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Alcon tobradex ointment uses carefirst bluechoice state of maryland

Alcon tobradex ointment uses

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Patient declaration What are you taking the medication for? A pharmacist might contact you if the medication is potentially not suitable for your use I declare that I am 18 years of age and above. I am fully aware of potential side effects and recommended dosage for the medication that I am purchasing. It is safe to consume alcohol and Alcon Tobradex Eye Ointment 3. It is prescribed to pregnant mother only if essential. The safety of Alcon Tobradex Eye Ointment 3. Therefore, Alcon Tobradex Eye Ointment 3.

Even though Alcon Tobradex Eye Ointment 3. The decision whether to discontinue therapy or not during breastfeeding needs to be discussed with the doctor. It is not known whether Alcon Tobradex Eye Ointment 3.

It is not advisable to apply topical Alcon Tobradex Eye Ointment 3. Do not drive unless you are feeling well. Do not drive if you this Alcon Tobradex Eye Ointment 3.

Cautious use of Alcon Tobradex Eye Ointment 3. Dosage adjustment is not required as at low concentration, it does not produce any systemic effects. There is no dose adjustment needed in liver disease as it is a topical medication with low systemic effect. Chat with Us Proceed to Checkout.

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Alcon Tobradex Eye Drop. Always wash your hands before and after applying the eye ointment. Hold the tube close to the eye without touching the surface to avoid contamination. Pull down the lower eyelid to form a pouch. Gently squeeze the tube to dispense the desired amount of ointment onto a clean finger and place the medicine inside the lower eyelid.

Slowly release the lower eyelid and blink a few times to spread the ointment. Wipe off any extra liquid. Ensure to replace and tighten the cap straight after use. Manufactured by Alcon. Can Alcon Tobradex Eye Ointment 3. My doctor opthamologist pescibed tobradex to be used 4X daily.

I put these eye drops in as directd. I have been using them now for a month. How long do I have to use this medicine? I am also using a tobradex ointment at bedtime. Can you plesae let me know? Both lower lids become puffy, a little bit itchy, red, wrinkled and visibly dry. This medication helped after I used it for a couple of weeks. I stopped using it, and everything was fine for a while, my lower eyelids were back to normal, without that awful wrinkles and puffiness and redness.

But in about days the problem started again. I again used Tobradex for about days. I have been noticeing small clear bubbles forming on the inside of my lowere eyelid. I have several of them , i had some tobradex drops and used them but nothing is makeing them go away , has anyone had this problem??? I'm dealing with allergic conjunctivitis again! Would you recommend an 19 mo. We just got a rx but we are not sure this is safe for an infant under two years old. The side effects for long term use mention glaucoma and vision problems?

Should I be concerned about this? He put me on flax seed oil, allegra, restasis, sterilid and qtips, moisturizing eyedrops and tobradex. At one point he did tell me to slow down on the tobradex but I couldn't handle having such bloodshot eyes so he's allowed me to continue usage for the past year and a half while monitoring my IOP levels. I decided to try to wean myself off of tobradex again, but despite my bloodshot eyes he said that he didn't think I was experiencing rebound symptoms from the steroids.

My 93 yr. She had no med. After the 1st dose of tobradex, she became difficult to arrouse and because of this, slightly dehydrated. She also had immediate increased difficulty in swallowing. It is not improving and he rubs it all of the time. I am a physician and was wondering if I should prescribe a steroid like tobradex or maxitrol for it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I had a vitrectomy plus cataract removal surgery about 13 days ago.

First 5 days was 6 drops of Tobradex per day and then just 4 drops per day u til today. On day 6, pressure was good according to my doc but today on day 13, pressure had gone above My doctor said i would have to stop using Tobradex as the steroid has caused the raised eye pressure and prescribed instead Lotemax and Cravit to be used 6 times a day and Azarga 2 times a day. About 1 month ago I used tobradex drops for 10 days. Since then, my eyes have been tearing a lot and it always seems like I am 'crying'.

I saw a opthamologist recently who said I have dry eye syndrome and suggested systane ultra. How can I have dry eye syndrome when my eyes are tearing so much?

Could the tobradex have reduced inflammation on my tear ducts, thereby causing increase in tearing? Also my eyes are red all the time and looks like I have been smoking pot or something.

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Never disregard the medical advice of your physician or health professional, or delay in seeking such advice, because of something you read on this Site.

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WebUsual Adult Dose for Bacterial Conjunctivitis: Ointment: Apply a small amount ( inch ribbon) into the lower conjunctival sac 3 to 4 times daily. Dexamethasone-Tobramycin . WebThe administered dose for TOBRADEX® Ophthalmic Ointment in both eyes four times daily would be mg of dexamethasone daily. INDICATIONS AND USAGE: , . WebAlcon tobradex uses. Common Questions and Answers about Alcon tobradex uses. tobradex. Our practice uses the Alcon toric IOL with good results. It would be .