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Connectivity : Some electric toothbrushes can connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and pair with a companion app, allowing you to view your brushing habits in real time. Remember that electric toothbrushes without the ADA Seal of Acceptance are not ineffective it just means brands have not voluntarily submitted their products for the ADA to review. You can view a list of ADA-accepted electric toothbrushes here. There are several ways an electric toothbrush beats out a manual toothbrush in improving your cleaning regimen, experts said.

Their movement creates microbubbles that gently remove bacteria biofilm a cause of bad breath, staining, gum disease and bleeding gums. For the same reason, an electric toothbrush can also be helpful for tackling gingivitis , an inflammation caused by plaque on the tooth. Doniger also recommended electric toothbrushes for patients with periodontal disease, bacterial plaque or a history of dental decay since they require significantly less effort than manual toothbrushes.

Using an electric toothbrush the same way that you use a manual toothbrush brushing as fast or as hard can potentially lead to issues like gum recession, which can impact underlying tooth structure, said Dr. Most electric toothbrushes are designed to do the scrubbing for you, so let them.

The short answer is yes, electric toothbrushes can damage your teeth, but so can manual toothbrushes and other dental hygiene products you use improperly.

Improper brushing may lead to an increase in gum recession, gingival abrasion and potentially tooth wear, Doniger said. And over brushing can be problematic, too.

If you over-brush on the enamel layer of your teeth, she said you may cause the enamel to be abraded away, leaving little notches on your teeth at the gum line. The tissues surrounding teeth are also fragile, so over-brushing can lead to micro-abrasions or tears, Doniger said. They can walk you through how to brush at their office so you can avoid confusion at home. We also take steps to ensure that all expert advice and recommendations are made independently and with no undisclosed financial conflicts of interest.

Catch up on Select's in-depth coverage of personal finance , tech and tools , wellness and more, and follow us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Select Logo. Follow Select. Related Shopping. Shopping What causes rosacea?

Derms explain. Best Buy. Oral ProCare. CVS Pharmacy. Bed Bath and Beyond. Shopping When should you use a disinfectant? Katrina Liu Katrina Liu is a digital editorial intern for Select. In short: Yes. After six months of testing generic and brand-name electric toothbrush heads in a literal head-to-head comparison, we found we liked using those from Oral-B and Philips Sonicare best. Although the generic brush heads will get the job done, the bristles in the ones we tested felt stiffer and a bit prickly, even compared with the brand-name ones.

This sounds like a minor issue, but according to Marcelo Araujo, vice president of the Science Institute at the American Dental Association, brush feel actually matters a lot when it comes to maintaining oral health.

The ADA recommends using a brush with soft bristles , as firmer brushes are harsher on gums and can lead to wear and tear and even gum recession. The ADA tests brushes for stiffness as part of its seal certification. To reach this conclusion, I started by combing through the plentiful generic brush-head offerings at retailers like Amazon and Walmart to find top-rated best sellers. We identified two options with great reviews and good Fakespot ratings : one compatible with our top pick electric toothbrush, from Oral-B , and one compatible with our favorite Sonicare model.

Then, I rotated through the brush heads, using each as my toothbrush for about six weeks, twice a day. I then had three of my coworkers each brush once with all four brush heads, without disclosing which was the brand-name versus the generic. Michael Zhao, deputy editor at Wirecutter, tried using another brand of generic heads on a five-year-old Oral-B Leigh Krietsch Boerner, a former senior staff writer at Wirecutter, tried yet another brand of Oral-B generics , with similar results.

Medium bristle health toothbrush dual clean cvs cognizant center for the future of work

Northern california kaiser permanente member services It has pressure sensors that let you know if you're brushing too hard and an oscillating brush head that breaks up plaque. It also has "position detection technology," which uses Bluetooth and facial recognition to help you improve your daily brushing habits, the brand says. Shopping When should you use a disinfectant? In order to do so, brands must submit scientific evidence that models meet specific safety and efficacy criteria so the ADA can evaluate them. The short answer is yes, electric toothbrushes can damage your teeth, but so can manual toothbrushes and other dental hygiene products you use improperly. Shopping What causes rosacea?
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Easily reaches between teeth for superior cleaning Features a tapered head Comes with a rubber grip handle for better control Has a tongue and cheek cleaner that helps remove bacteria If you're looking for a reliable and feature-packed toothbrush, your search is finally over. This medium-softness toothbrush is ideal to have in your home or while traveling. When it comes to toothbrushes, the right toothbrush should have features that differentiate it from other similar products.

This toothbrush has a tapered head that can reach between your teeth for superior cleaning. These cleaners help remove bacteria that could be harmful to your mouth. If you forgo brushing your teeth, you will suffer from cavities and bad breath. You must brush your teeth to ensure you keep your teeth healthy and clean. Directions To use, wet the brush and put some toothpaste on it. Brush your teeth in a circular motion with soft to medium pressure. Here are the best toothbrushes on the market today.

In our test, the GUM Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush ranked best overall, thanks to its professional-grade cleaning power and degree angled handle. Its design promotes easier access to hard-to-reach areas, and the finely tapered bristles are great for removing plaque and debris to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Our tester noted the toothbrush's gentle yet effective cleaning action, without digging into the gumline or causing discomfort. Our tester also appreciated its comfortable and easy-to-grip handle, which makes it maneuverable in tight spaces.

The toothbrush's small head and fine bristles are also great for those with sensitive gums. Overall, the GUM Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush is an excellent choice for those looking for a manual toothbrush that delivers a deep clean.

The Oral-B Genius Electric Toothbrush impressed our tester with its six brushing modes for instance, a light mode, whitening, and tongue setting and pressure sensor, which protect against over brushing and gum damage. The three included brush heads allow you to customize your brushing experience, and the intelligent app tracks your usage and provides real-time brushing feedback via Bluetooth, so you know you're getting the most out of your time.

Although on the pricier side, it includes the brush, charging base, charger, USB charging travel case, three heads, and suction cup phone holder, in addition to all the special features, so it has all the bells and whistles. Our tester noted that her teeth felt incredibly clean after using the brush, and she could reach hard-to-reach areas easily.

She also loved the tongue-brushing setting, which gently scrubbed her tongue and helped freshen her breath. Overall, it is an top-notch toothbrush that will make you and your dentist happy.

Type: Electric Bristle Material: Nylon Added Features: Smart app, pressure sensor, six brushing modes, interchangeable brush heads, USB charging case, suction cup phone holder, lithium-ion battery.

An affordable toothbrush that doesn't skimp on quality, the Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Toothbrush uses circular power bristles to clean teeth effectively and remove plaque. The gripped handle is comfortable to hold, and the built-in tongue scraper helps remove bacteria and freshen your breath.

Our tester liked its affordable price and overall cleaning power, but found the medium bristle to be a little tough on her gums. Fortunately, the Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Toothbrush comes in three different bristle options soft, medium, and hard , so you can choose the one that's right for you.

Other noteworthy features include an ergonomic design that helps you reach all areas of the mouth for a refreshing clean. Our tests proved you don't have to spend much money to get an excellent electric toothbrush.

It fully charges within three hours and can be used for up to 60 days on one charge, making it an excellent option for travel. Our tester found the toothbrush easy to use, with superior cleaning power. However, she did note the intensity of the vibration was a bit much for some areas of her mouth. Another downside is that only one brush head style is available, unlike other models with multiple heads for different needs.

Other noteworthy features include a two-minute smart timer that pulses every 30 seconds to notify you to move to a different quadrant of your mouth and a waterproof design that makes it safe to use in the shower. The Philips Sonicare is a simple electric toothbrush our tester found to be effective and gentle. Using ultrasound technology, it produces up to vibrations per minute, making short work of plaque and tartar. The built-in pressure sensors help protect your gums from over brushing, and the brush head replacement reminder alerts you when it's time for a new one.

Compared to other electric toothbrushes, the battery life on this model is pretty average at around 14 dayssome other models last for 30 to 60 days or more. Our tester noted the toothbrush left her teeth feeling clean and polished after a two-minute brushing session. Overall, our tester thinks this is a quality electric toothbrush with an affordable price tag. Its simplistic design makes it easy to use, and the included charging base keeps it neatly stored on your countertop.

Type: Electric Bristle Material: Nylon Added Features: Waterproof design, brush head replacement reminder, smart timer, pressure sensor, lithium-ion battery.

The Sensodyne Pronamel Medium Toothbrush is designed specifically for people with sensitive teeth and gums. It has an ergonomic handle, a solid grip, and a Duoflex brush neck that rocks and pivots to reach all the nooks and crannies in your mouth. The bristles are soft, gentle, and effective at removing plaque and debris.

Our tester found the ease of use and pressure control excellent, and her teeth felt clean and fresh after a two-minute brushing session. Other noteworthy testing insights include the durable non-slip grip and surprisingly gentle bristlesthe medium bristle brush was softer than most.

With more pressure control than other models, this toothbrush is a good choice for people who have sensitive teeth and gums. The only downside is that it doesn't have a tongue cleaner. The rounded, angled bristles clean deep between teeth and along the gum line, while the gum stimulators help improve blood flowleaving you with healthy, happy gums. The bristles are set at a degree angle to reach those hard-to-get-at spots better than straight bristles.

Our tester found the bristles soft and gentle on her teeth and gums but still effective at sweeping away plaque and debris. She also appreciated the extra features like the tongue cleaner for removing the lingering bacteria from the tongue surface and inside the cheeks. Overall, she thought this toothbrush was an outstanding choice for people looking for a gentle clean. Our tester found the toothbrush to be gentle yet effective, easy to maneuver around all quadrants of the mouth and an overall solid choice for people with sensitive gums.

The bristles are staggered at various heights for precision cleaning around sensitive gums, and the angled brush neck helps you reach behind molars and into hidden crevices. And, when it's time to replace, simply recycle the toothbrush at the nearest Tom's of Maine TerraCycle collection program.

Type: Manual Bristle Material: Blend of castor-oil-based polymers and traditional petroleum-derived nylon polymers Added Features: Multi-height bristles, angled brush neck, grippy handle, eco-friendly design, recyclable. The Nimbus Extra Soft Toothbrush features microfine, tapered bristles that are gentle on sensitive teeth and gums. The long outer bristles clean the gum line, while the shorter inner bristles support plaque removal from the tooth surface.

Our tester found the brush exceptionally soft, yet its cleaning power and precision was excellentespecially in cases of damaged enamel and sensitivities that create hot spots. The toothbrush's ergonomic handle is designed for comfort and easy grip with a degree angle. And its compact head can maneuver into the back of the mouth for a thorough clean. The Nimbus Extra Soft Toothbrush retains less water than standard nylon bristles, so it doesn't break down as quickly and can maintain its shape for longer.

While it lacks a tongue or cheek cleaner, our testing team still recommends this toothbrush for anyone seeking an incredibly soft option. The Dr. Collins Perio Toothbrush stood out during testing for its no-frills design and solid cleaning capabilities. This toothbrush helps fight bad breath at its source with infused tea tree oil and magnolia bark, which minimizes bacteria growth on the bristles and in your mouth.

Our tester found the toothbrush to be gentle on her gums while still delivering a deep clean, and she appreciated the slim, tapered bristles that were able to get into all the nooks and crannies of her mouth. While it doesn't have any extra features like a tongue or cheek cleaner, the Dr. Collins Perio Toothbrush makes up for it in terms of simplicity and freshness. Made from polyester instead of nylon, the bristles are less likely to harbor bacteria and hold up longer to wear and tear.

The only disadvantage our tester noticed was the slightly awkward handle design, which may take some adjusting. The Verywell Health team tested toothbrushes based on three main criteria: comfort, ease of use, and functionality. We ranked each toothbrush on a scale of 1 to 5, with five being the best. We also evaluated the toothbrushes for overall quality, including handle design, bristles, and added features.

During testing, our testers unboxed the toothbrushes and added toothpaste. After setting a timer for two minutes, they began brushing all surfaces of their teeth, paying particular attention to areas that are typically difficult to reach. They took note of how comfortable the bristles were, how easy the toothbrush was to maneuver, and whether they felt like their teeth were adequately clean afterward.

Our testers also assessed each toothbrush's design, paying attention to factors like ergonomics, grip, brush head size, and other factors that might affect comfort and ease of use. We also evaluated the bristles for hardness and flexibility to get a sense of how well they would comfortably clean teeth. This data was compiled and used to calculate our final ranking. There are two main types of toothbrushes on the market: manual and electric.

While some electric toothbrushes use batteries, many now come with rechargeable bases. Horowitz recommends speaking with your dentist if you want specific toothbrush recommendations. Many toothbrushes come with either soft, medium, or hard bristles. While you may think stiff bristles are better at removing plaque, they can cause gum irritation, tooth sensitivity, and damage to the mouth if used too aggressively.

Soft bristles are gentler on the teeth and gums. Not only do soft bristles clean just as well as more rigid bristles, but they also help prevent complications to the teeth and gums. While the height and density of the bristles on your toothbrush can also affect its overall effectiveness, many toothbrushes have multi-level bristles designed to reach different areas of the mouth.

This helps ensure each area of the mouth is cleaned correctly, including the gum line and back teeth. Look for a toothbrush with bristles of varying heights to get the most complete clean.

The size and shape of the toothbrush handle are essential for comfort and grip. Some toothbrushes have ergonomic handles that naturally fit your hand, while others have non-slip grips for added control. Rubber grips help to prevent the brush from slipping out of your hand while in useeven more crucial when the toothbrush is wet. Some may prefer smaller handles for easier maneuverability, while others find larger handles more comfortable. Ultimately, it's a matter of personal preference.

Experts recommend switching out their manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush heads every three to four months on average to get the best use from the device. People should be on the lookout for frayed bristles, Dr. Cooper says, because that can indicate if the toothbrush needs replacing quicker than the recommended three to four months. A consistent debate regarding dental hygiene is whether an electric toothbrush is better for cleaning teeth than a manual toothbrush.

But Dr. Yes, you can clean your tongue with a toothbrush.

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WebFind many great new & used options and get the best deals for CVS Health Dual Clean Toothbrush Medium Bristles at the best online prices at eBay! CVS Health Dual . WebFind many great new & used options and get the best deals for CVS Health Dual Clean Toothbrush Medium Bristles at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many . Description - Oral-B Healthy Clean promotes healthy teeth and gums by providing the basic plaque removal you expect from a toothbrush. Our Gentle End Rounded Bristles are designed to clean teeth without hurting gums. The slim handle fits most toothbrush holders. Gentle End Rounded Bristles are designed to clean teeth without hurting gums.