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Cigna dental ppo high plan sheb county humane society

Cigna dental ppo high plan

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It is not medical advice. Always consult your doctor for appropriate examinations, treatment, testing, and care recommendations. Any third party content is the responsibility of such third party. Cigna does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of any third party content and is not responsible for such content. Your access to and use of this content is at your sole risk. All rights reserved. All insurance policies and group benefit plans contain exclusions and limitations.

For availability, costs and complete details of coverage, contact a licensed agent or Cigna sales representative. This website is not intended for residents of New Mexico. Selecting these links will take you away from Cigna.

Cigna may not control the content or links of non-Cigna websites. Special Enrollment See all topics Looking for Medicare coverage? Shop for Medicare plans. Member Guide. Find a Doctor. Full Coverage Dental Insurance. What is full coverage dental insurance? What are the main types of full coverage dental plans? Need dental coverage? Cigna offers a variety of affordable dental plans, from basic plans that cover preventive care to plans that help cover major dental care. Explore our dental plans.

What types of services and treatment does a full coverage dental plan cover? They may also offer coverage for the following: Basic restorative care: This usually includes things like fillings, extractions, and non-routine X-rays. Major restorative care: This includes things like bridges, crowns, and dentures. Orthodontic treatment: This includes things like space maintainers, braces, and other devices used to align your teeth.

Preventive dental care: This includes regular teeth cleanings, routine X-rays, fluoride treatments and sealants as indicated by age and frequency. What's the cost for full coverage dental insurance? Deductible: This is what you pay before your plan begins to pay.

Some dental plans have deductibles, such as DPPO plans. While many DHMO plans do not. Annual Maximum: This is how much your plan agrees to pay toward your dental care in a plan year. If you go over this amount, you may be responsible for the out-of-pocket costs.

Premium: This is what you pay monthly for your plan. Some plans, like DPPOs, tend to have a little higher premium because they offer you a lot of choice. DHMOs tend to have lower premiums because you are more limited. Can you get full coverage dental insurance without a waiting period?

Can you get full coverage dental insurance without a maximum? You can opt to see a dentist outside the network, but your costs will be higher. You are not required to choose a primary care dentist. DPPOs typically have an annual deductible and coinsurance. Once you meet your deductible, your dental plan will kick in to start sharing costs as part of the coinsurance up to the annual maximum each year. You may be required to pay a copay at the time of your visit and share costs with your plan for any care that goes beyond preventive.

A DPPO can help keep your costs lower if you are willing to see dentists within the network. This is one of the most common and popular types of dental plans. DHMO plans tend to be some of the more affordable dental plans. There is typically no deductible and only a set fee for non-preventive dental services. Costs are usually lower because you are required to choose a primary care dentist from the network. These plans typically do not provide coverage if you choose to see dentists outside the network there may be exceptions for some emergency services.

Networks may be smaller and more local. Dentists in a network agree to offer lower costs. These cost savings are passed on to patients as part of plan coverage. DHMO plans usually do not have an annual maximum for covered services.

This means that no matter how many covered dental services you need within a year, you will not have to worry about "running out" of benefits for the year. If you need to see a specialist, your primary care dentist will refer you to a provider within the network.

Dental Indemnity is a type of dental insurance that gives you a lot of freedom. You don't need to choose a primary care dentist and you may not need referrals to see specialists or receive emergency dental care , depending on the plan. A Dental Indemnity plan usually has an annual deductible and coinsurance.

You'll pay for services out of your own pocket until you meet the deductible. Then you and your dental plan will share costs for covered services, up to what is considered usual, customary, and reasonable under your plan. These types of dental plans tend to cost a bit more. If you like a lot of options and few requirements, a Dental Indemnity plan may be right for you.

DEPO plans give you options to choose between seeing general dentists and specialists. You don't need to choose a primary care dentist and you don't need referrals to see specialists. With a DEPO plan, you must see dentists in the network to be covered. Out-of-network coverage may apply for some types of dental emergencies. Like a DPPO, you are free to see dentists outside the network, but your costs will be lowest when you stay in-network. Like a DHMO, you are required to choose a primary care dentist who will provide any needed referrals to specialists, in or outside the network, as you choose.

This kind of freedom may mean you have a higher deductible, plan premium, and copays, depending on the plan. If you don't really intend to see dentists outside your network, a DHMO may offer better cost savings. Orthodontic care, such as braces and other teeth-straightening services, can be expensive and not all dental plans provide coverage for braces. When exploring types of dental insurance for orthodontic care , consider the following:. When you're shopping for a dental plan, look for those with coverage for major restorative care.

This kind of dental care usually covers crowns, bridges, and dentures. Check the plan annual maximum. This is the most your plan will pay for covered services in a plan year. If you reach that limit, you will be responsible for paying any and all additional costs for your dental care. If you expect to need more restorative care, a dental plan that has a higher annual maximum and more coverage for restorative care may be right for you. Not all dental plans have a waiting period.

A waiting period is the time between the date your plan is effective and the date you are covered to receive dental care. There may be a waiting period for basic care versus major restorative care. This means you may be able to get a filling done sooner and be covered, but have to wait longer if you need something like a crown or bridge. Some plans may waive waiting periods if you had previous coverage with them.

Dental plans can vary a lot depending on the insurance carrier and plan design.

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WebHigh Annual Maximum Plans More robust coverage, higher benefits. Average monthly premiums 9 as low as $ $$ deductibles10 Up to $5, in benefits $0 dental . WebCigna Dental The highest level of coverage of our three dental insurance plans for those who need a little extra dental care. Shop and compare Dental plans now Find in . WebIn Texas, the insured dental plan is known as Cigna Dental Choice, and this plan uses the national Cigna DPPO network. Group Universal Life (GUL) insurance policies are .