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Accenture diversity video

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How Accenture is leading the charge on diversity, inclusion. By Kate Birch. May 10, Accenture makes inclusion, diversity and equality part of who they are and how they work According to Accenture, their success in cultivating richness in diversity starts with every single of its employees and clients with the unique voices and experiences of its people forming the powerful collective that makes inclusion, diversity and equality part of who they are and how they work.

Combating racism The company continues to make progress toward its goals to increase African American, Black, Hispanic American and Latinx representation among its workforce and its leadership. Our Disability Inclusion Champion network of more than 35, members worldwide brings our people together regularly to collaborate, network and support the community.

Accenture Sustainability diversity Inclusion. Related Content. The best Michelin-starred restaurants that are meat-free. The U. In , Accenture U. The Engage! Is not meant to be an employee resource group or a training program about unconscious bias. Its goal is to promote inclusive behavior and to support rising Black leaders through mentoring, career planning and training to help them achieve their goals.

The structure of Engage! The pilot program was launched in December It included approximately 25 Black managers and senior managers, 25 people leads and 25 sponsors from across the U. Richard McGowan, senior manager of the Google Cloud Practice, was one of the high performers invited to participate. However, when he heard about the goals of Engage! The program lasts nine months and involves a regular cadence of monthly meetings using material pulled from books and research, along with internal company metrics and external trend data.

These include:. McGowan found the journey team meetings to be the most impactful part of the program. All of his journey team members had very different experiences in life and work and were at different points in their careers.

It was a supportive experience that helped him start to think differently about his own goals and personal journey. It took a lot of introspection to get there. Neil Wetherell also found the experience to be enlightening. He and McCalla-Leacy were among the senior leaders selected to sponsor Engage! Wetherell knew McGowan already, and was already an active coach and mentor at Accenture. He liked that the Engage! It is what can the organization do as a collective to solve these problems.

Before the program began, sponsors were given training on what topics to cover, how to have conversations with sponsees about their experiences, how to provide feedback and how to foster those relationships. At first, Wetherell admits that he was a little nervous to hear from McGowan and other participants about their experiences with racism in the workplace. But the experience was enlightening. These conversations also helped Wetherell better understand what McGowan needed from him and how he could help him create his journey plan and find opportunities to advance.

The program appears to have had the desired impact.

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We are co-leading a coalition with 35 companies to fight inequalities. Inside and outside of Accenture, we take action to create more opportunities for employment and advancement for our people from underrepresented communities. Employee resource groups based on race and ethnicity bring our people together for networking and professional development. Mandatory antiracism and unconscious bias trainings to help promote an inclusive workplace culture.

Misconduct has no place at Accenture, and we empower our people to speak up safely and confidently. Learn more. Hear from our people on the importance of diversity in the workplace and learn more about our commitment to creating a culture of equality for all. Brandon Ringham from Canada shares his personal journey of discovery being queer, Jewish and Indigenous. Watch now. See the strength in bringing people of various backgrounds and perspectives together to push the limits of innovation.

Discover how our commitment to , people from a variety of cultures, beliefs and backgrounds makes us more innovative. Gender Equality. Disability Inclusion. Supporting our Clients. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Racial and ethnic equality. Taking meaningful action. Hear from our leaders. Ensuring Black talent thrives at Accenture Andrew Pearce, Managing Director, shares advice on how to achieve transformational culture change.

Supporting business for inclusive growth B4IG. Some were annoyed by being mistaken for other ethnicities. Some young employees were tired of being dismissed as entitled or unengaged. Others worried that misconceptions about their disabilities would leave them behind at work. All the human stuff. Shook decided to turn those insights into a learning moment.

After the video aired, Nate Boaz, the managing director in charge of talent strategy and learning, asked each employee to turn their own feelings into a specific commitment to be a better ally.

You can follow along with their individual pledges here. This new initiative is an extension of the internal effort Accenture calls Truly Human In The Digital Age , which aims to build on traditional diversity and inclusion efforts by focusing on the messier side of leadership the human part.

The company has a strong track record.

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Dec 18, / Inclusion Starts With I. Diversity & Inclusion. Copyright Accenture The Bridging Principles 61 subscribers 29K views 5 years ago Inclusion starts with individuals . Accenture's purpose is to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity and our commitment to our people, clients and communities is to accelerate equality for all. Our .