alcon stainless steel grades
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Alcon stainless steel grades amerigroup pharmacies

Alcon stainless steel grades

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This grade has moderate corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance, and high strength, making it a material of choice for ball bearings and valves, as well as food and medical applications. Air hardening tool steel that provides a combination of good wear resistance and toughness.

Its low price relative to other grades of tool steel and wide availability in a variety of forms make it a very effective material selection in a broad array of cutting and tooling applications.

The S series are air-hardening tool steels specifically designed for shock resistance, offering toughness to withstand chipping and breakage in high-impact applications. Gains in impact resistance are balanced by sacrifice in wear and corrosion resistance.

It is not readily available, often resulting in higher batch costs and supply chain delays. High carbon, high chromium tool steel that provides excellent wear resistance from sliding contact with other metals and abrasive materials.

It is a common, cost effective material upgrade in converting applications that require increased abrasion resistance and is widely used in molds and dies.

Our most commonly used tool steel, M2 provides excellent performance in all operations where a general-purpose high-speed steel affording good wear and hot hardness properties are desired. It is a readily available and cost-effective solution in a broad array of cutting applications.

A high vanadium, high carbon steel that affords excellent hot hardness and wear resistance qualities. It is designed to afford maximum performance working with abrasive materials. It is significantly more expensive and less broadly available than M2, limited primarily to bar form. A premium high-speed steel designed for superior hot hardness and excellent wear resistance.

It offers a very high hardenability, and its high cobalt content affords superior durability in high heat, heavy duty, large volume cutting applications. A powdered metal tool steel designed to provide high toughness and wear resistance properties without substantially sacrificing impact resistance.

It can be used in a broad array of chopping, slitting, and cutting applications where chronic breakage and chipping are encountered in other tool steels. A powdered metal tool steel that provides excellent wear resistance in combination with good toughness.

The new 67 Series of direct-acting solenoid valves from Midland-ACS has been developed for use in corrosive and hazardous environments in the petrochemical, process, chemical, oil and gas and food industries. ATEX approved, the marine grade L stainless steel valves are particularly suited to general-purpose piloting, diverting or mixing tasks with gases , air and light oils.

To ensure reliability in the most corrosive environments, the 67 Series valves employ internal parts of stainless steel and seals of Nitrile standard or optional Viton and EPDM materials. The solenoids have the option of being equipped with manual- overrides or manual resets, and users also benefit from a choice of connection options, including PG9 via a DIN plug , on the standard enclosure, and a 20mm facility on the explosion proof housing.

The 67 Series valves can be supplied either as discrete units or as part of fully designed, assembled and tested systems in stainless steel, or marine grade flameproof enclosures. In these systems Midland-ACS combines the 67 Series with other pneumatic and hydraulic control valves in its range, and also ancillary components, to provide bespoke control panels for use on oil and gas rigs offshore. Print this page E-mail this page. Verify Your Account! We have sent you an email. Please follow the link in your email to verify your account.

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