nuance paperport technote 6629
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Nuance paperport technote 6629 orthonet amerigroup

Nuance paperport technote 6629

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PaperPort Thread starter Righty Start date Feb 17, Joined Feb 17, Messages 2 Reaction score 0. I got this new Windows 10 system a couple months ago and PaperPort installed and ran fine or as fine as it ever does -- crashes happen until a couple weeks ago when I started getting this message saying it's running in XP Compatibility Mode.

The ScanDirect and PageViewer modules run separately have no problem, only the main desktop itself. When I attempt to run the program I see the desktop come up and superimposed on it is the error dialog box see attached , but when I close the dialog box, the program aborts. Ideas appreciated.

Joined Apr 22, Messages 5, Reaction score Hi Righty, first, which version of Win 10 are you running? I have written to Kofax tech support but not heard back from them. The site you mention finds "no results" for "xp compatibility mode" and the "won't start" entries are irrelevant. I thought I was reaching out by posting here to someone who might know since PaperPort didn't change between when it worked and didn't, so it much be a change in Windows Thanks for your thoughts.

I have build which is version so you should be up to date! Joined Jul 1, Messages 2 Reaction score 0. Righty said:.

Click to expand View attachment Joined Apr 28, Messages 1 Reaction score 0. This was a nightmare for me but I solved it. This might be peculiar to my system but this is what I tried and it worked Bottom left of your desktop type paperport and the app should appear. Right click,open file location and the five components should appear one of them is uninstall leave this alone. Right click on each of the four in turn and turn off the compatiblity to anything clicking apply in each case.

Shutdown your computer and then restart. Hope This helps. Post reply. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? Sign up or log in. My membership. January 26, at pm Jet Anderson Participant. TeamKomando:John Participant. Hello Jet, I found some information on the issue here on Microsoft support, which links to this article explaining which registry entry you should remove.

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