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Boston Dynamics. Clearpath Robotics. Dexter Industries. Doosan Robotics. Intel RealSense. Learning Resources. Running Brains. Softbank Robotics. Unitree Robotics. There are no more items in your cart. Total tax incl. View cart - or -. My account Login. My Account Wishlist Sign in. Get a quote in only 3 steps! Add the items you are interested in to your cart 2. Go to your cart 3. Baxter Research Robot. Rethink Robotics A Add to cart Add to cart. Generate a quote. Size Chart. The Research and Education version of the Baxter robot The robot Baxter proposed here is the research and education version.

The strengths of the Baxter robot As a collaborative robot, Baxter is: Safe: it does not need to be isolated in a cage and can work with humans in his immediate environment. Easy to use: Baxter was designed with technologies coming from. Affordable: from the begining, the Baxter robot was designed with a target price very low without reducing quality. The selling price of the Baxter robot is half the price of a comparable traditional solution.

Rethink Robotics has design two end effectors for Baxter: An electric parallel gripper A vacuum cup gripper Both effectors are offered as additional products to the Baxter robot and are not included by default, leaving you the choice of the grippers. The education and research version of Baxter is programmable using a ROS SDK The research and education version of the Baxter robot differs from the "manufacturing" version only by the software.

The video below shows an example of a ROS program with Baxter. Availability and services A stock of Baxter Research robots is available here at Generation Robots in Europe in order to deliver our customers as quickly as possible.

Data sheet. Is the 3D Model of Baxter available? The access to this is limited to customers. Please send an email to support generationrobots. Where can I find additional Info about Baxter Manufacturing. Where can I find additional Info about Baxter Research?

Can I connect Baxter to V? Ask a question. Mobile Pedestal for Baxter and Sawyer robots. Ridgeback - Omnidirectional platform. Price upon request. One of the enduring lessons of the iPhone era is that Steve Jobs led with what the consumer didn't know they wanted until he showed it to them. Robotics pioneer Rodney Brooks has operated from a similar idea — with varying degrees of success. It had a feature set and a cost that lots and lots of people were willing to pay for, that puck-shaped thing that cleans the floor pretty well," said Matt Beane, an assistant professor in the technology management program at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a robotics expert.

But another of Brooks' big, early ideas, hasn't worked out the way he or the world imagined. Rethink Robotics was founded in with the idea that a cobot — a robot working alongside humans in ways that traditional automation couldn't i.

But for all the novel ideas that Brooks and his Rethink colleagues brought to the table, its first cobot never caught on. It caught on in the press, for sure, and if you were following tech news at the beginning of the last decade you likely saw Baxter and "his eyes" staring out from the screen between his arms at some point in a photo or video footage.

At CNBC, we learned firsthand the limitations of working with novel industrial robots when we invited Baxter on-air for a live segment as part of Rethink being named to the inaugural Disruptor 50 list in For technical reasons, it would have been a lot more difficult than we imagined to get Baxter onto the television studio set. While he may not be a part of the robotic future anymore, there is no history of the cobot that can be written without Baxter.

After a lot of early fanfare, reality set in for Rethink. By , it was struggling to scale its operations and find enough buyers for Baxter, with its two-armed design proving to be a novel idea, but a mistake. Rethink pivoted, in what turned out to be a move made too late, to a one-armed robot named Sawyer.

But the technology had other problems. Rethink bet on an approach that used elastic actuators — a technology one of Brooks co-founders was an expert on — which allowed the robot to perform "force sensing," an approach the company backed because it would make the robots safer around human coworkers. Rethink's design would also make the robots low cost, getting rid of standard industry reliance on motors and related parts. Paul Maeder, a mechanical engineer who invested early in Rethink through his VC firm, told the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in a post-mortem on Rethink that goes deep into the technical shortcomings, that cheaper parts plus force sensing seemed like the way to bring down pricing in the robotics market and appeal to customers.

But Rethink never achieved the market penetration or scale it needed to maintain its operations. As the financials worsened, Rethink became the acquisition target of a Chinese firm, a deal Beane says would have had a good shot at getting the firm to scale. But that deal was scuttled "at the last moment," according to the company, and a bankruptcy followed. Rethink was bought out of bankruptcy by German automation company Hahn Group, which is still trying to make the technology a success today.

In a statement provided to TechCrunch at the time of its demise, Rethink said, "We were early to market with a very innovative product that was ahead of its time, and unfortunately, we did not achieve the commercial success we had expected. It's true Rethink had no shortage of interesting, innovative ideas, even if they weren't the right ones for the market. According to Beane, one of the most intriguing was the ability for the cobot to be programmed by the worker.

That's an idea that Brooks is still working on today, through his latest robotics startup Robust. Once Sawyer became the lead cobot, Rethink invested in a technology that integrated the cobot with preexisting industrial automation, an interesting approach, but ultimately, another bottleneck that was costly in engineering time to connect and to get to communicate with machinery like conveyors.

While its cobots may be "very boring looking" in Beane's view, they were what the market ultimately wanted. They want to put something in this exact location again, and again and again. In the end, that was a lot more complicated for us to achieve than for some of our competitors because they weren't trying to do force sensing. Even the two arms that Baxter had could always be purchased by a buyer if they really wanted that approach, by purchasing two single-arm robots, and that's what Universal Robots — which was acquired by industrial automation company Teradyne in — excels at, with its UR3, UR5 and UR7 cobots leading to increased sales, and successive generations of its cobot line continuing to hit the market.

The opportunity for robotics technology remains significant, though it is still trailing other automation approaches in market penetration. Robot sales in the North American market have been growing , and the Teradyne unit led by Universal Robots is seeing steady, if not explosive, sales growth, too. And costs keep going down, from batteries to sensors and software, meaning the price performance for robots keeps going up steadily. But where the cobot finds its greatest utility remains an open question.

While the industrial world use has been in the first decades often as much a marketing ploy or, at best, an experiment rather than proof of widespread adoption, there is reason to forecast multiple roles for cobots based on an aging demographic.

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They may not have taken over industry, but they've certainly established themselves as pioneers. What made Baxter so special was the fact that it was an all-in-one solution—camera, arms, grippers, sensing. That, though, came with compromise. Generally speaking, there are two ways of going about engineering a robotic arm. Accordingly, its actuators the electric motors that drive the arm are very pricey.

The other approach is to pull back on extreme precision in favor of a sense of feeling. These are the collaborative robots, or cobots. Matt Simon. Reece Rogers. Simon Hill. You could leave the grad students alone with the robot at night, which is when they work, and no one was going to get hurt.

But researchers also began working with Baxter as a study in human-robot interaction, or HRI. Which might have had something to do, at least in part, with the engineers forming bonds with the machine. It does, after all, have that flat screen on its face. That was not in my mind, it was really about manipulation research.

The thing was just simpler and safer. Baxter and its sibling Sawyer were treading on strange new territory. In order to stay competitive, American companies large and small are turning to cobots. And the competition for robots to work alongside humans is growing increasingly fierce. Which is not to say roboticists are going to walk into their labs tomorrow and find that their Baxters have disappeared.

Robot sales in the North American market have been growing , and the Teradyne unit led by Universal Robots is seeing steady, if not explosive, sales growth, too. And costs keep going down, from batteries to sensors and software, meaning the price performance for robots keeps going up steadily. But where the cobot finds its greatest utility remains an open question.

While the industrial world use has been in the first decades often as much a marketing ploy or, at best, an experiment rather than proof of widespread adoption, there is reason to forecast multiple roles for cobots based on an aging demographic. He anticipates that jobs outside of the manufacturing sector with which cobots have been associated — from warehousing to retail, medical think cobots bringing supplies to nurses and retirement communities — are areas poised for growing use.

Rodney Brooks is among the robotics experts who has spoken about a world that is getting older and a working population that is not as strong. He wrote in a blog post covering his annual predictions that "soon the houses of the elderly will be cluttered with too many robots.

Wall Street analysts are focused on the opportunity presented by a chronic labor shortage, and related changes taking place in a global outsourcing paradigm which economies including the U. With "near shoring" and onshoring of more manufacturing activity, there is increasing demand for labor in a tight labor market. One answer is automation, and technology like Universal Robots is relatively easy to program and implement.

But one big issue the cobots have not yet solved is the same one that started Brooks down the Rethink path: figuring out what everyone wants from this technology, the "killer app," so to speak, for the cobot. Universal Robots has many different applications for its technology, but not a single one that drives strong demand within one very high volume market. That's a solvable problem, but still a work in progress.

Robots running popcorn stations in a movie theatre or robot cafe baristas aren't the career opportunity that takes the cobots to center stage in the economy. But there is a shortage of people and automation has to be one of the solutions, even if it doesn't happen by tomorrow. We have not reached a world of genuine physical collaboration between human worker and cobot, Beane says, "the kind of stuff where humans reach over to grab the next thing and the robot sees I am reaching and hands it to me and we might even brush up against each other," but, "We are getting there," he added.

The automated systems that are most widely deployed remain the ones that are more dangerous and kept at a distance. But Beane thinks that Rethink came closer to solving the problem than it is given credit for, and has yet to prove in its new life under Hahn. Hahn did not respond to a request for comment by press time. It was inexpensive and reliable. I really do believe we could have seen an iPhone moment," Beane said.

In his personal blog, Brooks summed up the Rethink story this way: "Baxter and Sawyer were the first safe robots that did not require a cage to keep humans away from them for the humans' protection. And Sawyer was the first modern industrial robot which finally got away from having a computer-like language to control it, as all robots had since the idea was first developed at the Stanford AI Lab back in the very early seventies.

There is still a lot remaining to be done. Sign up for our weekly, original newsletter that goes beyond the annual Disruptor 50 list, offering a closer look at list-making companies and their innovative founders. Skip Navigation. Investing Club. Key Points. Another of his companies, Rethink Robotics, wanted to be a leader in another robot niche: cobots working alongside humans and replacing more dangerous industrial automation.

But the company experienced many technical challenges with its two-armed Baxter robot, and its ideas never found a footing in the market. After a failed acquisition bid by a Chinese company and a bankruptcy, Rethink's intellectual property was sold to Hahn Group, a German firm, where its successor one-armed cobot Sawyer is still being marketed. In this article. Rodney Brooks, founder of Rethink Robotics, with the Baxter robot in VIDEO Tesla's price cuts accelerate the EV market's first real recession stress test.

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WebBaxter is a humanoid, anthropomorphic robot sporting two seven degree-of-freedom arms and state-of-the-art sensing technologies, including force, position, and torque sensing and control at every joint, cameras in support of computer vision applications, integrated user input and output elements such as a head-mounted display, buttons, knobs and more. Baxter is an industrial robot first built in 22 September by Rethink Robotics, a start-up company founded by Rodney Brooks. The robot is a two-armed collaborative robot with an animated face. It is 3 feet tall and weighs lbs without its pedestal; with its pedestal it is between 5'10" – 6'3" tall and See more. WebThe Baxter robot from ReThink Robotics is ideally suited for universities and research. Its open-source back-end and collaborative development community allow for customization .