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Www cigna dental com

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If a problem does develop, we can catch it earlier to provide more conservative treatments when you visit us regularly. Plus, you are paying for these services anyway through your monthly premium -- so it only makes sense to take advantage of them! Are you and your loved ones covered by a Cigna dental insurance plan? Visit the dentist who accepts your dental insurance in Waco at Heart of Texas Smiles!

We invite you to request an appointment for superior affordable dental care today. About Cigna Dental Insurance Cigna dental insurance is a fee-for-service plan that requires you to pay upfront for necessary dental services, like basic preventive care and restorative treatments. The fee for all preventive services is waived. That includes oral exams and cleanings two per year , x-rays, fluoride application, sealants, and non-orthodontic space maintainers.

Prevention Is Crucial for Healthy Smiles Like other dental insurance plans, Cigna insurance fully covers preventive dental care, which is the most important aspect of any happy, healthy smile. Schedule an Appointment Today! Learn more about our discount plans.

Review details for your state and plan by going to plan documents. View Dental Plan Documents. This page features plans you can buy for yourself and your family. If you are looking for plans you might get through your employer, we can help get you there. Find plans through your employer. Cigna Dental book of business, internal reporting as of December These and other dentist directory features are for educational purposes only and should not be the sole basis for decision-making.

They are not a guarantee of the quality of care that will be provided to individual patients and you should consider all relevant factors when selecting a dentist. Refer to the policy for a complete list of covered and non-covered preventive services. Frequency limitations apply. Cigna Dental plans in MD cover one dental cleaning per calendar year. As of October Results may vary. Premiums vary by geographic area. Please refer to the policy to understand the specific deductible and service details.

Listed benefit total is for the calendar year maximum per person. Refer to the policy for a complete list of benefit highlights and limitations. Not all plans available in all states. Please refer to plan documents for more details. All rights reserved. Product availability may vary by location and plan type and is subject to change.

All health insurance policies and health benefit plans contain exclusions and limitations. For costs and details of coverage, review your plan documents or contact a Cigna representative.

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Feedback Will open a new window Will open a new window. May 4, Cigna. @Cigna. . Dec 5, Cigna is proud to partner with. @AmptheCause. to bring joy to nearly 1, children through its annual Holidays for Kids events. Children get a holiday experience complete with arts & crafts, a visit . The Cigna name, logo, and other Cigna marks are owned by Cigna Intellectual Property, Inc. LINA and NYLGICNY are not affiliates of Cigna. All insurance policies and group benefit plans contain exclusions and limitations. For availability, costs and complete details of coverage, contact a licensed agent or Cigna sales representative.