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Vp interoperability change healthcare

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David Levine. David Logan. Chris Longhurst. Nick Loporcaro. Kevan Mabbutt. Chad Macleod. However, internal inefficiencies, caused in part by inappropriate laboratory ordering, are putting financial stress on the hospital-based laboratory. Watch this webinar as we discuss the laboratory-ordering of 84 hospitals across the United States.

Webinar Recording: Better Care, Lower Costs Learn how to leverage your provider ordering data with EHR-integrated clinical decision support that monitors and optimizes provider test ordering to position your lab as a value center within your organization. Watch this webinar as our experts share how your organization can move forward with strategies to optimize and streamline your imaging performance.

Webinar Recording: Addressing Care Delivery Challenges Using Flexible Workforce and Digital Strategies Learn more about addressing care delivery challenges using flexible workforce and digital strategies. Video: Industry Roundtable—Getting Squared Away for Cloud Migration Today, many healthcare providers are finding that their IT storage platforms are near capacity, while demand is growing exponentially for data-heavy images. It provides a comprehensive developer experience which allows developers and technology executives to discover and evaluate APIs.

Interoperability is a complex issue that has plagued healthcare organizations for years. The sheer volume of patient data collected across the care continuum and stored in disparate systems makes it extremely difficult for patients, providers, and payers to access and share information when they need to.

Article: Episodes of Care in Value-Based Reimbursement Read the article for tips and advice on how payers evolving from fee-for-service models or expanding their fee-for-value programs to scale across multiple health systems can best implement value-based reimbursement.

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