cummins 559 code
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Cummins 559 code amerigroup orthodontist atlanta

Cummins 559 code

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I understand that my consent is not required to get job alerts. Jun 6, 2. Pablo-UA , Jun 6, Jun 6, 3. There should be a large plastic looking box at the front left corner of the engine.

There is a crankcase filter in there that is overdue for changing. I don't see a code in my list, but if you have low fuel rail pressure changing fuel filters is the first thing to do.

Heavyd , Jun 6, Jun 6, 4. Another mechanic changed out the fuel filters and screen. This truck has had a lot of mechanics work on it so Im not sure what alls been done so far. It's a stored code. I cleared the codes and after driving it under a load the code comes back but the crankcase pressure codes dont.

I was told that the transfer pumps for cummins suck but I dont know. I know the fuel pressure sensor has been changed. Jun 6, 5. Jun 6, 6. Are there any testing procedures for crankcase blowby? Jun 7, 7. Last edited: Jun 7, Pablo-UA , Jun 7, Jun 7, 8. He did say he had an ISX, so that is what I looked up, oh well Heavyd , Jun 7, Jun 7, 9. Jun 7, I have for fuel pressure low. I see for a CM So my bad for that. If the fuel pressure is actually low you will still get a low fuel pressure code Since you are not, it is very very unlikely that there is a blockage in only the front bank of cylinders and not the rear.

Dedicated Trucking. Tanker Driver. Solo Truck Driving. Local Truck Driving. Team Truck Driving. No Experience Truck Driving. Experienced Truck Driving. OTR Trucking. Intermodal Driver. Hazmat Driver. May 29, 1. Hey guys and gals! I'm just starting this for info to anyone else who runs into this problem.

I've got a Cummins ISX hp in a I was pulling doubles outta a Fedex station. It was heavy, with a degree onramp to a upgrade.

All was well until the engine boost went from the normal 39 psi to My first reaction was that I was running outta fuel, but I still had gals. It caught again, ran, then stuttered again. I got over the set of hills and got moving. Didn't feel it again, but then I didn't have the same situation that night.

I got ahold of my mechanic, who is a certified cummins technician, and we hashed it out. He came by and plugged the truck in, looking for codes. This code came up, among others, but they weren't the issue. I ran that night without resolving the issues and it was worse that night. I called him back and said I really need this taken care of. He checked and I had 5 codes the first night, but the next night it was like He checked the fuel pressure while the engine is off, that was good, checked everything else and the only it came down to was a bad fuel pump.

So I said ok, get another pump. It was saying how the old pump had ceramic pieces in it that would break and go throughout your fuel system since the pump is down stream of all the filters. The new pump was in in a day and I was running again. He also did a valve adjustment to the engine when he heard air chuffing through my air cleaners while it was running.

That night it ran better, but not as good. It still had the problem of derating. Weelllll, I had ordered a fuel separator with my oil filter and fuel filter during my first oil change. But what they gave me was my antifreeze filter. The pump would have had to be replaced eventually, but not then. I try to justify it by saying at least I replaced it before it shed parts into my fuel system. My mech opened the pump up and the cylinder walls showed scoring from the pistons. So, it was on its way out.

My old pump was at The new pump is at The old filter, which was the one the truck came with approx 30, miles on it was covered in slime in between the pleats. I just had to change it again this week as the fuel was low in the glass. I get fuel from the same place every time.