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Healthcare worker oil change discount amerigroup bought by empire

Healthcare worker oil change discount

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Check out our main page for more ways to maximize your finances. This offer is courtesy of Ford through their FordPass Rewards program. You need to be a member of FordPass Rewards, which is free to join.

This is well-deserved for all those workers out there taking on an increased risk. I am a Healthcare worker. I would like to get it done today, Thank you! Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Table of Contents show. First Responders. Food and Agriculture. Water and Sanitation. Transportation and Logistics. Public Workers. Government Operations.

Financial Services. Hazardous Materials. Chemical Management. The Bottom Line. Contact your local Nationwide insurance branch for more information source. Verify proof of eligibility online to receive a discount code source. Glowforge: Glowforge is giving away free Ear Savers to nurses, physicians, front line workers in healthcare and sanitation when they sign up online.

Call for more information source. Masks by Decor8 Interiors: Nurses can each get one free face mask when they register to the waiting list in the web page of Masks by Decor8 Interiors. Medex Supply: Nurses and other healthcare professionals can apply for organizational discounts at Medex Supply when they register online source.

Positive Promotions: Positive Promotions offers bulk discounts on select personal protective equipment. Free samples can be requested for events source. Puracy: Puracy is giving away free personal hygiene supplies such as soap and sanitizers to health workers in hospitals and nursing homes. Request a donation by completing the online form source.

Quill : Quill. Provide valid proof of eligibility such as employment ID, state license, or pay stub for the last 30 days source. Present any valid proof of employment to the store manager source. Sign in with a valid VerifyPass account to receive a discount code source.

Available at participating Samsung stores only source. Verizon Wireless : Verizon Wireless is offering a special discount on select monthly plans to currently employed nurses. Create an account and reply to an email sent from [email protected]. Valid proof of employment is required source. Sign in and verify using a valid ID. Available to those who want to get a Costco membership for the first time source.

Create a free account and verify your employment to receive a promo code source. Available only for online orders during store closure source. Available for select online orders only source. Send an email request to [email protected] source.

Sign in with VerifyPass to receive a special promo code source. Register your name, medical license number, state, and email address source.

Sign in with SheerID and provide valid proof of employment source. For in-store purchases, print your free discount card here. Register online to receive a one-time discount code via email. Sign in and verify with ID. Visit Purple. Reebok : Nurses who have an ID. Sign in and verify with SheerID to receive the one-time coupon. Available until December 31, source. Contact customer service for instructions on how to redeem the discount at Sperry.

Sign in using a valid ID. Visit their web page to view the full list of medical professionals that are eligible for the discount source. YETI: YETI offers exclusive product discounts to registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, and other nursing professionals. Fitcrunch: Fitcrunch is offering care packages to nurses and other healthcare workers.

These packages contain an inspiration note, antibacterial wipes, and a Fitcrunch snack bar. Visit their web page for instructions on how to nominate a healthcare worker source.

Greensbury : Greensbury is offering nurses and other healthcare workers a discount on organic meat and seafood products. Sign in with VerifyPass to receive a a one-time code. Home Chef: Nurses. Available for new customers only source. Fields: Mrs. Snickers: Snickers is giving away e-gift cards to nurses and other essential workers.

These e-gift cards can be redeemed for free Snickers candy bars at any Walmart store source. Discount applies to a maximum of 4 people per table. Not available during holidays source. Cub Cadet: Nurses, doctors, and other frontline health workers can request two free lawn mowing services from Cub Cadet. This offer is valid for one month source. Do you know of any nationwide Registered Nurses and healthcare professional discounts that we missed? Theresa Bautista is a full-time occupational therapist and part-time writer from Texas.

She loves indie music, making polymer clay earrings, and spending time with her dogs. So why are all these discounts only cater to Rns? Lpns and cans work harder than any? I just want to know. Thank you. So far the discounts we found are for Registered Nurses, but we are willing to expand this list as soon as we find more discounts!

Thanks for asking! I am a Respiratory Therapist and I have been working with these patients more than the nurses since day 1. Why do people think that its just nurses and doctors? Just as much college and sometimes more than an RN. I understand that you are helping by posting awesome help for Healthcare professionals. We are a team with the nurses. Us RNs know that is the truth, and the RT exposure is high risk with initiating vents, treatments etc.

I hope people understand you guys are key during this time, especially. Be safe! You are correct! Thank you for always being there! We are all a TEAM!!! Thanks for speaking up. So we are seeing the masses! You should be ashamed for even saying that Jen Myers. I am not a nurse. However, I agree with you that I am extremely frustrated with everyone giving out discounts to nurses.

The first person to be called stat is a respiratory therapist! I assure you, if any of these people ever have a problem breathing, they will learn very quickly who takes care of them at that time. More college than an RN?

We will always continue to recognize RTs and all they do. It is just more common for people to think of a higher degree RN since that is what most of the public sees most of the time.

If you went to purchase off this list I would be willing to bet that you could as well. It has nothing to do with hard work — it is a title. You should think about acquiring your RN license Margauex. I found the first responders list. Thank you Diane. Hello, Diane. You can call your local dealership or visit their website for more details.

I also added this offer to the Dealhack Nurse Discount Guide. Thanks for the link above for uniforms. I am the manufacturer and supplier of all types of uniforms including medical sector. Nurses are very busy people due to their profession and needed dedication to work. It definitely worth for them to have those kinds of deals and guide to reward their hard work. I love this site- Wish I had found it earlier and thanks for putting it together!

Kinda funny. Alpine Rings is a veteran owned jewelry company offering mens wedding bands in tungsten, titanium, and ceramic. You have to upload proof and it takes 20 minutes or less to get your discount. Lovesac makes furniture that is completely customizable. Check them out! I just got my discount last night! Thank you so much for posting this list. What a fabulous jumping point! I would love to see these that include other healthcare workers requiring a license that are in the front lines.

I am a radiology technologist and although we see nearly everyone in the hospital, breathing problems, video swallows, surgery, stroke, heart attack, code blue, stomach issues, pain clinics, fluoroscopy, all line placements….

Not just broken bones. Being a nurse, You have shared best nursing accessories that I personally used. We would be grateful if you could add this to your Dealhack Nurse Discount Guide for your readers. The following is a link to apply for verification, which is generally approved the same day, and in many cases approval is instantaneous.