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My adventist health portland

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The thing I love about Joyce, so connected to the heart of people. Kyle King: Yes. And to be an amazing business leader and have that ability to connect with people's needs and heart like Joyce can. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I've had no lack of amazing mentors and leaders in this company. I'm too lucky, just too blessed. Japhet De Oliveira: Hey, that's beautiful and beautiful credit to call out the names.

Well, thanks for doing that. So after 50, sir, where next? Kyle King: Well, let's crank it up. I'm not getting near a hundred, though, but 85 is good. Describe a role model you aspire to be like. Kyle King: I'm going to back into this one a little bit. Kyle King: There's really only one, Jesus. But that's too much, too hard, so I'm going to give you another example, I'll get back there. So, when I was actually living overseas and I described this place that my wife and I went as missionary, there was an individual named Mr.

Kyle King: His first name's actually Mylar Benjamin, he's local to the island and I've never met another person that kind of held the character of Christ, to me, on this earth.

Humble to the core, kind to the core, give away anything, possessions mean nothing, people mean everything. And loved to smile and laugh more than anyone I've ever met. And, he was such a unique example, to me, of kindness and gentleness, still with lots of ambition, accomplished a lot in his life, but just a deep love for people and a deep love for the ocean and for nature and a very strong connection to God. Kyle King: And to me, he's like I would've imagined Christ being.

His whole life was about people, about other people, about his community. And so, I want to be like Mr. Benjamin a lot, because if I do that, I think that I'm close, as best I can be, in my flawed state and in this world, close to the example of Christ. Japhet De Oliveira: Hmm. So I've got to ask you 85A. Benjamin, does he know that you feel this way about him?

Kyle King: You know, I don't know. Good question, I don't know. Japhet De Oliveira: Well, then hopefully from this podcast and you reaching out to him, I mean, yeah. Kyle King: I don't even know if there's a way for me to connect with him, but maybe he'll hear this podcast somehow. He still lives in Pohnpei , out on the island. That's beautiful. Hey, I'm the same way. There's so many people in my own life, as well, that I've never been able to say it to them, but they left a great imprint.

So, I'm with you. So, that was Kyle, you said you want to avoid , but I think you're doing extremely well. So, where would you like to go next? Japhet De Oliveira: Tell us about how you overcame a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. I probably should have gone down, that's pretty tough. Japhet De Oliveira: This question is not that insurmountable obstacle. Kyle King: So, I'm going to talk about how my general philosophy for overcoming obstacles.

I'm going to do it in a story. Is that OK? Japhet De Oliveira: Yes, we do. And I love it. Go for it, yeah. So, I'm tying this all back to Mr. Benjamin here. So Mr. Benjamin and I were actually on a boat, we had motor problems, adrift in the sea.

And I think I'm going to die for sure, it's just tiny boat, motor's quitting, there's seemingly no way we get back to this little island we're going to, which, by the way, we can't see anymore. No cell phone, no electronics, no one knows where we are, we're just going to drift forever. And, I'm pretty prone to sunburn to be out there that long.

This is not good. Kyle King: This is really not good. And here's a lesson he taught me or the words he said to me, kind of, we have some language barrier, is you solve difficult problems by making a decision with everything that's in front of you and then you do that. You take action on the decision you made until there's a point that a better decision is available, then you shift and you make that decision and then you take action and you just keep doing that, as long as it takes.

Years later, I read a book it's called Deep Survival, it's pretty popular, it's all over the place now. I think this author, he's a Navy psychologist, really interesting book about why people survive really difficult circumstances or things that you wouldn't think a person could survive.

Kyle King: He kind of has a similar premise that those that overcome insurmountable issues are that make decisions and then take action. It doesn't really even matter if they're the wrong decision, it's the decision process and action.

And then, when you have new information available, you're willing to change a shift and take action on that. And if you do that in a cycle over and over and over, you have the best chances finding your way to success. Versus, if you get stuck in worry or in action, you're almost certainly going to fail or nothing will change.

Maybe you don't fail, just nothing changes or it doesn't change rapidly enough to lead you to success. So, I try really hard, and this is hard for any leader or any person, to not get stuck in the middle, but to take in information, to make a decision, to understand it could be wrong.

In my professional life, I do this with a team. I don't do this in a vacuum or a silo, you do it together, make the best decision you can and then you take action. And as soon as you have new information, you better be interpreting that and then taking action again. So, in all of the difficult work things, that's my philosophy is decision, action, decision action, decision, action, until you find your way to success.

And, the hope and the prayer is that through a lot of smart people and some divine intervention that you find your way through or over these obstacles, they seem impossible. And, we've all had them personally, we've all had them professionally.

Kyle King: I don't know if that's the wisest response,. Japhet De Oliveira: No, no, that was great. That was great. But, how did you get to the island with the motor cutting out? I need to know how the story ends, other than you took action. So, the problem that we ran into was that it was a two cylinder motor, one of the cylinders quit, which Means it burned the same amount of gas, but only half the power. Kyle King: And there's no way we were going to make it.

So, we just decided We tried to fix a motor, but we had no tools. It was, I'm sure, just a spark plug, it was something simple, but no tools. So, we decided that we just motor as far towards island as we can and then hope that when we got close, somebody would find us or we found a way. And what actually turned out happening is the wind picked up from our back, pushing us to the island. Kyle King: And so, we ran out of gas before we hit the island, but then the ocean swollen waves actually pushed us into the island over the reef into the island atoll and it all worked out.

Kyle King: I would call that some divine intervention. Kyle King: But, Mr. Benjamin, not even worried, not even fazed. I was trying to be cool, but it was all over my face, I was terrified. Japhet De Oliveira: It is interesting, though, because you're right.

You are right, that it can be very paralyzing to be in that space and nothing gets done, but the courage take decision and action is really good.

Well, and sometimes decisions are terrifying, because they have consequences, too. Kyle King: I understand the desire to not have to make any hard choices and to kind of see how things work out. And, I don't think it plays best, most of the time. Japhet De Oliveira: No. Hey, that was really beautiful. Thank you for sharing the story, as well. I pretty appreciate that. So, time for two more, where do you want to go?

That was only That was so easy. All right, all right, here we go. Do you remember the very first item that you purchased with your own money, and if so, what was it and why, Kyle, did you buy that? Kyle King: I think if I'm not mistaken, it was a bicycle. As a kid, I don't know, I loved riding bikes. I have an older brother who, as a tike, I wanted to be like him so bad and he was a great bike rider in my estimation. So I had this old, kind of beat up, hand me down bike, but you want your own bike.

Kyle King: You don't want your brother's old bike because he outgrew that thing, you don't want that. So, I think I saved and bought, or I probably only chipped in for part, of a new bicycle is my guess. Although, I don't actually remember that, but yeah, I think that's what it was and I can remember it was white. Kyle King: And had red wheels, I think, which seemed strange saying that. Japhet De Oliveira: No, it would've been cool back in the day. Kyle King: Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

I washed it three times a day or something, it was the best. And, I rode that thing until the wheels fell off. All right then. So, for our last one, which where would you like to go? Oh, we couldn't have ended on a better question for you. So, could you tell us about how you see your faith and life intersecting?

Kyle King: Hmm, hmm. My hope and prayer is that they're no different, that my faith is my life and my life is a reflection of my faith.

I fall way, way short of that way too often, but I don't think they can be too separated and have very much fulfillment for me. I know every kind of has different beliefs and in a different way of approaching their faith and God or their beliefs. But to me, I think they better be pretty intertwined.

And I think this kind of back to me talking about purpose in work, I think that faith in work and that kind of where faith in life meet need to be really consistent really often in order for me to have a fulfilling life. My actual job title matters very little, but the work I get to do with people matters a whole lot and service to me matters a lot. I think it's really important and I think the way I think about the life of Christ in my faith is mostly expressed through service.

I also know your pastor, Paddy McCoy. Japhet De Oliveira: And, in passing, he has just talked so much beauty about you and Candace, just how both of you are committed to guard and committed to action and to service in the community through some very difficult times, through COVID, through the pandemic, through isolation and yet incredibly resilient. And so, you are not a person to go and kind of tell everybody, Hey, I've done this and this and this, but I want you to know that I've just heard great stories from Paddy, I've heard great stories from Joyce and from so many other people, as well, of amazing things that you've done and been part of because I really do believe that you have your faith and your life are one, as you said, but you also have tremendous purpose and you're settled in that.

So, thank you for sharing today so many of these stories and experiences have shaped your life into the great leader that you are, but thank you for also leading by example, as well. Appreciate that a lot. Japhet De Oliveira: Oh well, they're true.

They're true, Kyle, they mean a lot to. And I think people need to know this about you, as well. I know they would, if they knew you personally, but for anybody's listening, they need to know this about you. So, it's great. Hey, I just want to everybody's listening as well, just to remind them that just like Kyle and I just shared right now, hearing stories, sharing your stories, it really does make a difference to your own life.

It grows you, as I've grown today, myself, to listen to these, it challenges us and I want to encourage you to do the same, as well. Take some time, connect with someone, ask them good questions, listen to their stories and together, you will grow and become better people and change this world for a better place.

So, with that, God bless everybody, have an amazing day where every day is. May you live the purpose that God has called you to. And if not, go and invest in it. Thanks, Kyle. We invite you to read, watch and submit your story and experience at AdventistHealth.

In this episode, Kyle King joins host Japhet De Oliveira to explore the theme of purpose, the art of decision-making, and the meaning of service. Libsyn Podcast. Find ways to integrate yourself into their need or into the need of the community that's immediately around you, and I think purpose flows back.

Japhet De Oliveira: Just black coffee. Kyle King: Black coffee. Kyle King: I was born in Billings, Montana. Japhet De Oliveira: Beautiful. Been there myself. Kyle King: Yes, very similar. Almost identical, yes. I was going to ask you actually, have you been back there, but yeah, clearly- Kyle King: Yeah, yeah. Kyle King: And, it is close to the ocean. Japhet De Oliveira: Hey, that's good. Kyle King: That's the normal get up.

This morning when you woke up, what was the very first thought that went through your mind Kyle King: This morning? Yeah, you pick a number and- Kyle King: Ten. Kyle King: Oh, they get harder as they go up. Japhet De Oliveira: No, you'll be fine.

Kyle King: I will? Japhet De Oliveira: Let's go find out what 77 is. Let's do it. Kyle King: Cup filling experiences. Japhet De Oliveira: Yeah, yeah. Japhet De Oliveira: No, I haven't yet. One day. Japhet De Oliveira: Wow. Kyle King: Let's see what happens at Kyle King: Monty Knittel, the way he interacts with people and the way he cares deeply about relationships. Japhet De Oliveira: Yes. Kyle King: 90, here we go.

Kyle King: Do we have time. Japhet De Oliveira: Right. Japhet De Oliveira: So, how'd you get back? OK, OK. Japhet De Oliveira: My, my, my. Japhet De Oliveira: Decision, action. Japhet De Oliveira: And some divine intervention. Kyle King: I said a lot of prayers, that's for sure. Japhet De Oliveira: Oh, yeah. Hey, that's fantastic. I don't know.

How about 75? Japhet De Oliveira: Of course you do. Japhet De Oliveira: That's so precious. Kyle King: Kyle King: Thank you. Those are kind words. Related stories. Hallie Anderson. Experience this story. Heather Preston Wheeler. Stephanie Abbott. Category: Medical Detail Health. Need Help? To speak with a representative regarding your account, contact us Monday - Friday between 6 a.

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