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Nuance hayek

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Nuance by Salma Hayek. Overall rating. Popular Nuance by Salma Hayek Products. Hydrating Balm Rose Petal 23 reviews. Blue Agave Curl Cream 14 reviews. Ultra Defining Mascara 12 reviews. Lipstick in Dusty Rose 12 reviews. Chamomile Facial Cream Cleanser 12 reviews. My secret super moisturizing body cream 12 reviews. Smoothing Anti-Aging Eye Cream 12 reviews.

See more. Shimmered Bark is a perfect glittery brown that gives dimension to your lids, and Sparkling Charcoal is great for a smoky eye that will still make your eyes pop. By Aliza Kelly.

By Gabi Thorne. By Chelsea Avila. I loved the mascara. I believe you shouldn't spend loads of money on mascara, so finding a good drugstore one is key. Nuance's plastic curved brush makes it supereasy to apply. When I took the wand out of the container, there weren't any clumps I had to brush off something I usually have to do with even the most expensive mascaras , and only a few swipes gave me full, dark lashes.

I liked the lipstick—I think the color is flattering on my skin tone, and it glided on smoothy. My only problem is that it doesn't dry that well, and I ended up finding traces of lipstick on my keyboard only 30 minutes later.

This lipstick is probably best suited for a quick photo and, well, not much else. My least favorite item was the liquid liner. It was hard to apply. The felt tip is nice and pointy, making it perfect for a sharp cat eye, but the formula is really watery. I had to line my eyes about five times before a full, dark line showed up.

That's just too many times when you're in a rush which I always am. By Jessica Ourisman. By Allure. By Kara Nesvig.

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It was hard to apply. The felt tip is nice and pointy, making it perfect for a sharp cat eye, but the formula is really watery. I had to line my eyes about five times before a full, dark line showed up. That's just too many times when you're in a rush which I always am. By Jessica Ourisman. By Allure. By Kara Nesvig. By Danielle Cohen. Most Popular. Overall, there are some standout products in the line. Will you be scooping up any?

Salma Hayek talks about beauty:. Renee Jacques is a freelance contributor for Allure and its former associate digital editor. Read more. Former Associate Digital Editor Instagram. Keywords Salma Hayek celebrities makeup. It was love at first lip mask. One brand-new seal. One monthly honoree. Over the past month or so, I noticed that the Salma Hayek Nuance line of products seemed to be growing scarce.

I reached out to CVS a few weeks ago to see if the Nuance line, which is a personal favorite of mine, was being discontinued. Sadly, CVS has confirmed today that this is the case:. We review customer demand for our product lines on a regular basis to ensure that we have the most up to date beauty offerings and the latest in beauty trend items, and that means from time to time, we must discontinue products to make room for new products and brands.

CVS Pharmacy is committed to continuing to grow our beauty portfolio by bringing new, exclusive and on-trend collections for our customers. As I mentioned, the Nuance Gel Eyeliner pencils were one of my favorite Nuance makeup items — they glide on friction and smudge-free, and they create a perfect line. The original Nuance gel eyeliners were made in Germany, and the other day, I noticed that the MUA gel eyeliner pencils are nearly identical in style and are also made in Germany, so I picked one up.

At the time of this writing, CVS. I was able to do one last stock-up on some favorites of mine via the website. Thank you for your post. I have suspected this for months now, and have been scouring the internet every few weeks to find confirmation that Nuance was being phased out, and now I have it. My favorite item if her cosmetic collection were the lispticks. I have tried every lipstick brand from the least expensive to the highest and her lisptick are the m most moist and smooth to wear.

Is like wearing a lip balm. I have also been searching every CVS to stock but I have also purchased in ebay.

I have a favorite color called My Favorite which is my daily go to liptstick. I see her products are available on Amazon at a much higher price point. Target would be great. Target would be amazing!

I am really going to miss these products, unfortunately I just found out and have searched 3 stores in my area with no luck. Amazon has doubled the prices. So bummed out to read this. I went to my local cvs and found a nuance cream but not the anti-aging serum.

It had been a while since I had been to cvs to replenish the nuance serum. About 5 months ago I got a really good deal on the rentinol capsules. They were on clearance, I bought the last two boxes. I had a feeling the nuance line would eventually be discontinued when some of the products started going on clearance and the availability of products was getting scarce.

I hope Salma Hayek goes with Target or Walgreens because the skin care line is really good quality. Where is it sold at since CVS does not sell anymore. The Nuance website still states shop CVS.

Faithful user of the Elixir serum and anti- aging moisturizer. This is disappointing to me too. I wish the company would update the Nuance website so customers could find the products they want. We should just email and call Cvs over and over requesting these products. Demands will put salma pr7back on the shelves.

I really miss the retinol capsules — which for me replaced an Elizabeth Arden product at 3x the price, and the serum. I had an auto order.

Really miss these. Can you believe CVS. I religiously use the blue agave curl cream for my hair. I see that it is offered elsewhere at 5 times the price I paid at CVS. I can no longer afford it. Her line started affordable at CVS and I feel we tried it and supported it. People are just reselling the CVS stock they purchased on clearance at higher prices on Amazon, Ebay and the like to make money. I do hope that it comes back somehow as I too am a huge fan of several of these products.

I have also been scouring the internet looking for the retinol caps. If the product line is discontinued, why would the nuance website still be up redirecting to CVS?

I too, am very disappointed that CVS stopped distributing the Nuance line. The skin care products were excellent, not to mention the price point being exceptional for the quality of the product.

Surely this is not the end of such a fantastic product? Why did CVS discontinue it?? Maybe there was a real problem with the product? I used as recommended and it have left deep skin damage and created light spots that turned my skin texture funny. Who can help me now? I use blue agave curl cream and buy it for my granddaughter I hope it comes back at one of the other stores such as target or Walgreens.

What a shame — this has been an excellent line. Sadly, the excellent skincare products are simply gone : I do wonder if Salma Hayek will licenze these to another manufacturer. Thank you for your article. I am so sad Nuance is being discontinued! I loved the anti-aging super lotion and serum. Are they being manufactured still in Europe? I wish Nuance would update the website as to where we could purchase it.

Not Amazon as you all said they are too expensive. I too love this lotion and was shocked to see the Amazon price almost double the CVS price. Any updates would be appreciated. I too am so sad about the news, as I love the skin products. Please let me know if you find a good substitute! I am a huge fan of Nuance Shampoo…best hair product I ever use. Please CVS work with Selma to bring all her products back. I agree with Sherry.

I hope they find a new distributor so production of the line can continue. I have been a loyal user of the Nuance hair care line.

Every product made went out to CVS and was sold? I find that hard to believe! We want to purchase Nuance products, please let us know how or where we can do so, please. I have found it on Amazon and ebay — but as noted above- way too expensive.

I hope the Nuance company updates their site so we can access these products again! Loved the hair care products. Really upset that CVS discontinued. Would like information if other store will pick up the line.

Pls keep us updated if this product ends up at a different retailer. Love her products and at a loss of what to turn to! I hope Salma finds a new home!

Really wish Selma Hayak could be informed of how many people want to use this line so it could be marketed elsewhere. So disappointed. If someone has a chance, maybe they could write to Salma at her fan mail Google itt and telll her how upset we are. A bunch of people are contacting Ulta Beauty and making a request that they carry the line.

They are putting in formal requests to their corporate. Please call and email them. I just discovered the serums a few months ago. I have seen such an improvement in the texture of my skin especially the shrinking of my enlarged pores.

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I was mainly familiar with the makeup and skincare. I have got to get over to CVS and see what else I am missing. Love the packaging. I do have thin hair so I wonder how the conditioner would work on me? Your post is sending me straight to CVS at lunch today, lucylemonade. There are SO many products in the Nuance line — skincare, haircare, body products, makeup. Nuance has honestly become my absolute favorite drugstore brand.

For everything. I tried these shampoos after using Biolage Rejuvatherapie for quite awhile. For some reason anti-aging shampoos are the ones my hair is responding to the most.

These work every bit as well…I think the rice protein is a common denominator. Oh yes, the price point for Nuance is better. And the bottle is much, much prettier. Who says drugstore brands have to have bad packaging? I use and like the Volumizing tonic. Like it really well. When your hands are wet, trying to squeeze the top can be a challenge! Very frustrating for me, actually. I do like the shape and size of the bottle, easy to handle with wet hands. Not sure if I would buy this product again mainly for the reason stated above.

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This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase. Lucy loves Lady Gaga, lattes, trashy television and anything zombies. Latest posts by lucylemonade see all. It's very kind on wrinkles and dry patches. About reviewer 78 reviews. This is a great find! Always looking for a good foundation Revlon Color Stay whip cream is my fave and this will be another favorite of mine.

My face feels smooth and soft. I am looking forward About reviewer 9 reviews. I have combination fair skin that has some fine lines around my eyes. I rarely use drugstore makeup but I did see some amazing reviews on this so I decided I would give it a chance even if it I have combination skin even in the winter and this product works wonderfully when paired with a primer.

I was pleasantly surprised as to how Cvs Nuance Flawless foundation worked to enhance my skin with coverage while all keeping my skin supple with elasticity to my skin!

Right before i had decided About reviewer reviews. I've only used this a few days now, but I absolutely love it. It might actually be a HG foundation. However, foundation sits really poorly on my I purchased this in Light Warm This product did not work for me.

I found it too stiff and dry on my skin. Looks cakey, sinks into the pores. I usually have lousy luck with drugstore Created with Sketch. Write Review.