how to force a regen cummins
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How to force a regen cummins adventist health jobs florida

How to force a regen cummins

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The OTR reset tool will allow you to do this within 30 seconds - 4 minutes. We also provide an app OTR diagnostics where you can perform advanced diagnostic commands, such as a forced DPF regen from your mobile device or a tablet. OTR diagnostics also allows you to read and reset your fault codes, view live data, and so much more.

Check it out here. OTR Diagnostics allows you to read and reset fault codes, view live data, and run advanced diagnostic functions, including forced DPF regen with your mobile phone or tablet. Select which engine you have for your diagnostic package. Select which engine for more specific details. Continue reading. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.

Learn Expand submenu Learn Collapse submenu Learn. Call Us! Your cart. Close Cart. Do you actually need to do a parked DPF regen when the truck is asking for it? What is an active DPF regen? How long does a parked DPF regen take? Make sure PTO off, parking brake applied, and the clutch is not engaged. Plug in the OTR reset tool into the diagnostic port. Monitor the Exhaust temperature and RPM. When the idle comes back down it means that the regen has finished.

If the regen starts and stops then you may have a problem that prevents the regen from taking place. Check for faults and try again. I hope this helps with some questions that seem to come up! Customers want a maintenance-free system. The Single Module allows many customers to go further without having to service their DPFs, often as much as twice as far as they used to go.

However, the DPF is not a service-free system and will eventually require attention. But equally significant is the much lower maintenance that the Single Module brings —we have moved our DPF cleaning interval out to an amazing , to , miles. Advancements in catalyst technologies have enabled our DPF to have a bigger ash capacity, allowing for increased cleaning and maintenance intervals. The cleaning required is heavily dependent on the application and duty-cycle.

How does a Diesel Particulate Filter work? A diesel particulate filter, or DPF, is comprised of a wall-flow substrates typically made of porous ceramic media that capture exhaust gas and remove PM or soot particles. A typical filter consists of an array of small channels for exhaust gas to flow.

Adjacent channels are plugged at opposite ends, forcing the exhaust gas to flow through the porous wall, capturing the soot particles on the surface and inside pores of the media. As soot accumulates in the filter, a regeneration event will provide sufficient heat to oxidize and capture the soot. The remaining ash can be removed during regularly scheduled cleaning events based on the recommendations of the engine manufacturer.

When was the UL2 launched? For this purpose a new production location in Juarez Mexico was established. The UL2 dosing systems have a very fine spray pattern with small droplet sizes. This is mounted on the SCR Dosers can be unreliable due to frost - how is your product different? UL2 are the only liquid-only dosing systems in the market offering freeze-robustness in their design, and improved reliability, as urea is continually present within the unit to prevent dosers crystallization and clogging.

It offers automatic depressurization at system shutdown, adding proven reliability in freeze resistance What are the advantages of having a freeze robust system? It eliminates the need for power after key-off, providing freeze-robustness.

Offers quicker dosing readiness at key-on; avoids priming issues with pump, as no purging is necessary. Quicker NOx treatment and prevention of crystallization, as urea is always present in system. Prevents system damage during intentional or unintentional interruption of power to the vehicle What are the dosing rates for the UL2? The UL2 urea dosing system is the only liquid-only dosing system that is capable of meeting high flow dosing rates of up to

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International ProStar Cummins ISX15 High Differential Pressure, DPF Wouldn't Regen, High Soot Level

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